black panther

A raccoon, a tree and a disney princess


“My generation had princesses to look up to. Our daughters have generals.”

Black Panther (2018) / The Last Jedi (2017) / Wonder Woman (2017)


“Every character has a specific color — it’s a nice way of giving people their own identity. We use color like comic books do, with each character staying in their lane as far their palette goes: T’Challa is purple, Okoye is red, and Nakia is green.

[Nakia] is the No. 1 warrior in the River tribe and her look was inspired by the Suri tribe in Africa,” says Carter. “Green signifies water, a coastal community, leaves and plants — they live in a lush area, as opposed to the perception that Africa is arid and dry.” - Black Panther costume designer Ruth Carter

*The Avengers sitting around the living room*

Clint: let’s play Two Truths One Lie

Natasha: yeah i’ve heard of that one.

Peter: oh i’ll go first!

Peter: i’m small, my eyes are green, and a whole building once fell on me and i almost died!

Tony: that’s the right idea kiddo but it’s gotta be a bit more challenging for everybody-

Pepper: his eyes are brown.

Tony: ….

Tony: a building wHAT-