Hope ( Older!Damian Wayne x Reader)

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Prompt(s): None
Plot(s): You and Damian have been trying for a while to get pregnant but with no success. But after six months you and Damian might finally be getting the answer you wanted.
Word count: 1397
Pairing(s):Older!Damian Wayne x Reader
Warning(s): None
A/N: Okay so I had this random idea at 3 a.m this morning and decided to write it. This is going to be the first part of I don’t know how many, but this is definitely not the last of this story. I really hope you all enjoy it!

You and Damian had been happily married for 4 years. So happy in fact that you and him decided that you guys were ready for kids. You had been trying for 6 months to no avail. You had lost hope and while Damian constantly spoke words of encouragement you could see that he was losing hope too with every negative pregnancy test.

You both had went to the doctor before you started trying. The doctor said that were both healthy and should have no trouble having kids, but now you couldn’t help but think there had been a mistake.

You sat quietly on the couch, in you and Damian’s living room, going through websites on your laptop that gave advice for ways to get pregnant. Damian was in the bedroom getting ready for work at the animal clinic. You guys had already prepared and eaten breakfast, so now you were just patiently waiting for him to leave so you can go to the doctors.

You were two weeks late for your period and were desperately hoping that you were pregnant. You didn’t want to tell Damian because this wouldn’t have been your first pregnancy scare and you couldn’t watch his heart break anymore if it turned out that you weren’t.

“Alright beloved I’m off to work.” He called out as he walked from the bedroom to the couch to kiss you goodbye. You put laptop down and stood up to meet him. You hugged him tightly as he kissed your forehead. When you finally released him from you tight grip you fixed his tie and gave a sweet yet quick kiss on the lips. He grabbed the rest of his things and walked out the door while saying that he loved you and should be home on time.

As soon as the door closed you went to get dressed so that you can go to the doctors. You wore a royal blue blouse with a black and white horizontal striped maxi skirt. When you were done getting ready you grabbed your bag and keys and began to make your way out of the apartment and to your obgyn’s.

You made an appointment a few days ago so you sighed in and waited for the nurse to call your name. You sat in the waiting room anxiously tapping your foot, hoping that you would hear your name any minute and thankfully you did.

“Y/N the doctor is ready for you now.” The nurse spoke. You grabbed your belongs and made your way to the nurse so he could take your vitals and guide you to your doctor’s office. You had been here many times before and could find the room simply on your own but it was procedure that he escorted you there.

When you finally made it to the opened door you were greeted by your doctor Karen Stone. She was an old friend and smiled proudly when she saw you approaching.

“ Y/N it’s so good to see you!” She says as she quickly wraps her arms around you for a friendly hug. “Hey Karen.” You reply returning the hug. She let you go and you walked into the office to take a seat as she closed the door.

“ What brings you by today?” She ask while going behind her desk to take a seat herself.
“ I was hoping that you could give me a pregnancy test”
“ Of course I can. Will Damian be attending this as well?” She asked. You nervously looked down and played with your fingers. You felt a little guilty that you didn’t tell Damian, but at the same time you felt like this was something you had to alone.

Karen knew by your silence the reason why he wasn’t there and understood. She slid over a small cup for you to pee in and you began to make your way to the bathroom. After you finished you gave the urine sample to the nurse who began running test. You made your way back to Karen’s office to wait for the results which shouldn’t take long.

You wanted nothing more than for test to come back positive and part of you had a small feeling that it would. But you couldn’t help the other part of you that felt like it would come back negative and that you would never get pregnant.

When you made your way back to her office you and returned to your seat. Karen was still there going through your chart and reading over vitals.

“How’s everything looking Doc?” You ask.
“Great your vitals are looking excellent” she replied setting down the clipboard. She got up from her seat to sit down next to you in the empty chair. She wore a look of worry on her face and you could feel your heart begin to beat faster.

“Y/N I knew it’s only been 6 months but if this test comes back negative I would like for both you and Damian to come in for more test.” You nodded slowly and looked down. She reached over to give your hand a friendly squeeze as she smiled.

You heard a knock on the door as the nurse came in with the test results. Karen quickly to retrieve them then made her way back to her seat behind her desk. She looked at the results and suddenly a huge smile appeared on her face.

“Congratulations Y/N you’re pregnant!” She says with a smile still plastered on her face. Your jaw drops and you swear everything stops moving. This is what you wanted for six months and while you wanted to just be happy you also felt extremely guilty for not telling Damian about your appointment. You smiled none the less. This was the moment you’ve been waiting for.

“Okay well now that we know you’re going to be have a little baby I would like to give you an ultrasound to see how far along you are.” She said standing up and opening the door to take you to a room for the ultrasound. You gathered you things and followed her to the room.

You saw the ultrasound machine and the screen where you would soon see the image of your very tiny fetus. Everything was starting to feel so real and you couldn’t believe it. You knew Damian would be upset that you didn’t tell him about the appointment so that he could be there with you but you were already coming up with ideas on how to make it up to him.

You lay down on the exam table as Karen sets everything up. You lift up your shirt and pull down your pants a little that way she can rub the gel on your lower abdomen. She squirted a warm gel on your tummy and began to move it around with what looked like a wand.

You look at the monitor but you’re not sure what it is your suppose to be looking for. “Okay well it looks like you’re about 4 weeks pregnant. Your baby is around the size of a poppy seed.” She spoke as she continued to move the wand around. You just sat silently taking in all the information while recovering from shock.

After the ultrasound she gave you a paper towel to wipe up the gel and began to write out a prescription of prenatal vitamins for you. You were able to leave soon after, but instead of going home you went to the grocery store and pharmacy. To make it up to Damian for not inviting him to the doctors you decided you would make him his favorite dinner as you shared the news.

The doctor also gave you the paper confirming your pregnancy for you to show to Damian. You were going to show it to him during dinner but to prevent him from finding it before you hid it in you favorite book when you made it home. Damian said he’d be home on time so you knew you had a few hours to prepare everything.

You began cooking and thinking about the reaction your husband would give you once he found out the news. You were so caught up in cooking and day dreaming that you didn’t hear someone sneak up behind until they pulled a bag over your head and started to drag you away.

Kurt in a Skirt

The title pretty much sums it up.  Based on the headcanon that Kurt finds skirts more comfortable because of his tail.

Please enjoy!

Most of the time, Kurt considers himself a very patient person.

If there’s one thing he has no patience for, though, it’s heat.

It comes from being covered in a layer of dark fur, he supposes.  Great for keeping warm in the winter, not so great for keeping cool in the summer.

Normally, he doesn’t have much of a problem with it here.  Xavier’s is in the famously cold American northeast after all, and the dorms and classrooms are all air-conditioned.

But it’s currently the dog-days of summer and of course, of course, the air conditioner decided to break this morning.

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[Image description: two photos of a woman standing outdoors in front of a tall, leafy hedge, one a full-length shot and the other three-quarters. She is white and has dark brown hair, short on the sides and worn curly off to one side on top. She wears gold-framed cats-eye sunglasses and large, dangling earrings with teal, grey ,and purple segments. She wears a teal camisole, a draped black and white striped skirt, and pink sandals.]

When you get a new pair of brightly colored earrings (that kind of look like the ace pride flag!), you gotta wear a brightly colored outfit and some purple lipstick to match.

Top: Old Navy | Skirt: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Target | Earrings: Anthropologie

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I need help telling what year photos are from, any ideas on how to help?

For MSI? I can just tell by their outfits! :)

1998-2001 All kind of look the same but you can tell they’re Early Photos because Vanessa is in them ? I forget the exact outfits for those so you can look through my 98, 99, and 01 tags to figure that out ?

2002 LynZ wore that simple Full On schoolgirl outfit and had a shitty bass, Steve had a mohawk, Kitty wore a red and black striped shirt, Jimmy wore all pink with the pink hair + the white jacket with the blonde spiked hair

2003 LynZ had that black and white really cool shaped bass yknow and she wore that black and white striped vest and black skirt or a red vest with the black and red socks + striped tie and black under shirt, Steve had the red and black hair with a red and black shirt + red guitar, kitty wore the white shirt with the red K on it or a red shirt with a black heart, Jimmy had light brown spiked hair with a white tie and black jacket

2004 Kitty usually wore that green, pink, and white striped shirt and LynZ wore the red vest, white under shirt, and had a white bass so that’s usually how I can tell it apart but I haven’t seen a ton of pics from that year

2005 Kitty had the pink streaks, pink tie, black shirt, pink skirt. LynZ had the black vest, white undershirt, black tie, fishnets and big boots + her firecracker bass (and eventually added pins to her vest too). Jimmy had a pink shirt, black shorts, black jacket with white writing on the back and he had pink / brown spiked hair. Steve’s outfit was really similar to 2003 with the red and black hair but he wore lots of pins and stuff on his jacket sometimes ? 

2006 Steve had the same outfit, LynZ wore the blue vest with the red details on the top of it with the red scarf and still had her firecracker bass. Jimmy wore the black jacket with white writing on the back + a black shirt with that blue tie that had the little red crosses all over it + the big cross in the middle, and kitty wore kind of the same 2005 look sometimes with a pink tie but mostly with a white tie + her drumset had the little bombs on it !

2007 LynZ wore that Iconic red vest with the little studs and patches on the side of it with a plaid skirt and her black aerodyne bass, jimmy had spiked brown hair with a black jacket and again had white writing on it (and a white tie sometimes and he also wore an all white suit for a short period of time), Steve usually wore a black shirt with a green and black striped tie + orange shoes and during pro rev he had colorful feathers in his hair a lot, and Kitty had white, red, and pink stripes in her hair + the white tie or she wore a black shirt with these black and white striped things over it ? I can’t tell if it was a scarf or suspenders cuz she’s sitting down all the time sdkjgs

2008 LynZ wore the sniper jacket, plaid skirt, and striped socks, Jimmy had spiked brown hair with a purple shirt and black jacket, Steve usually wore a black shirt with a black jacket and had messy black hair, and Kitty had the black shirt with the white ruffles on it

2009 and part of 2008 Jimmy wore that black suit with the white paint splatters on it, Steve kinda wore the same thing, and part of 2008 + mostly 2009 I noticed Kitty has the same outfit but with a black bowtie! Also LynZ wasn’t there, she was pregnant with Bandit 

2010-2011 they didn’t perform

2012 LynZ had the black pants, black vest over a black shirt with brown boots and her hair was long! She also wore a long sleeved / later short sleeved black and white striped shirt either with a denim skirt or plaid skirt. Kitty wore black leggings with a black shirt that had tassels on the shoulders and studs all over the front + she had her hair up really high with white streaks in it. Steve wore a black jacket over a black shirt and a bandana or he wore a black shirt with a long sleeved striped one under it! He also had long hair and a beard. Jimmy had hair that was shaved on the sides and black + spiked on the top and he wore a black suit with a white undershirt and black tie 

2013 LynZ had shorter hair in little pigtails with a black jacket that was made of a different material on each side and said ‘WITCH(ES?)’ on the back with a plaid skirt, colorful socks and cute little boots! During Soundwave 2013 she wore the blue jacket with the red cross on the back that said ‘SKATE WITCH’ with a yellow undershirt, Kitty wore the same outfit she did in 2012 almost exactly I’m pretty sure, Steve pretty much wore the same thing too! Jimmy wore a white shirt with a black design on the front + white pants and he had blonde fluffy hair! During Soundwave 2013 he had the same outfit but with short black hair

It’s hard to tell the difference between the end of 2013 and the start of 2014 with pictures of LynZ because her look changes to the same she had in 2014 yknow? But I can tell by the different backdrops they had or if Jimmy is also in the picture cuz his outfit was different

2014 LynZ had the black leather jacket with the studs on the shoulders, short messy hair, plaid skirt, and a black tanktop underneath, Jimmy wore all pink and had pink hair, Kitty had the same outfit except instead of studs on her shirt she had chains, and Steve’s outfit was pretty much the same too :P

TCA’s with Kian

REQUEST: can you write one where you celebrate Kian’s win at the TCA’s?

A/N: Here you go anon


I woke up early in the morning and I yawned loudly turned around in bed to see my boyfriend Kian Lawley still sleeping. He was really excited about today because tonight was the Teen Choice Awards and he was nominated for Choice Youtuber. He was so excited that he stood up all night because he couldn’t go to sleep. I smiled at his sleeping form and I got up slowly out of bed. I wanted to treat him to breakfast in bed, so I walked out of our bedroom and walked upstairs to the kitchen. I show that Jc’s door was open, so I walked into his room.

“Jc? Are you awake?” I said as I saw him sitting at his computer.

He turned around in his chair, “Yeah I’m awake.” He rubbed his eyes.

“Have you been up all night editing?” I said.

“No I just woke up a few minutes ago and I thought I should just start editing before it is too late.” He yawned slightly.

“Oh are you hungry? I was going to make breakfast.”

“Yeah can I have scrambled eggs with toast and bacon?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’ll bring it to you when it is done.” I said as I walked out and to the kitchen.

“Thank you (Y/N).” He called after you.

I started making breakfast for the boys and I started humming a little tune in my head. I was cooking the eggs, when I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and hot breath on my neck. I turned around and saw Kian half a sleep still standing behind me.

“Good morning beautiful.” he said in a low and raspy voice. I kissed his nose and pulled him close to me and he nuzzled into my neck. “I missed you.” he mumbled into my neck.

I smiled, “What do you mean? I’m right here.”

“I know baby but I wanted to wake up and see your beautiful face, but instead I woke up to an empty bed…” he said as he wrapped his arms around me tighter and nuzzled his face into my neck again. I tried to get out of his grip to finish making breakfast but he kept holding onto me, “No babe I want you.” he said into my neck.

“But Kian, I’m gonna burn the eggs!” I quickly got out of his grip and shut off the stove and took the eggs off the pan and onto a plate.

Later that day, Kian and I got ready for the Teen Choice Awards. I wore a crop top that was black and white striped and a matching skirt, with white and black sneakers and I curled my hair. Kian wore a black and white striped shirt with black jeans and his converses and wore a sweat band that was red, yellow and green. (A/N: The picture above is what you are wearing and what kian is wearing.)

We both didn’t want to dress fancy and I didn’t want to wear heels with the dress, so I put on a pair of sneakers. Don’t judge me. Anyways, we walked out and to his car and got in. He drove to the TCA’s and I just started to take selfies.

When we got there, we parked the car and we walked to the red carpet. There was a lot of fans and a lot of people taking pictures. I wrapped my arm around Kian’s waist and he wrapped his arm around my waist. People started taking pictures and started calling our names in every direction and I just kept smiling. 

Kian leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Man you look so hot tonight baby.” I blushed and kissed his cheek. After about an hour of pictures and interviews, we finally went inside and found our seats and sat down. 

After a few hours, Kian and I were waiting for them to announce Choice Youtuber, and they did.

And we finally found out that Kian won! 

We were so happy. 

After the show was down, we drove home and Kian was really excited. When we got home, Kian was doing his happy dance.

“You are so crazy baby!” I laughed at him.

He looked at me, “What? Babe I am so happy.” He hugged me and picked me up and spun me around. “I am just so excited that I won a Teen Choice award!”

“Then lets celebrate.” I said.

“Yeah let’s go.” He said.

A/N: Well this is it. yeah this sucks I’m sorry 

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hi daisy! can you suggest some autumn outfits?


I know I’m so soft but no one can get as tough as me


[image caption: Two photos of me, a nonbinary indian wheelchair user. I have blonde curly hair and am wearing black lipstick, pink eyeshadow, a black and white striped skirt, knee high black socks, a pink shirt that reads “black trans lives matter” and a white cardigan. The first is a full shot where im pushing my skirt with one hand and pulling it with the other staring straight on the camera. The second is a selfie with my head angled to show my highlight and my hand on my side.]

Work It Baby

Pairing: Jean/Eren

Rating: T


Inspired by this lovely post by Fumuko

What you need to know: Mikasa is a model. Her friends Jean and Eren are designers with a big runway competition coming up. They both want Mikasa to model for them, so they fight over her by dressing her up (she gets to pick who she models for based on whose prototypes she likes the best). Things get a little heated, and Mikasa decides that the only fair thing to do is have the boys model each other’s clothes for her.

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