mileycyrus: Watching #WhatTheHealth with my puppies & I am so proud to call myself #Vegan ! By not consuming animal products over the years I have protected myself from preventable diseases and saved the valuable lives of animals that would be turned into breakfast/lunch/dinner! Think before you eat! Go vegan! (Brown rice tortilla stuffed w yellow/red peppers, onion, avocado , black bean burger, patty , nut cheese , green peas , carrots & yummmmy spices! With a side of Dal (lentils) & pickles! (W some extra peas on the side cuz theyyyy my favorite!) Soooooo delicious & healthy!

This lunch was soooooo good 👍😋 basmati rice; broccoli, bell pepper, carrot, and spinach sautéed with @mrsdashrecipes spicy jalapeño seasoning; black bean veggie burger and avocado

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