Swiss artist Zoe Byland uses a monochromatic palette to create paintings that look like turn of the century photographic portraits of enigmatic girls featuring wonderfully surreal twists. In one piece an enigmatic little girl poses beside her owl friend as they wear matching Batgirl masks, while in another a pair of young ladies pose with their heads literally in the clouds.

“Without any adults in sight, the little girls posing gracefully in her work are privy to magical apparitions and strange happenings. Viewers are left to wonder whether these supernatural occurrences are the product of the characters’ imaginations, or perhaps ghostly visitors caught on camera.”

These enchanting paintings are part of Byland’s upcoming solo exhibition, entitled Head in the Clouds, opening on April 11th at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome.

Visit Zoe Byland’s website to check out more of her marvelous artwork.

[via Hi-Fructose]