“Valar Morghulis”

Game of Thrones/Avatar mashup! How would it look if GoT’s story happened in an ATLA/LoK universe? This is Arya Stark rockin’ some Earth Kingdom garb. I couldn’t help but design Arya as an Earthbender. Her personality, build and even *spoilers* her final scene of season 5 remind me way too much of our favorite Earthbending master, Toph. Arya even wears green for multiple seasons. I referred heavily to Avatar art books for style. 

Starting a new good tv show:

Step one: Catching up with it the faster than i can, negletcting all my resposabilities.

Step Two: Spending hours on the Tumblr tag to see fanart and get to know the fandom.

Step Three: Persuading all my friends to watch it too.

Step Four: Rewatching the best episodes.

Step Five: Rewatching all the other episodes too.

Step Six: General obsessing over it.

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Black Folk Do Travel

going against the common myth that Black folks don’t travel, Nelson George and others started the website and series in which he and others travel to various hotspots across the globe. 

for more info and a list of cities George and other have travelled to, check out


She is epic. Check her out.


BLACK ATLASS - Jewels (official video)