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Strawberry + lemon + mint + cucumber

Lemon + mint + strawberry

Strawberry + nectarine + red grapes + lemon

Cucumber + lemon + mint


moved in to the new apartment in Cleveland, OH. naturally i had to check out the little place called “Cleveland Vegan” immediately. Behold: seasonal fruit bowl (banana, orange, apple, plum) Whole wheat grainy toast with black bean spread, avocado, tomato, and sprouts. Shredded beet burger with kale, tomato, onion, vegan “ranch”/dill sauce on sun-dried tomato focaccia bread. Washed down with an apple+lemon+ginger+kale juice. Would recommend.


Sweet potato and black bean burger with avocado sauce. #vegetarian #dinner #blackbeanburger #popsugar recipe.

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Grilling season has finally arrived, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with these wow-worthy burgers.

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Thursday May 28

Breakfast: a little bit of trail mix, blueberry muffin, tea
Lunch: salad with smoked tofu, beets and honey mustard dressing, half kind bar, two twix minis
Snack: half kind bar, 5 peanut m&ms
Dinner: black bean burger with salsa and avocado, tortilla chips
Dessert: orange juice, dark chocolate

Workout: Dailey method dvd (35minutes)

It wouldn’t be #NationalBurgerDay without a vegetarian option!

Our black bean burger has avocado, pickled red onions, chipotle-coconut mayo, fresh field greens with lemon-herb all on a challah bun.
#undercurrentgso #sogso #vegetarianburger #blackbeanburger #vegetarian #challah Photo by undercurrent_restaurant

Sweet potato black bean burgers with avocado & whole wheat pita bread. • After 6 days on the road, I’ve never been happier to make a home cooked meal 🍴 😍