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An Honest Opinion on The End by Aelonia

I want to preface this by saying that I have not been following any drama on Jake and Inna so I am not biased to say the song is shit just to try to damage their names. Also I had almost no expectations for this song.

So I just listened to The End by Aelonia and this is what I think. The song is simple but for the most part well put together. I think that Inna has a good voice and Jake was a better singer and screamer than I expected him to be. The drums caught my attention as being interesting but the guitar was nothing special (kinda surprising given that Jake is a guitarist by trade). There was a techno element to the song that I thought was pretty cool.

Overall the song was not by any means bad, it was simple and kinda had an early mid 2000s pop punk feel to it. To put it into BVB fan terms I would say better than Andy’s solo record and not nearly as good as Wretched and Divine. (For scale in my opinion Andy’s solo record is the worst thing any member of BVB has created and Wretched and Divine is the best)

Before one of you attacks me please recall. This is an



I feel for this singer— I mean! This song. Yes, I fell for this song (!) instantly.