2012’s been a pretty good year for hip-hop… well, from a middle-class white kid perspective anyway. But after the grandiose bluster of Jay & ‘Ye, the dark world of Odd Future, the increasingly brilliant Childish Gambino and the general WTF of Lil’ B, we’ve got the collaboration between Black Milk and Danny Brown, two of the biggest underground rappers of the moment. Coming together for the Black & Brown EP (think about it), Milk provides the crackly, sped-up soul sampling production whilst Brown is on his A-game; energetic and frenetic.

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Black Milk & Danny Brown - Black & Brown EP

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Audio: Black Milk & Danny Brown - Black & Brown (full EP stream)


Although I’m only halfway deep thus far, this project is a banger! Black Milk is really showing growth on the beats, and the Hybrid comes correct with the rhymes as well. And as in the Random Axe project, we get the little dope beat interludes which I take as paying homage to those who have done it before him. Check the stream below and cop that when it drops on Amazon, Itunes, or Fatbeats if you don’t have a local record shop you may feel will have it in stock!

  • Black & Brown (feat. Danny Brown)
  • Black Milk
  • Album Of The Year

Black Milk - Black & Brown (feat. Danny Brown)

going to be on the new Black & Brown EP coming out Nov. 1

now… Black and Brown have both proven that they can carry albums by themselves… but this is the perfect time to drop a remix track of this with Phat Kat, Elzhi, Royce, and Guilty… or have some of those cats on the EP w/ them


Black Milk > Jon Connor?

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Black Milk & Danny Brown - Black & Brown [Video]

Danny Brown and Black Milk get cinematic with their first official video off of the Black & Brown EP, the title track. This was always one of my favorite joints off of Black Milk’s AOTY , I just wish the song was longer. Video directed by Gerard Victor. “Long awaited, debated, but fuck it here we are” – Black said it best, it’s here, so go cop Black & Brown in the digital or the physical form.


Produzent Black Milk und Emcee Danny Brown aus Detroit bringen am 01. November diesen Jahres ihre gemeinsame EP mit dem simplen Titel “Black & Brown” an den Mann, was man definitiv als kleines Feuerwerk bezeichnen kann. Umd die Kollegen der JUICE zu zitieren:

Danny Brown und Black Milk schweben auf ihrer gemeinsamen EP in - oder eher über - ihrer eigenen Welt.

Black Milk and Danny Brown - Black and Brown EP by BLACK MILK

News: Black Milk & Danny Brown announce joint EP


The Detroit duo of Black Milk & Danny Brown announce a joint EP project titled “Black & Brown” due in stores 11/1/11 from Fat Beats Records. Apparently The Hybrid will handle the microphone duties and Black will be behind the boards on this one. The two are known to do their thing solo, so imagine when they collaborate on a full length scale (especially if the track on the Random Axe project is a sign of any sort for the Black & Brown project). You can check the artwork and track listing after the break.

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