Contemplating Waterloo by Adelbert’s Brewery

Contemplating Waterloo is a gin barrel aged Saison. So gin was aged in whiskey barrels to make Treaty Oak Distilling’s Waterloo Antique Gin and then the barrels came to Adelbert’s for this beer, which is the aged version of their Philosophizer Saison. Quite a journey and layers of flavor going on here. I’m not always a fan of barrel-aged beer or barrel-aged gin for that matter but everything works really well with this surprisingly. You get the citrus, black pepper and yeast flavors of the base Saison mixed with the wood of the barrel and the juniper of the gin. All of these flavors are balanced very well. I think a lot of things could have gone wrong with this one but the folks at Adelbert’s clearly knew what they were doing.  

The fabulous Jasmine Guy recently had her 52nd birthday. Actor, director, dancer, artist and writer. And um…gorgeous! I read her book Afeni Shakur: Evolutionary of A Revolutionary about Tupac’s mother. Very honest read. I can still hear her saying “Dwaayyyyne” on A Different World as “Whitley Gilbert.” And by the way, I just learned that Hulu Plus has all of A Different World in HD. Winning. 

(H/T crutch4 on IG for the photo.)

Thank you for tagging me, @fallingends. 💖

Name: Mira
Age: 17
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour/Style: Black/dark brown (?). My hair is curly but kinda messy because I don’t brush it most of the time. I don’t have bangs and I like parting my hair in the middle and tucking them behind my ears and like putting all my hair to the back but they always get into my face. 😅
Zodiac: Scorpio
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Last Song I Listened: Hayley Kiyoko - Cliff’s Edge
Last Movie I saw: Princess Diaries 2 haha
Last Book Read: Lullabies by Lang Leav (it’s wonderful!!)
Favorite Beverage: Anything cold tbh.
Most Beautiful Place on Earth: The sea.
Most Beautiful Person on Earth: Everyone is beautiful to me. 😌💕
First Word/Sentence That Comes to mind: World.
I tag: @solitudeesse @serpentar1us @mysterious-beauty @wellthatspunderstandable @beezodiac and honestly anyone else who wants to do it! 💖

One Day
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Oh look, another Miraculous OC...

Civilian Name: Lucas “Luc” Perez
Age: 16
Hair Color/Style: Black, it falls in shaggy layers around his face, but the bulk of it is long and worn into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. It goes down to his lower back. When his miraculous is active, it almost becomes a mullet with how wild it gets, and streaks of steel grey shoot through it.
Eye Color: Light grey, turn bright blue when in superhero-mode
Skin Tone: Olive complected and tanned
Family: His parents are divorced, and both have remarried. He lives with his mother and step-father, and visits his father and step-mother occasionally where they live with his step-sister, Marianne.
Miraculous Name: Loup Gris
Miraculous Item: The Wolf’s Band, it looks like a braided silver-wire cuff bracelet with wolf-heads on the ends facing each other where the gap is to slip it on the wrist. It contains the Power of the Earth, granting the user a closer connection with the ground and stone.
Kwami: Laloo
Kwami-Fuel: Honey-Coated Granola
Weapon/Communicator: A hand-to-hand fighter, his “weapons” are bracers around his arm. They can form a small energy buckler for defense, and one has his communication screen on it. There is a grappling hook and cord stowed away in one of them as well, but he likes running and jumping after Sika too much to use it unless it’s an emergency.
Miraculous Power: Ground Point–shifts and/or cracks any ground or stone he touches as he wills to a certain extent
Transformation Phrases: “Laloo, howl!” “Laloo, quiet.”

Fun facts:

  • He’s class president of his homeroom in lycée, and considers himself responsible for his classmates in an emergency just as much as the teachers.
  • Native to France, he’s got some Spanish in him as well, though far enough back it doesn’t reflect in much outside of his skin tone and last name. Bevan and Rull speak more Spanish than he does.
  • His main interest is music. He is a singer, and he also plays the guitar and violin.
  • He gets his miraculous due to finding out who Sika is during an akuma attack. It’s a bit of a fun story, but yes, he and Bevan know each other’s identities.
  • Laloo and Rull are very well acquainted. Rull might have had ulterior motives in this particular partnership happening.
  • He and Chat end up forming a bit of a rivalry due to…well, cat and a dog.
#Police Appeal Following Rape of Girl in Haringey Park

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#Police Appeal Following Rape of Girl in Haringey Park

April 25, 2016, 1:03 pm

Detectives from the #Met’s Sexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse Command are appealing for information after a girl was raped in Haringey.

The victim, who is in her mid-teens, was attacked at around 9pm on Saturday 12 March, near the playground and exercise equipment in Ducketts Common Park, N8.

#Police want to speak to two young men in connection with the investigation.

View full article on #crime and Justice - UK #crime News

The first is described as black, of large build, aged about 18 years with an Afro hair style. He was wearing a black coat which zipped up to his chin, dark trousers and black trainers. He may have been carrying a small black Nike bag.

The second man is described as black, also of a large build and also aged about 18 years. He was wearing a ‘Puffa style’ coat, possibly with a Nike logo on the front, dark trousers and a dark hat that had a circular logo with a cross through it.

He also wore a hoodie, and over his face had a black motorbike-style scarf with white stitching.

Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives at the incident room on 020 8217 7448 or 07342 080948.

You can also contact #crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you do not wish to give your name.

Contact #crimestoppers anonymously with information about #crime

* Talk to a #crimestoppers call agent anonymously by calling 0800 555 111.
* Fill out a form online by clicking this link.

Source: #Metropolitan #Police Service     Like us on Facebook (uk#crime)     Follow us on Twitter @uk#crime

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#crimes around Ducketts Common Park last month View map

View licence infoData shown contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0.

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