They were so lovely together
The way he admired her bones with glazed eyes and gentle touches
And how she would shiver with the need to be with her lover
It was a sight to never forget and a feeling that lives on forever
But they were so lethal for each other
The way he watched her with a constant stare and a forceful look
And how she would accept the harsh tremors with a wish for more time together
It was an experience committed to memory and an emotion that will always be remembered
They were the images of misery and the touches of sadness
But they still hold a greater love than most
—  Misery felt like love
I am standing alone with the thoughts of you left in my head and there’s nothing I can do about it. It haunts me at night when see your eyes staring right at me. I still here your voice in my ears and it’s making me crazy. I feel mental. I feel heartbroken. But most of all I feel empty. Without you it feels like I have fallen for insanity and fallen out of love with you.