Gay? Arm yourself.
Bi? Arm yourself.
Trans? Arm yourself.
Black? Arm yourself.
Hispanic or Latino? Arm yourself.
Asian? Arm yourself?
White? Arm yourself.
Native American? Arm yourself.
A woman? Arm yourself.
A man? Arm yourself.
Disabled? Arm yourself.
Discriminated at all? Arm yourself.

When you have a gun, you don’t get bashed. Protect yourself against hate.

Hey guess what

Girls are awesome!

Boys are awesome!

Gay people are awesome!

Straight people are awesome!

Bi people are awesome!

Asexual people are awesome!

White people are awesome!

Black people are awesome!

Asian people are awesome!

Arab people are awesome!

Latino people are awesome!

Native American people are awesome!

Cis people are awesome!

Trans people are awesome!

Christians are awesome!

Atheists are awesome!

Jewish people are awesome!

Muslims are awesome!


Know what I hate?

Positivity posts.

Heads up:

If you’re gay, you’re terrible.
If you’re straight, you’re terrible.
Bi? Terrible.
Ace or Aro? Terrible.
Cis? Terrible.
Trans? Terrible.
Something else? Terrible.
Black? Awful.
White? Awful.
Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern, Indian? Awful.
Mixed? Awful.
Disabled? You’re Horrible.
Able-bodied? Horrible.
Are you a man? You’re the worst.
Are you a woman? Also the worst.
Child and/or minor? Worst.
Muslim? Sickening.
Christian? Sickening.
Jewish? Sickening.
Hindu? Taoist? Atheist? Agnostic? Urgh. Sickening.

Literally everyone is terrible, but that is what makes life so unique and interesting. We’re not all equal because we’re great, wonderful, “valid” human beings. We’re equal because we’re all equally human, equally flawwed. Understand this - if ou think your membership to a people group/identity makes you wonderful or special, you’re terrible + an idiot.

You know what i love the most about elementary? The diversity
Not only Joan being an asian woman , Mrs. Hudson being a transgender woman and Marcus being a Black man, but every episode there is. You see a chinese student, a muslim black woman being a waitress, a gay latino… And its natural. Im aware thats not perfect always but i like How they put a effort to create a diverse universe