First of all. It don’t matter how many adaptions their are of death note don’t change the fact that their not White. Second, why do you equate America to whiteness? Do Asian Americans not exist? Second off, white folks are not Indigenous to the Americas so don’t act like America equates y'all pasty asses.
Third, white folks always complain when people color turn white characters into brown or black ones. Y'all have a fit when we cosplay as these so called “white” characters. So don’t come at me with that bullshit of why it shouldn’t matter.
So it matter only when it’s “white” characters. Bitch bye.
And good acting? How the fuck do you know when you only give opportunities to mediocre ass white people? Who else got to audition?
Finally, ever fucking show out here is 99% white, and anytime we write stories for us with characters that look like us, y'all get hurt feelings bc you can’t have that too.
You racist ass, parasitic, greedy ass, self centered, white supremacist, whinny little bitches, need to have several seats. I’m done. Fucking look up white washed you ignorant Cabbage Patch built ass %%%.




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shoutout to all the girls who have ever felt like the ugly one in their group of lighter skinned friends, shoutout to all the girls that have ever purchased skin bleach products to make their skin lighter, shoutout to all the girls who have watched diy videos on youtube just to find a way to be light, shoutout to all the girls who have been told they were ugly bc their skin was darker than others, shoutout to all the girls who don’t go out in the sun anymore in fear of getting darker, shoutout to all the girls that wear sunscreen, long sleeves, etc. to avoid the sun from touching their skin, shoutout to all the girls who are dark-skinned, bc they are beautiful & deserve better

When I see white girls: 😍
When I see brown girls: 😍
When I see Native girls: 😍
When I see Asian girls: 😍
When I see black girls: 😍
When I see light girls: 😍
When I see dark girls: 😍

When I see girls who lift up other girls, regardless of their skin color, and support eachother: 😍😍😍😍😍😍