Black Folk Do Travel

going against the common myth that Black folks don’t travel, Nelson George and others started the website and series in which he and others travel to various hotspots across the globe. 

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The Temporary Inhabitant (L’Habitant Temporaire) by Thomas Batzenschlager

“L’Habitant Temporaire” is a project by Thomas Batzenschlager, a French architect living and working in Santiago (Chile), which takes the form of an illustrated essay on domesticity. This collection of twenty interiors located in different parts of the world are carefully represented …

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Dublin, Ireland through the eyes of Laura Izibor

I still can’t get over the time when I went to see The Last Airbender in theaters with my friend, and after Yue died and her hair turned black, her dad turned to us and said, “Finally her eyebrows match her hair now.”

Headcanon: Kilo Teams

(Shared and inspired by @shadstep)

Most people look at Atlas and assume that they don’t have an equivilent to the Hunter-Killers. Atlas, officially at least, would argue that’s the job of the Atlas Specialists…but any investigating into them would show their skill-set to be far different from the HKs.

However…Atlas DOES have a group that does posess similar training and skills to the HKs. One of the best kept secrets of the kingdom, and one of the few things that Atlas and Mantle agree on and cooperate with; Atlas Black Ops, and their combat division, the Kilo Teams.

Consisting of the best of the best of Atlas’s military (and often members of Mantle’s, including he Helljumpers and even the still-active SPARTAN and Orion augmentation programs), the Kilo Teams operate on an even deeper level of secrecy than even the Hunter-Killers; some people insist that even General Ironwood doesn’t know of their existence, and that, in fact, their allegiance is not to Atlas at all but to ONI through a line of puppets and posers. No information points to this being true or not…but the fact remains. 

Some Kilo Team members don’t bear their given names, either they take new ones when they’re recruited into Altas Black Ops (Ex: Deamon Shade, formerly Austere Lucien), or in some cases don’t bear names at all; simply numbers. 

If there is a job you need done without having actually been done (officially), they are the ones you call.