EXPLORING NYC WITHOUT HIM

As If waking up with my sugar daddy Ahmed not by myself wasn’t enough, I got lost exploring NYC by myself. NYC, is crazy and nothing like Philly! The cars don’t stop if you try crossing in the middle of the street. Plus, van you believe they charge 3 dollars for an ice cream cone without sprinkles? Yes, bitch, they tripping.

I did some shopping and spent some of the allowance Ahmed gave me. Picked up a few suviorners, and even something for my twin Latoya, even though she still isn’t talking to me for even having this arrangement.

I am worried though, about Ahmed. I’m not trying to have any emotions come in between this arrangement but I’m a little ticked off he didn’t even say bye this morning. Just leaving me a note to be ready for the conference tonight was fucked up. Yet, I’m not his girl. I gotta keep my feelings in check.

Anyway, since the conference is tonight. I’m going to try and find a salon to rock something other than this 4b curly puff. It’s going to be my first time meeting his colleagues and a bitch gotta look cute. 

Alright, let me get off my phone & stop typing on my blog and find directions to a salon. Does anyone know where blank salon is? Help me find it on IG Live!!