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Relationship status: Single and very bad at mingling
Favourite colour: Within these ranges

Lipstick or chapstick: I have a small hoard of burt’s bees chapsticks
Last songs i listened to: Animals by KYKO
Last movie i watched: Ponyo
Top three tv shows: Orphan Black, ATLA, whatever my current obsession is that hasn’t disappointed me yet
Top three characters: Clarke griffin, Lexa, Kate Beckett
Top three ships: clexa, supercorp, there are a few that tie for third right now (princess rover, wayhaught, tenth doctor x rose tyler, I’m sure I’m forgetting others)

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relationship status: not looking
favorite color: pale peach #fccda9
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick (i love maybelline baby lips)
last song i istened to: hard times by paramore
last movie i watched: the immortal life of henrietta lacks
top 3 tv shows: atla, black sails, bojack horseman (this is sf hard)
top 3 characters: sana bakkoush, inej ghafa, marya morevna
top 3 ships: max/anne, kaz/inej, victor vale/murder of eliot cardale and getting away with it
books i’m currently reading: inferno by catherine doyle

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More Things  Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA (until I finish rewatching the series)

#17: Parallel confrontations in “The Day of Black Sun.”

Aang and Zuko both confront – or at least think they’re about to confront – the Fire Lord in “The Day of Black Sun.” And I love the subtle contrast between the prelude to each confrontation because it reflects where they are in their development. 

Aang thinks he’s about to fight the Fire Lord: he doesn’t know it’s Azula waiting for him behind this door.  But the angles the show uses subtly communicate that Aang is not yet ready to face the Fire Lord. Look at how enormous this door appears, and how it’s accentuated by the angle that the show chooses to use.

Aang is looking upward at a seemingly unconquerable goal:

By contrast, Zuko is ready for his showdown with the Fire Lord.  He’s been preparing for this for a season and a half. So the door he has to open is much more manageable in size.  Compare how much of the door frame Zuko fills here with the earlier shot of Aang:

And when we see Zuko’s face, it’s from an angle below. He’s looking down at his goal because he – unlike Aang at this point – is truly ready to confront the Fire Lord:  

33 reasons why music in 2015 didn't suck

The year is almost over, so it’s that time again where everyone goes through the musicial gifts that the year has come with. So basically, I put this playlist together of in 2015 released songs that started to mean a lot to me over the year or that I enjoy listening to right now.

01. You - Coasts
02. Burning For No One - The Cribs
03. We Breathe Fire - VITAMIN
04. Leave A Trace - CHVRCHES
05. What We Haven’t Got Yet - JAWS
06. Love Me - the 1975
07. Cry For Me - HUNNY
08. Pony - Wavves
09. I’m A Ruin - Marina And The Diamonds
10. Jasmine - The Magic Gang
11. The Luck Has Gone - Circa Waves
12. Charlemagne - Blossoms
13. There’s Nothing Wrong - We Are The Ocean
14. Run - COIN
15. Purist - Last Dinosaurs
16. Wildflower - Beach House
17. Carlifornia Nights - Best Coast
18. All In It - Justin Bieber
19. Dopamine - DIIV
20. Always - Fox Chapel
21. The Beach - The Neighbourhood
22. Levitate - Atlas Genius
23. Stay Strange - Dexters
24. Jet Black Heart - 5 Seconds Of Summer
25. Run Away - Sundara Karma
26. Cool Blue - The Japanese House
27. Baby Ain’t Made Of China - Wolf Alice
28. 1977 - Years & Years
29. Hiding - Florence + The Machine
30. Wasted Love - City and Colour
31. The Woods - Drenge
32. Sail On - Ryn Weaver
33. Mountain At My Gates - Foals

are your shoulders sore?
do they ache with the weight
of humanity
of our sins?

are your feet sore?
as you stand in the cosmos
star born and star made
stuck between black holes

are you sorry?
or do you forgive us?
even as we wear you down
with wars we made on your shoulders

—  after the titanomachy