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Do you think its okay when white gays say "no black asians or latinos" in their grindr or tinder bios? Like they try to justify it as being a preference but isnt it racist bc they are using stereotypes to define every single person in that group

I don’t really use these apps so idk. But i think the answer is yes and no. Defining a person into a single group isn’t a good idea but then again not everyone is attracted to everyone.

Gay? Arm yourself.
Bi? Arm yourself.
Trans? Arm yourself.
Black? Arm yourself.
Hispanic or Latino? Arm yourself.
Asian? Arm yourself?
White? Arm yourself.
Native American? Arm yourself.
A woman? Arm yourself.
A man? Arm yourself.
Disabled? Arm yourself.
Discriminated at all? Arm yourself.

When you have a gun, you don’t get bashed. Protect yourself against hate.


Lxs Afrxlatinxs: Queer Afrolatin@ Visibility Project

Here are some photos from the project I’ve been working on for the past few months on Queer Afrolatin@s. Check out this other post with one of the videos from the project.

If you’re interested in participating in the project also, feel free to inbox me. To keep up with project developments check out the facebook page, , and follow us on twitter @Lxs_Afrxlatinxs!

Our lab is currently in need of Men of Color to participate in the current study.  If you are willing to take part in this endeavor, please click the following link: .

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!