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andyblack: When @flandangerous and I were little kids we would ruin every holiday for our family by putting on elaborate shows and productions that we required them all to watch, these shows all inevitably ended in someone not following our direction and then one of the kids (usually me) would have a temper tantrum and the show would be over. This abiding belief that we people should watch us do things has carried on our entire lives and has lead to us making a talk show haha it features my mentor and manager @blasko1313 and constant creative collaborator and director @fatpogarty and it’s coming this fall! TAS will be a weekly comedy talk show where we will discuss current events, what’s on our minds and also have the chance to chat with guests from the entertainment and music industry. Making this show all that we want it to be won’t be cheap and we have invested a great deal of time and money into the process already. We have partnered with @patreon to set up a monthly subscription service for as low as $2.00 that will feature all kinds of special bonus material for subscribers. There is no requirement to sign up and if you’re strapped for cash we totally understand HOWEVER if you happen to be able to subscribe we promise to bring you fun and exciting content every week and hell…I will even give you my word that I won’t storm off in a temper tantrum at any point 😜 if you’re into watching us talk shit every week head on over to the link in my bio and subscribe today!!


Title: Savior
Chapter: One-Shot
Pairing: Angel!Jinxx/OFC
Rating: T/M
Fic Summary: Not all angels have white wings and halos.
Author’s Notes: Originally posted over on my BVB imagine blog @imaginebvb.

Growing up we’re told that angels have white wings and halos.

That they protect us while we sleep and go to school.

Well I’m here to tell you that that’s not entirely true.

Not every soul is given a choice.

Sometimes there’s no white light at the end of the tunnel.

I was walking down the street with my earbuds in my ears as usual. I never saw the car until it was too late. I heard the honking of the horn and froze in the middle of the sidewalk. I closed my eyes and waited for the car to hit me.

Suddenly I was on the ground. When I opened my eyes, I saw a young man with jet black hair lying on the ground in front of the car. A woman screamed.

I was in shock.

He had pushed me out of the way and saved my life at the price of his.

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In The End I am a Fallen Angel who will never have The Legacy I desire because Love Isn’t Always Fair and my Saviour won’t help Stitch These Wounds but I will Never Give In to my Ritual because I Am Bulletproof and have a Heart Of Fire even if I Lost It All and my Days Are Numbered I will be Nobody’s Hero but my own and say one last time Goodbye Agony.

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my name is feryn~

Fallen angels-black veil brides

End of me-a day to remember

Raised by wolves-falling in reverse

You give love a bad name-bon jovi

Nobody’s hero black veil brides