The Kyurem forms are always loads of fun to draw, by which I mean I absolutely cannot draw the Kyurem forms. Tried to go for an icy effect on its frozen over body parts but I think it came off looking like weird cheap plastic? Whatever, 3 more to go. Next one is kinda simple, the last 2 will take weeks. 

Blacking Out

cheesepotatorabbit submitted to poke-planet:

Whenever you black out, you always find yourself at the Pokémon Center? But if all of your Pokémon have fainted, how do you get there?

Pokémon Centers have specially trained Pokémon that are able to find and rescue trainers that have fainted by using various HMs. So if a trainer fainted on a mountain route, a flying type could get them out. Or if a trainer fainted in a cave a Pokémon that knows dig would get them to safety.

Fictional characters take us away from the cruelty of people, reality in general, and take us away to this wonderful world where anything our heart desires can happen.
—  Me. Lacey Campbell
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