black veil brides in the end


The good thing about sharing with people is that you always learn something or discover something new. And particularly when it comes to music. I love music a lot, and I love when I find new songs to listen to. I like to discover new songs and bands. Thanks to @auntiemama1 playlist, I found this song I had never heard!!! I didn’t know this band existed, but they sound great!!! 

IMAGINE: You are on set for the In The End music video, watching Andy and the guys filming. At one point, the camera stops for a few minutes to give them a break. You are standing off to the side, and Andy makes a joke to Jake about being horny, so you decide to tease him a bit.
Biting your lip a little and smiling, you look at Andy and tug on the hem of your shirt, but then you stop to allow them to go back to work. This is the look he gives you, letting you know you’re in trouble when you get home later…