What I Wore | Black & White

WhatIWore: You know when you have a piece that’s in the laundry or sitting on the ironing pile for so long you forget you have it? This skirt should have been ironed long ago and I’m happy I finally took the time to press it this morning. I love the crispness of black and white together and the combo finally gave me the courage to try wearing a scarf around my neck. I’ve worn one this way before, but it’s been a while (plus it’s when I lived in Brooklyn and was a little more fearless with my closet. Also, I was 25). I like the way it all came together though… I feel trés français!

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Bird Anatomy for Artists by Dr Natalia Balo - review by Dr Trevor Weekes, The University of Newcastle, Australia

“For many years bird artists have been searching for an informative textbook on Bird Anatomy. Until now there have been very few books focusing on Bird Anatomy and drawing birds available, but now the search is over. Bird Anatomy for Artists has arrived!
Bird Anatomy for Artists is a beautifully presented comprehensive survey of the complete bird from head to tail. The book is full of masterly illustrations that are clear and easy to understand, including black and white working drawings, examples of the artist’s field studies and exquisite colour illustrations. Every part of the bird’s body is outlined in detail with informative text and helpful drawing instructions. Bird Anatomy for Artists is perhaps the most complete textbook available on this subject. I highly recommend this reference book not only for Artists, but for anyone interested in Birds.”

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