My name is Dario Dunaj, I’m twenty five and living in Zagreb, Croatia. Love towards photography grew together with my love for skateboarding. I started with cheaper cameras, recording amateur skate videos. Later, in high school, it developed in the way that I captured everything around me that drew my attention. Two years ago I discovered Instagram and that’s where my creative thinking began, photo editing and everything else that relates in a logical way, with a lot of experimenting.

Like most amateur photographers, I take photos of various genres - B&W, street art, skateboarding, lifestyle, abandoned places, buildings, factories and nature. 



Love and Space Dust.

5 Star Rated Poetry.

“After spending over ten years in a literature club and hearing/reading more poems than I could count, I thought I had seen it all. I have never been so wrong. Love and Space Dust contains so many beautifully written poems that brought tears to my eyes that I didn’t put my Kindle down until I had read every single one of them at least twice.” Customer Review.

“Lovely book.” Customer Review.

“I really enjoy all of the poems. They make you feel like never before. By far some of my favorite poems.” Customer Review.

“LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS!!” Goodreads Review.

“These poems are so full of Pain and Darkness, but so full of Hope and Light.” Customer Review.

“This book is absolutely amazing and i hope there will be more to come!” Customer Review.

“Love this book so much!” Goodreads Review.

“Made me smile and moved me to tears.” Customer Review.

Poems from my anthology, Love and Space Dust. The full book is out now and available as:

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