Silverflint Drabble of the Week #3 - 17.09.2018 - Red, Fault, Drought

The first time he had touched him he had flinched away. Involuntarily. A lifelong instinct of trying to protect himself.

It was hardly his fault his brain associated touch with never ending agony.

He wanted this. He craved it. The comfort of an embrace, of fingers on his skin, torturing him with pleasure instead of pain.

Now he soaked up those touches, craving them just as much as dry soil craved water after a long drought. An addiction he never wanted to cure.

Drenched in deep red blood he kissed him, hard and passionately as they watched just another city burn.

I’ve been informed that today is “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” so remember kids:

“[Those who benefit from an unjust society] paint the world full of shadows, and then tell their children to stay close to the light. Their light. Their reasons, their judgements. Because in the darkness, there be dragons. But it isn’t true. We can prove that it isn’t true. In the dark, there is discovery. There is possibility. There is freedom…in the dark. Once someone has illuminated it.”

what’s my favorite tv genre you ask? well i sure do love Eighteenth Century Period Dramas In Which The First Season Has A Gay Subplot But Predominantly Appeals To A Heterosexual Audience But Then Season Two Snatches The Rug Out From Under You And Makes Everything Gay

I knew that James Flint was a gay icon but I did not realize that literally the ENTIRITY of Black Sails rests on a queer man’s violent and unforgiving rage about homophobia and I’m like. Y’all. Yaaaaaaall. Holy shit y’all, holy shit. Black Sails is a show about a man who loved another man saying the way they were treated was so wrong that the only recourse is blood and vengeance. Fuckin. Fucking gggood.