white artists like to reduce Black criticality to *cyberbullying* when a. critiquing a Black or Brown person about using the internet to disrupt white supremacy is both classist and ableist and b. they just don’t wanna admit they hate seeing a Black person know their worth who can discuss and apply higher concepts better than them without white supremacy helping them out. some *highlights* from the interactions i just had with @jbarse who blocked me from messaging:

Me: I didn’t jump to any conclusions | all of your work is mediocre | it is all banal evil | and Black and Brown fac | face* | i don’t care what false victimhood you try to play here

Mediocre White Person: lol cool i’ll believe you when you read my whole message.  tearing  people down is not an effective method of teaching

Me: all of your work has no aura and i just read it, get over it. i don’t care about your feelings at all. | nope | thats called | white liberalism | you are mediocre | and completely wrong | nice try | Your work is banal evil | No matter what you say | I read your whole message


Me: thanks for wasting my time

Mediocre White Person: you wasted your time honey

Me: dont call me honey oppressor | go do something with aura for once | stop co opting asswipe piece of shit | you done fucked up responding to me | like i will make it a goal to say all this to you in person | if you think i can only do this online | like you wouldnt DARE say any of this in person to me

MWP: okay you focus on your goals i’ll focus on mine :)

Me: spineless white liberal with no aura | bye | i did | didn’t you read my message (link here) | i only read you because it was easy | not because i care | ALL of your work is transparent banal evil compromised of Black and Brown face. you make completely auraless work. trust me honey. im not caring about your goals because the only ones you have are remaining a mediocre oppressor and co opting because you won’t contribute anything worthwhile to the human condition like most white liberal. peace casual racist asswipe <3 | like unlike your mediocre ass, i can read  filth like you with my eyes closed and still do what i gotta do under antiBlack capitalism. all you do is coast and copy.

[see how white liberals expect Black and Brown ppl to teach them? see how they expect free intellectual labor when they have class privilege and white supremacy to coast on while making mediocre hackneyed work? if u r Black, i will gladly elaborate on ANY topic and give intellectual labor for free anytime but if antiBlack capitalism must persist, white ppl gotta pay if they want any explanations from me other than a no filter crit. also only going in to continue showing ppl: #FuckWhiteArt, #AllWhiteArtHasNoAura, #AllWhiteArtIsBlackOrBrownFace.]

People like Kylie Jenner have nooo problem plumping up their lips, twerking while blasting rap music, & showing off their raggedy ass cornrows.. but they decide to keep quiet about unjustified murders of innocent black people.

TF are you guys gong to do when they kill everyone and there’s no one left to copy?

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shoutout to all the girls who have ever felt like the ugly one in their group of lighter skinned friends, shoutout to all the girls that have ever purchased skin bleach products to make their skin lighter, shoutout to all the girls who have watched diy videos on youtube just to find a way to be light, shoutout to all the girls who have been told they were ugly bc their skin was darker than others, shoutout to all the girls who don’t go out in the sun anymore in fear of getting darker, shoutout to all the girls that wear sunscreen, long sleeves, etc. to avoid the sun from touching their skin, shoutout to all the girls who are dark-skinned, bc they are beautiful & deserve better


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That chick Justine Skye posts a few pro-black stuff on her Instagram & I’m like how can she be pro-black while simultaneously being best friends with Kylie Jenner who literally walks around in brown face and is making more $ than Justine from being a knock off black chick??? How does tht work?