15 Creative Photographers Showcase the Stunning Power of Shadows

A great photographer will also know how to stage light and shadow and use it to highlight the subject and scene in the best manner possible, but these images take photography to the next level -a series of highly intuitive fine photographs where shadows are the subject and form perfect patterns on the human body. 

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Narcissism : Dazzle room

Installation by Shigeki Matsuyama is inspired by the visually chaotic dazzle camouflage used in World War 1:

Dazzle camouflage was a type of ship camouflage used during World War I. As its name suggests, it was meant to dazzle and confuse the human eye. In an era where radar technology did not exist, an enemy vessel’s range and heading needed to be visually identified for targeting. The complex black and white patterns painted on ships with dazzle camouflage made it difficult to ascertain whether a target was moving closer or farther away and prevented accurate firing.

The person in the room covered with dazzle camouflage uploads selfies to social media while surrounded by a larger self representing narcissism. In an era where much communication occurs over social media, metrics such as likes and follows fulfill our desire for recognition; however, the ease of which we can obtain validation from others leads to the growth of this desire, and we attempt to satiate it using our self-image or “larger self.” The boundary between self and self-image is unconsciously blurred by dazzle camouflage, and as a result, we ourselves cease to recognize our own boundaries.

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