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Requested by Anon:  Can you do one where you and Loki are good friends but you both have feelings for each other (you’re both oblivious but everyone else can see it) are at home alone drinking together and end up kissing, when everyone walks in and Thor and Tony both yell smth like “finally” or “it’s about time” Thank you so much I love you and your account; it keeps me going 🌹

A/N: Merry Christmas! So I changed this up a bit because I got a crazy idea while reading this request. Thank you for sending this in!

Warnings: kissing, the gang being goofy, Steve blushing

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After a very successful mission, Steve and Tony put their heads together to organize a nice soiree for the gang. They’d invited everyone who they thought was cool; Fury, Hill, and even Loki, despite the one time he’d tried to destroy the entire world. Tony encouraged everyone to invite their significant others, hence the main room in the tower was bustling with people by the time 8 o’clock had rolled in. 

You sat by the window with Wanda, giggling over mission gossip, sipping on bubbling champagne. Steve and Nat were chatting it up with Bruce at the bar, while Thor and Val were playing around at the piano. Maria and Sif looked deep in conversation about fighting, while Fury was trying to listen in. Vision was trying to tell something to Tony, but the latter was shaking his head as if dismissing whatever Vis was saying. Other people were scattered around the living room, yet you could not find the dark-haired prince. 

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Christmas with Kylo (Kylo Ren x Reader)

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It’s that time again, the holiday season. Well, at least it would be if you weren’t in the darkness of space. But your calendar is never wrong and it says today is the 25th of December and where you come from that means Christmas is here. On your planet it would be snowing and cold but here on the ship it’s only one of those things, and that was cold, it’s freezing in here all the time your not sure if it’s supposed to be for atmosphere or if the workers here just forget about the air conditioning, but it’s jacket season all year here. Not that you mind, it feels a bit better now that it’s supposed to be winter on your planet, you can decorate accordingly. It wasn’t easy to find anything festive, let alone be a color other than black here so your just going to wing it. Grabbing a coat rack and some green cloth you found last time you got some off time, you sat the rack down in the middle of your room and wrapped the fabric around it taping it around the top and making a somewhat “tree” shape, standing back to look upon your work, it’s awful but it’s yours, so you can’t help but love it.

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Another vksweater finished … a week ago 😅
This was for a customer that’s into the game Persona! I don’t know much about the games and stuff (she was nice enough to explain what Persona5 was about✨)
but I still cranked out this bad boy!

The character she’s going as is Elizabeth and from the many hugs and thank yous she seemed to love it. 😊

CEO! Tom Holland

CEO! Tom Holland
Tom is out looking for art to hang in his office and around the company when he meets you.


The morning came, pushing through the curtains of Toms master bedroom, he hadn’t slept right. He was already showered and dressed by the time the alarm for him to wake had gone off, all night all he could think about was the hitch in her breath when they spoke. What would she be wearing today? Would she paint a nude model or would she be the nude one tonight? The idea that he may never know what her daily life was like, well it drove him crazy. Truly drove him wild, and who the fuck is the man posting the photos? this feeling inside of him, it didn’t laps in the car, not when he pulled into the underground garage, not even when he walked by the beautiful assistant and her low cut blouse. 

“Good morning Mister Holland,” She pursed her lips in a sensual way, angling her breasts towards him.

“Good morning Miss Branch,” Stopping with his hand on the door, looking her in the eye with a twinge of annoyance, “Miss Branch, we are a professional company, I would kindly ask you to button up your blouse” 

“Oh I apologize Mister Holland,” Her face blushing red, biting her lips in a daring fashion, “This blouse is older, smaller,” 

“You make a gracious salary here,” pinching the bridge of his nose “Buy a larger size,” Pushing the door to office and finding Harrison waiting in the small lounge area, coffee in hand.

“What do you think of Miss Branch?” Sipping on his coffee, his eyebrows wiggling at him, “And those low cut blouses,”

“I’ve already reprimanded her on her attire Harrison,” Tom walked towards his electronic tea kettle, flipping on the switch for hot water.

“Tom, Mate,” Harrison’s voice laced with worry, “What is the problem?”

The kettle screeched, hot water pouring into his favorite mug, plopping in a tea bag and sipping it “I have no problem, I just found it,” A slight pause “I don’t know, I really didn’t sleep well.”

“Probably getting sick,” Harrison shrugged, “I wanted to ask for the name of that studio you visited yesterday,” 

‘For what?” Toms voice was calm and leveled, but inside he was screaming, an excuse to visit her.

“Well she called this morning,” Pressing the button on toms desk phone, typing in the code for the voicemail.

“Good morning, my name is y/n, you visited my studio yesterday. Anyways I have an open studio session at 1 today, I figured if you wanted to know about the art world then you could come take a lesson.” The sound of a car horn honking before the call ended with a harsh curse.

“Sounds like we need to attend,” Tom nodded in agreement with Harrison.

“Then I suppose we will be there at 1,” Tom smiled at his best friend and partner. 

Your POV:

The walk from your apartment was grueling, New York City this time of year was a mixture of sludge like snow, pissed off commuters and tourists taking their sweet time. You had decided to call him, well his company, and inviting him to the open studio. 

You tried your hardest to look like the artsy little goddess you wanted to be, but the wind had turned your textured hairstyle into a mess of tangled curls under your black beanie. The studio was still warm when you opened the doors, flipping on the low lights and boiling a pot of water, and walking through the conjoined door with the hippie bakery next door.

“Good morning y/n!” The owner smiled, her blonde hair in messy ringlets under her hat.

“Good morning Jade!” you smiled, patting her on her shoulder, “I’ve got tea brewing next door, i just came in for a croissant, ham and cheese if you please!” 

“jimmy has it already made for you babe!” She pointed you to the cute boy in the corner, a bag already in hand, his tanned skin and dark eyes very compelling. You thought about those muscular arms wrapped around you, damn I need to get laid.

“Thank you!” You kissed Jade on her pink cheeks and darted back into your mouse hole. 

You needed to make more art, art that you could sell, but also art that would disturb and excite. This summer in the rock formations of Utah, there was a tent where people fucked and painted them fucking, but not in the sense of realism, It was a variety of colors and movement, very abstract and erotic. Everything was erotic since he came into your life. 

Just dipping your brush in the paint, thinking about him, wondering about those lips and those eyes. Songs passed, hours seemed to tick by like seconds and before you knew it, it was noon and you had painted the face of the man you’d fantasized about for hours about last night. It spooked you, and if he was coming in an hour, he couldn’t see this, what would he think? That you’re obsessed with him and subconciously painted him from memory? Setting it to the side behind the front desk you scurried to set up easels, brushes, paints and charcoals. Part of you felt desperate for wanting him to come, part of you thought you had enough of, whatever he was looking for him to come back. Adjusting your black beanie, it was too late to take it off and not have beanie hair, which is much worse than hat hair, pulling on your large maroon zip up over your grey thin sweater, black wool leggings and tall boots. It wasn’t until you took a look over yourself that you realized you were in such a rush this morning to get here and beat the morning rains, that you had forgotten to put on a bra. 

“Fuck,” You groaned, applying a thin line of liner to your top lid and small wings. You wanted to go natural, to impress him, but you felt comfortable in your  natural state of last nights eyeliner touched up. He was a C.E.O probably fucking his secretary on his mahagony desk. 

“Well don’t you look so fucking beautiful y/n,”  a familiar voice sent your body into a cold frenzy. 

“Um, Y/X/N, what the hell are you doing here?” You relectuatlely hugged him, he smelled the same as the day he left. “I thought you were in China or something! What the hell are you doing here?” Your voice laced with faux friendliness 

“I couldn’t leave my girl for too long,” cupping your face with his soft hands, it always weirded you out how soft his hands were. 

“I thought you were with Xena, or whatever her name is from LA?” He had left you the day of your opening, after he had fucked you and told you he was leaving. It’s not like you guys were exclusive or anything but you kept each other as number one, you were best friends before anything else. 

“I was, I was,” His hips leaning on the door frame to the classroom studio, “But when I had to repost that photo, your burning man adventure, and then your commenting on the photo,” He ran his hand through his long black hair, “And I missed my girl,”

“I have an open studio in fifteen minutes,” finally unlocking yourself from your position “Leave or stay,” you shrugged, pushing past him to welcome the people coming in. 


harrison and tom exited their uber, both men had dressed down as to not draw attention to themselves. Tom in a tight fitted black wool sweater and dark jeans, Harrison in a grey wool sweater and acid washed jeans. How would this play out?

Tom walked into the familiar studio, the smell washing over him like a blanket of comfort. His eyes scanned the room, settling on her, that anxious smile painted on her pink lips. She seemed, uncomfortable even.

“She doesn’t seem very happy right now,” Harrison also picked up on the level of discomfort and quickly ducked into the group to introduce himself, Tom quickly following.

“Harrison,” he shook her hand, smiling sweetly at her, “Do you by chance have coffee or tea love?” 

“Over there,” a man stated, his arm snaking around her waist. “I don’t think you need my girl to show you where it’s at.” His hand tightened its grip on her hip.

“My apologies,” Harrison smiled, shooting tom a look before heading to the refreshments bar.

“It’s wonderful to see you again y/n” Tom smiled at her, “I’m very much looking forward to this studio time, thank you for inviting my partner and I.”

“It’s not a problem Mister Holland,” Her smile was genuine, her lips pursing at his name. “Perhaps you’ll find someone special here, just what you’re looking for.”

“I do hope so,” Tom smiled, then addressing the man beside her. “My apologies, I was not aware that you had a boyfriend,” His voice stern and cold with faux politness

“I do not,” She stepped away from him, his hand still trying to grip her hip.

“Y/N go way back, she’s my girl,” He cooed at her, watching her reaction closely.

“We knew each other years ago,” her voice was cold, removing his hand from her hip and addressing the group of 10 or more. “If you guys wanna take your drinks and bring it into the studio we can start!” Moving closer to Tom she smiled up at him, “Right this way Mister Holland, I have set up a spot for you and your partner to watch as well as participate in the studio.”

“Why thank you,” Tom smiled, waving Harrison over as they follow her into the studio, leaving the boy angry in his spot. 

Tom watched her closely, the way she instructed the students, explaining the perspective of the still life in someones sketch. The hour ticked by and time was called, meeting her gaze. 

The world begins to go dark by 3 pm, seeing everyone being led out, Tom felt his whole world, everything that could or would happen was dependent on what he did in the next 15 minutes. 

“Mate, I’ll see you back at the office.” Tom gripped Harrison’s shoulder as he left the studio. Staying in the back of the studio as everyone left, now only Tom in the room. 

“Mister Holland,” You smiled at him, “what did you think of the session?”

Now or never Holland, tom thought, “I admit I was distracted the whole time,” walking over to her, running his fingers through his curls.

“Oh i apologize if the setting was not optimal for you,” she rubbed her arms, looking up at him seductively.

“I was distracted by you,” closing the space between them to cup her chin. “Perhaps if my object was as interesting as you, I would have been able to concentrate.”

“Perhaps you would be able to concentrate on me,” walking into the studio, slowly removing her larger maroon sweater, “Have you ever painted a naked woman mister holland?” 

Tom followed her, closing and locked the studio door behind him, “No ma’am I do not believe I have ever had the pleasure,”

She signaled for him to sit at the easel directly in front of her, kicking away the still life on the stage. “Are you comfortable with full nudity sir?” removing her beanie and tossing it on the floor, her fingers thumbing the grey sweater around her body.

“I encourage it,” Tom smiled up at her, watching with large eyes as her sweater came up off her body and to the ground, her breasts perky and both nipples pierced, her body covered in smaller tattoos. Pulling off her black leggings, revealing her maroon thong, pulling it off and starring at him.  “Suddenly Miss Y/L/N, I am no longer interested in making art.”

“Oh and what do you feel like doing Mister Holland?” Her voice low and sultry, Tom moving towards her body.

“I want to fuck you”

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What are your must have basics in a wardrobe?

Jeans( blue classic wash/ black and off-white) , black structured blazer, white tee, trench coat, wrap wool coat, black cashmere sweater, white and blue shirt, great everyday black leather bag, loafers, sneakers, ankle black booties, statement sunglasses, ribbed tank top, denim shorts, leather flat sandals 

I'll be home for Christmas


 “I’m sorry Seba I was looking forward to spending Christmas with you to,” a smile crossing your features while walking towards the airport terminal.

Deep sigh leaving his lips as he rested his cell between ear and shoulder tying up the last and smaller gift. “When will your flight leave?” Sebastian knew how important those last minute book signing events were to you and couldn’t begrudge you for going to Atlanta for your fans.

“Sunday night all the other flights were booked solid I was lucky to get this one,” finding a seat you had to cover the microphone or your surprise would be ruined.

After all you managed to finish up the signing of your latest book early an idea popped into your head on how to surprise your boyfriend of three years. Neither of you having seen the other for the last six weeks, Sebastian filming his last project before the Christmas season. While you’d been promoting your latest best seller. Now you’re heading home to New York but telling Sebastian you won’t be back till later. Knowing how heartbroken he’d be right now yet hopefully ecstatic to see you once your home.

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Memoria (pt. Two)

Characters: Sam X Claire

Warnings: some serious angst and just a tid bit of fluff

**I just wanna apologize for the error in part one, Sam’s injury is actually located on his right leg not his left sorry for the confusion.**


“How are you feeling today Sam?”,

Claire watched as the man in question continued to stare at the white card table set up between them. The question itself was a mere formality, There was no doubt in Claire’s mind how he felt. Sam was angry. His brows pulled together, his arms crossed tightly across his chest, the sleeves of his black wool sweater pulled over his large hands. He felt vulnerable, he was guarding himself that much was clear. “It says here in the staffs nightly report that you didn’t get much sleep last night” Claire scanned over the papers in the manila folder leafing through at a leisurely pace.

Sam decided to give up his staring contest with the table to slide his chair away from it so that his hard gaze was now aimed at the neighboring wall. Claire was disappointed that he chose to remain silent. Grimacing slightly she nodded at his unspoken answer writing down something in her note book as Sam finally spared her a quick glance. His eyes were tired and frustrated as she met his hazel orbs with a sympathetic smile. “Hmmm” was the only sound Sam made as his eyes returned to the wall. Claire was dressed in a deep maroon pants suit that clung to her curves, her long legs complimented by ink black heels her hair hanging down in a slight wave below her ears. Sam snuck another glance her way as she flipped through what he guessed was the nightly report she had spoken of.

She nodded a couple times to herself before lifting her eyes once more to his, a soft smile lifting her glossed lips as he jerked his gaze away. He heard her let loose an almost tired huff, “Sam, please don’t do this…you agreed to talk to me” she flipped the folder closed with a snap placing her manicured hands on top fiddling with the large paperclip attached to its corner. “look if you don’t want to talk about the nightmares then don’t…but please don’t shut me out, I can’t help you that way”. When she didn’t get a response Claire was struck by an idea clapping her hands together causing the sound to echo around the room. Sam’s body jolted in surprise his lips pulling into a grimace as he eyed her angrily, well at least now she had his attention.

Keeping her hands together Claire smiled brightly “ok how about we do something fun?” Sam continued to eye her in annoyance as she suddenly grabbed a large white box he hadn’t noticed before by her feet pulling it up onto the table. Sam watched closely as she flipped the lid off the box and began rummaging through it before letting loose a triumphant “ah ha ” slapping a small stack of laminated cards next to her notepad “here we go” Claire giggled at Sam’s displeased expression.

“What’s your favorite color Sam?” she giggled slightly continuing to stare at him, Sam glared at her before letting out a scoff “I don’t have a fucking favorite color doc”. Claire raised an eyebrow at him with a mischievous smirk as she spread the cards out in between them “I want you to look over these cards and when you see a color that makes you happy I want you to point it out”. Sam continued to glare at her before she let out a heavy sigh “Sam humor me, please” “this is fucking stupid” he growled turning his body back toward the table before dropping his eyes to the cards.

The cards were simple enough, each an off white signaling their use with large circles of different colors in each center. Sam exhaled through his nose as his eyes darted from one card to the other. Claire watched him closely looking for the slightest change in demeanor. The room was silent except for the ‘tick tick’ of the nearby clock. It seemed like hours before she saw it, the slight twitch at the corner of his lips. Claire couldn’t hold in her gasp “there!!” once again causing Sam to jump in surprise any hint of a smile disappeared quickly, replaced with a mixture of annoyance and maybe some fear. Claire smiled wide “what color were you looking at?” “uh…i..when?” he stumbled over his words clearly confused by her excitement his brow still tense and his mouth now opening and closing not realizing there was anything to be excited about.

Claire smiled gently reaching her right hand out with her palm open, Sam eyed her fair skin then her face in curiosity. “It’s there if you need it Sam” He gave a slight nod but didn’t accept the gesture. Claire gave a soft smile before pulling her hand away “which card made you smile Sam?” He made an uncomfortable noise in response before clearing his throat “none of em” he growled. Claire let out a short frustrated sound “that’s not true Sam” she snapped. His eyes darted to the table then to the floor, Claire felt a pang of guilt realizing how unjustly short she was becoming with him, “I…I’m….look Sam i’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you” she sighed rubbing her temple before gesturing toward him “when you were looking over the cards you almost smiled, it wasn’t a full one but it’s enough to get excited about”. Sam looked at the cards his fingers lightly touching the edges of a few, his lips pulled in a tight line shaking his head before he looked up at her.

“I’m not sure” Claire nodded with a slight frown “ok, well…. here…” startling Sam once again she gathered up her chair positioning it next to him their shoulders touching gently as she pressed in to gather up the cards. Sam coughed roughly, his mouth a gap once more as she moved back to her seat. He internally scolded himself for his increased breathing at her close proximity. Sam watched her shuffle the cards in her lap scooting away from the table gesturing him to do the same so that they were once again facing one another.

Claire smiled up at Sam noticing him slowly rubbing his right shoulder where they touched. His far off stare making her feel the need to apologize “crap, god Sam I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to make u uncomfortable or anything…” Sam shook his head smiling briefly “it’s fine Ma'am”. Claire watched him, a smile spreading across her face “there it is!” Sam met her gaze tilting his head in confusion at her words. She leaned forward slightly “the smile I was looking for” her voice soft, her smile widening as he looked to the floor in attempt to hide his own, his face turning a slight shade of pink barely visible amongst his tan skin.

Choosing to not pry to far into his emotions Claire smiled biting her bottom lip before holding up the stack of cards. He had a beautiful smile. “I’m gonna hold up each card and when I see a reaction I’m gonna place it on the table, ok?” Sam took a deep breath nodding in compliance as she began holding up each card. Silently he watched each card presented to him, a heavy weight pressing in on his chest. He didn’t want to smile. It had been a selfish mistake when he had let it slip earlier. Claire was a beautiful woman.

She was smart, vibrant and kind. Sam was none of those things. He was damaged and even the best psychiatrists in the state weren’t able to pull him from the depths of his self pity. What’s worse was the fact he didn’t know why he felt guilty, just that the feeling felt right. He would be lying if he said it didn’t feel good to see how much she cared, but in the end he didn’t fucking deserve it. In his heart Sam knew he was a horrible person, he could feel it like a sickness. It’s like his soul had been poisoned. Well, that is if he even believed in that sort of thing. He didn’t deserve to be happy. He didn’t deserve her pity, and he sure as hell didn’t deserve to smile.

Claire had been observing Sam’s retreat into himself as she flashed the cards. He checked out right around green, his eyes glazing over. Gently she sat the cards in her lap. “Sam?” Claire made sure to speak softly, the last thing she wanted was to startle him into a panic attack. Her heart began to race when he didn’t answer, looking around the room she got to her feet setting the cards on the seat of her chair before walking over to him kneeling by his side taking it slow as he began to breathe heavily.

Claire eyed his rigid form cautiously as several emotions played over his handsome face before she did the only thing that made since. Reaching over to place her hand on his wool covered arm she gasped in shock and pain as he quickly locked her hand with his in a vice grip. His eyes wide and distant, his chest heaving as he sunk further in the chair. “Sam!…Sam! Come on snap out of it” Claire was running her hand over the one he had a death grip on she was getting worried. Claire had read about his episodes but this was the first one she had witnessed first hand. Ignoring the growing pain in her hand she quickly brought her left hand up to his cheek running it across his silver facial hair pulling his forehead to hers. “Sam you can make it back, just listen to my voice ok, focus”.

“You!!…you hunted us like animals you piece of shit” the voice screamed at him the sky rolling above him a deep red. Sam lay on the burning sand his right leg on fire as blood oozed through his cargo pants pooling beneath him. His chest heaving against his sweat soaked shirt as he reached up toward the silhouette hovering above him, lighting broke the sky with a loud crash “Let the dessert have you!” the shadow growled at him as drops of rain fell from the sky soaking his overheated body. Sam roared in pain arching his back off the ground as the wound on his leg seemed to get worse the skin tearing away from his exposed bone. “LET THE DESSERT KILL YOU!!!” another streak of lightning illuminating the golden sand as Sam dropped back to the hot ground sending dust dancing up around his writhing body. All he could see was red as he lifted his hands above his face the rain turning a deep red drenching him in dark blood. “Sam!!” a loud clear voice echoed in his head causing him to cry out.

Sam screamed in pain as he shoved himself away from Claire falling to the floor with a painful thud. His whole body was trembling, panting as he scrambled to the nearest corner beside his bed, pulling his legs to his chest. He was sure his heart was going to tear right out of his body at any moment. His lungs were on fire as he gasped for air slamming his head against the wall. “Sam! Calm down, it’s ok, breathe” Claire had made her way to the foot of his bed, she wanted to help but she didn’t want to make matters worse by invading his space. “Sam, look at me please” Sam couldn’t bring himself to look at her, they were getting worse, his nightmares weren’t nightmares anymore, he couldn’t escape. His lungs refused to work, wincing as he smashed his head against the wall again and again screaming out in agony and rage before dropping his face to his hands letting in a shaky breath. The sound of his door opening caught Claire’s attention, quickly she waved her hand at the orderlies telling them she had the situation under control.

“Sam, it’s ok…you’re safe here” her voice was clear but shaky as she gently place her hand on his shoulder rubbing his arm in soothing circles. Sam jerked at the touch but didn’t move away his head still firmly in his hands as he tried to catch his breath. Claire’s heart broke as he moved his hands through his graying hair gripping the back of his head releasing a choked sob. His shoulders shook slightly as he took deep breaths “just….leave me alone, please” his voice broke barely audible beneath his sweater clad arms. Claire shook her head scooting in next to him on the floor happy that this time he remained motionless “that’s not happening Sam. what kind of person would I be if I left you now?” “A smart one!” He growled beneath his arms propping them onto his knees still hiding his face. Claire’s smile faded before returning slightly “Sam I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere I promise” she watched as his head bobbed slightly in acknowledgment, she could see the side of his face was damp with tears but she kept silent choosing to just sit next to him there backs against the bleach white wall as she continued to rub his arm. She didn’t need to talk. She needed him to know He wasn’t alone. Not anymore.


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6.3 Fredag 10.11.17  19.58

The light from his laptop shone luminous across the planes of his face as Elias stretched out his legs on the bed, resting his computer on his knees. He’d been looking up film schools for the past hour and a half and his brain was very nearly fried at this point. Ever since his talk with his brother and Jamilla he’d given film school some more thought. He figured he should at least learn what all it entailed. But now he was seriously regretting that because after scrolling through page after page, his eyes glazing over, he was abundantly overwhelmed with how many options and requirements there were.

There was no way he’d get into any one of these schools. It was stupid of him to have gotten his hopes up for a pipe dream.

It didn’t help that today his had mom bragged about Karim at the mosque to anyone who would listen and not once did she bring up Elias. He just wanted to make his parents proud to call him their son, but it seemed that all he ever did was let them down.

Hearing his parents discuss the accomplishments and ambitions of his younger sister and older brother never got easier with time. Having Karim back in the house was a painful reminder that Elias would never be good enough.

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