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If you were an actual goth you'd have black hair.

Obvious troll is obvious, but in case someone actually does think this: 

Ah, the posers such as Patricia Morrison, Sean Brennan, Cinamon Hadley, and Robert Smith…

(You have no idea how much I wanted to reply with a drawing of a Visigoth with the text “if you were an actual goth, you’d look like this”.)


The funeral is over. As far as funerals go, it was a funeral. And that’s all I gotta say about that.

Thanks everyone for the messages and encouraging words. :)

I’d almost forgotten what it was like to wear black. I’d like to forget again as soon as possible. How can anyone tolerate this? Where are all the colors?!

Anyway, I suppose the 26th Mistress needed to spend at least one day dressed in black before her eternal slumber. Soon the 27th shall take her place, and hopefully make something of our life.

As the first to get published professionally, and one of the most prolific Mistresses to date, I bestow upon the 26th Mistress the title of “The Author.” May her works never be forgotten by the Mistresses who follow.

(That’s a fancy way of saying I’ll be 27 in two days and shouldn’t look down on my own accomplishments.)

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So being a girl with big boobs it's tough finding nice bras. Imagine if harry knew it was hard for you to find lingerie and stuff so he got some really nice sexy lingerie custom made for you. When you wore it for him he wouldnt be able to stop staring at the way your boobs spilled over the black lace cups. He'd be all over you cupping them and sucking at your nipples through the lace, it'd barely be 2 minutes before the expensive bra was tossed to the floor so he could get what he wanted


Why did Yondu keep Quill? This kid was nothing to him, just a job. The job itself was likely profitable since Quill’s dad was quite powerful. So why did he skip out on an easy score to take on the responsibility of a young boy?

Remember Peter’s black eye? He’d been fighting with the other boys AGAIN and why? 

“They killed a little frog that ain’t done nothin’. Smushed it with a stick.”

Presumably Quill’s father specified that his son be delivered to him unscathed, but even if he hadn’t, Yondu wouldn’t risk the job over something he hadn’t done. Yondu must have asked Peter where the black eye came from and Peter explained how he fought other boys after they killed an innocent frog. Remember Yondu’s control console?

Any of those look ferocious? Intimidating? How about matching? Nope. All of those figurines are odds and ends he’s picked up all over the galaxy. And they are all “cute little buggers.” Whether he likes it or not, Yondu has a soft spot for the adorable and the odd. He collects them. 


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