“Halloween ToonTubers with Black Hat”

TOONTUBERS is a CN LA youtube series in which Rigby and Mordecai play videogames… We’re going to see Black Hat play a videogame… I’M CRYING ALREADY THAT’S GONNA BE GREAT LMAOO

Saturday 12pm! This photo was taken today and it’s past 12pm already in LA, so this means next week’s Saturday, perhaps?

Person who took the photo


(the picture is made with a pencil and a pen
I love to draw with a pen XD)
I really liked this cartoon and its main character, so I wanted to learn how to draw it. I did it during school.this villain is amazing! I want to do drawings about him(maybe it will).
I’m also really looking forward to the sequel and the fan comic made by Adriana.


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Urban Boys: Tattoos

inspired by @musikat18 post about each of Karl Urban’s characters and their tattoos.

Summary: You explore each of your Lover’s tattoos. You learn what they mean to him and you memorize every line and swirl.

A/N: Each character is a separate story; you do not have multiple boyfriends who look strangely similar.

Disclaimer: I was not a part of the original conversation. Also, I added Kennex because I love him. I also took some liberties with Vaako to fit in with something else I am working on. Sorry, not Sorry.

John Kennex:

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John was typically a back sleeper and had been since the ambush. It was the most comfortable way for him to sleep with the missing leg. However, on the nights you spent at his place with him, he always slept on his side so he could hold you all night long. He would start off as the big spoon, but by morning he was the little spoon. 

Normally he would wake up first, but stay where he was so he wouldn’t wake you up. On the off chance you beat him up, you would wake him up by gently kissing whichever tattoo was facing up. Most of the time, it was a rectangular tattoo from his youth. He claims that he was drunk when he got it and you can barely tell what it was supposed to be. Other times, it was an ornate and swirly dragon that you found yourself admiring. It was intricate and you imagine it took a while to be completed. Again, he got it when he was younger and although he would never say he regrets it, he does say that he doesn’t feel like it fits him.

The rectangle is small enough that you can really only fit one kiss on it, but the dragon is large enough that you alternate between kissing it and lazily dragging your fingers over the lines. Sometimes you do this for so long that you end up falling back into a light sleep. 

When John gets up, you are always a little disappointed that he has to put on a long sleeve or a jacket and cover them up. They may not fit him anymore, but they are a part of who he was, and they are a part of your mornings.

Leonard McCoy:

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Leonard McCoy is a man of surprises. He remembers little things about people that aren’t particularly notable, but he remembers them all the same. He brings you lunch when he knows you haven’t left your desk in hours. 

You had a few little tattoos some from your youth and some from your drunken academy days. When you told Leonard about them, you didn’t know how he would react. But, being the gentleman he is, he smiled and admired them. His favorite is the Starfleet insignia that you got with Jim on your first shore leave. You hadn’t been with Len yet and he hadn’t gone with you too. Jim had chickened out but you got Starfleet Science done on your left side along your ribs.

You had spent the night in Leonard’s quarters, the two of you working on paperwork. Leonard had given up on paperwork and had decided on a shower to get his head straight. You had thought you heard him go into his room after his shower, so you went into the bathroom. Leonard had his back to you and only a white towel kept anything to the imagination. On his back was a massive tree tattoo. It was extensive and had names of family members on the branches. He had heard you walk in, so he wasn’t that surprised when you started tracing the branches. One branch was filled in. 

“Whose branch was this?”

“My ex-wife’s.”

His daughter’s branch was front and center and the handwriting was different than the rest. It looked like a little kid had written it. His father’s name had a little cross next to it. Jim’s name had a command insignia next to it. There was a little bandage on one of the branches as if it had been touched up. You lightly traced the bandage as you admired all the names.

“You can take the bandage off, Darlin’.”

You carefully pulled the bandage from the branch, luckily it was wet so it slid right off. Your name appeared in your own hand. It was from a letter you had slipped onto his desk when you had first started dating. That was two years ago now. 

“Oh, Leonard! You added me?”

“I reserve branches for the people who matter most in my life. My family and my family. Jim was added during my academy days. I had you added yesterday when we stopped for supplies.”

“That’s where you disappeared off to. I love it!”

“I love you.”

You spent the rest of the night asking about names you didn’t recognize. the tree was beautifully done. Your favorite branch, in the end, was Joanna’s. Her childish handwriting was adorable and captured so much of her personality.  

John Grimm “Reaper”:

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John was no stranger to getting tattoos. He had a Grimm Reaper done on his left forearm from back when he was in the RRTS. You loved that tattoo. You knew he had a few more on various parts of his body. It was a game to see if you could find any new ones. He had a flag done on his left bicep and a Marine tat on his shoulder. All of those were from his time in the Marines. He also had a dragon on his right side from back in high school. Its head was on his hip as if it was crawling down his torso. It is a water dragon according to John. 

You had been married to John since just after Olduvai and now you were getting your first tattoo. You had been in the RRTS too, but you had been sent on an independent mission during the disaster. It had been a joke among the guys that Reaper was engaged to Death. 

John had come with to hold your hand even though he knew you could handle it. You had decided on a tattoo identical to John’s reaper, but instead, on horseback. A combination of your Mission names. Reaper acting like the Horseman of Death. You were getting it on your left shoulder and John never left your side. 

When you were done at the tattoo parlor, you made your way through town hand in hand. As you walked and took in the lights you ran your finger along the lines of John’s reaper, now residing on your back as well. 

John chuckled. “You know, I get to do that to you now. As soon as it is healed.”

“I can’t wait!”

“At least my hands are warm.”

“What are you trying to say, Reaper?”

“Your hands are as cold as Death, Death”

Gavin Magary:

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Gavin had been your best friend since elementary school. You grew up together and you eventually went to work with the brothers at the mill. You worked in the office doing paperwork. You and Gavin had made a bet that everytime you were right about the weather, particularly Winter, he would have to get a tattoo. In the six years, you have worked for them, you have been right four times. Each time, Gavin has gotten a tribal band done on his arm.

 On cold winter nights, when you are curled up in a blanket on the office couch, he would come in and steal the blanket. You would steal it back much to his disappointment, and he would pout. You had a rule, if he was dirty, no curling up with you. You didn’t need to fight with stains on your clothes if you hadn’t earned them. He would remove the offending layer, usually leaving him in an undershirt of shirtless, only them would he be allowed to curl up with you. You would play with the lines of his tattoos, giggling to your self the entire time. You knew that come next year, he would be adding to the collection.

Siberius Vaako:

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Siberius’ back was covered in tattoos long forgotten. Black designs in stark contrast to his skin from a world he had ceased being a part of. The purification took the meanings from him, but he enjoyed how you looked as you admired them. You had been a researcher for the Necromonger fleet. You specialized in symbols and runes from worlds conquered and to be conquered. You recognized some of the symbols hidden within the lines. A coat of arms for a planet that had been destroyed a decade before, the symbol of the prince, and military marks all wrapped into a full back tattoo. 

You hadn’t been converted. You swore loyalty in exchange for remaining a “breeder”. You hadn’t wanted to lose where you came from. Now sitting here looking at this “meaningless” tattoo, your heart broke for Vaako. He lost so much and he didn’t even know it. Sure he knew he lost his planet, but he doesn’t know who he was. The power he possessed. All this fighting with the Dame over power and he had it all along.

Vaako noticed the shift in your expressions and he sat up to get a better look at you. A single tear in your eyes, if he had felt emotions deeper, his heart would have broken at the look on your face. You, his consort, meant more to him than his own wife.

“You don’t know, do you? Who you were?” you were silently crying now, such weakness would have been frowned upon usually, but you were with the Commander General, you were safe.

“No, but perhaps that is for the best. I wouldn’t be who I am today, here with you if I remembered.”

“You’re right, but you may have been king by now. Prince Siberius of the Royal house of Vaako.”


“And Commander of the Western Army.”


“According to your back, yes.”

“I don’t remember any of it.”

Black Hat (Vampup):

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You had been a prisoner, then you were a guest who wasn’t allowed to leave, then you were Black Hat’s human. Out of all of your roles you had played among the vampires, your favorite has been human. Once Black Hat had calmed down, he was awkward and adorable. He knew how to be human, but his entire adult life had been spent as a priest. 

As he got undressed to change into his hunting clothes, you saw all of his tattoos. When you came over to get a closer look, he froze solid. 17 crosses covered his body; that wasn’t including the one on his forehead that signified he was a priest. No, these were each done as punishment for breaking a rule or commandment. He thought you would react poorly to how many times he had been punished, but instead, you were mad at the church for hurting him. He was human, he shouldn’t have been punished for it. It was no surprise to you why he wanted the priests dead. It made sense to you. 

In the middle of his back was a crown of thorns around the largest of the 17 crosses. That one was earned when he accidentally killed a woman when going after a vampire. Thou shall not kill. He had broken a commandment and that was his daily reminder. 

You kissed every one of them and then the one on his forehead. You wrapped him in your arms for a split second before the other vampires on the train had to be let loose.