He’s the one with ghosts in his head
But they only come out at night
He tries again and again and again
But he doesn’t really like the fight

She’s the one with light in her eyes
You’d think she’d make it through the night
She’s tries again and again and again
Cause, she really likes to fight

It’s not his heart that’s being poisoned
Just his own pretentious head
And if his heart doesn’t do something fast
He might as well be dead

It’s her heart, not her head that’s killing
The Angels try to lay her to bed
And if her head stops swimming in her dark heart
They’d stop telling her she’s dead

He’s got all the conviction but none of the right
And she’s too busy putting up a fight
Who would’ve thought on a dreary night
He’d be cornered by gun held by a woman of light

She said I know you you’re some kind of dream
He whispered somehow you’ve been talking to me
She saw his darkness and she made him bright
But somehow, he was her light

He’s the one who lost the ghosts in his head
They used to only come out at night
And now instead when he lays in his bed
He sees the one who changed his life

She’s the one who had light in her eyes
The Angels tried to take her whole
And now her hearts in the head of a boy
Who brought redemption to her soul

—  I literally just wrote this