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Books Every Black Child Should Read 

Nappy Hair -  Carolivia Herron, Joe Cepeda (Illustrator)

The Snowy Day -  Ezra Jack Keats

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters -  John Steptoe

Meet Addie - American Girl Story 

“Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales, and True Tales” - Virginia Hamilton

Daddy and Me -  Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe

Dancing In The Wings - Debbie Allen

Something Beautiful - Sharon Dennis Wyeth

What i see TOO much of

Ignorant Niggas: “ see the problem with black women is…”

Black women:

Ignorant Niggas: *says something completely ignorant and wrong about black women* 

White America: Must be true since he’s a negro male

Black Women: 

Regular Black Men: “This nigga about to fuck it up for everybody”

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I think the biggest rift between Black Men and Women (especially on social media) is that there are huge groups of ignorant niggas that for some reason have the loudest voices on here.

These niggas are completely one sided and  jaded with no interest  of correcting or educating themselves. They hang around other niggas that are just like them and feel like just because a lot of people agree with them ,then that means its a fact


Just because a lot of people have the same opinion and assumption doesn’t mean it’s a fact; its still an opinion and assumption.  

But another problem with Black Men is that some of us don’t want to check our homies or bros; so in doing so you only indirectly make everything worse.

and for some reason things that Black Women deal with only seem to be a fact to the rest of the world if Black Men co-sign. So it makes women expressing their problems even harder because now they need this weird validation in order for thing to move forward in a steady way

There’s alot that needs to be fixed and addressed in our own community on both sides, so we can start making solid changes. But first we need to start separating these niggas and calling them out on their bs so we can dead this stupid mentality.


I always wondered what would happen if a Black Man that disrespected Black Women got into Heaven

*Gets into Heaven on a technicality*

Black Guy: Wooow, this place is beautiful!!!

Black Guy: Oh my God there’s so many people here

Black Guy: *looks around* aye, aye! Aunt Veronica, Aye its me

Aunt Veronica: *Flying by*

Black Guy: Dam… maybe she didn’t hear me.. she was pretty high up..

Black Guy: *Walking around* this place really is beautiful

Black Guy: omg is that.. AYE, AYE! Uncle Lennard, AYE its me man!

Uncle Lennard: *sitting on a bench* aw hell, they done let this negro in

Black Guy: *walks up* aye uncle, man im so glad to see you here

Uncle Lennard: hey man… so they let you in huh..

Black Guy: Yea man, but to be honest i barely got in. Bruh at the gate said that thanks to my blood donation i saved a few hundred people so it kinda balanced out everything.

Uncle Lennard: well ain’t that bout a bitch

Black Guy: Huh?

Uncle Lennard: nothin.. its nothin nephew.. *stands up* good to see ya.. *walks off*

Black Guy: Dam what was that about??

Black Guy: *walking around* i wonder what was up with Unc just now..

-An All White with Gold Trim Cadillac pulls up next to him-

Black Guy: *looks up* OMG!!! UNCLE CRAIG!!

Uncle Craig: *looks over* aww hell naw, no they didn’t!

Black Guy: Uncle Craig its me. What up baby!

Uncle Craig: Yea i see you nigga, they just lettin anyone in now huh?

Black Guy: Whatchu mean?

Uncle Craig: Aye, All Lives Matter i guess huh

Black Guy: All lives matter…. *Thinks*

Black Guy: *flash backs to him tweeting all lives matter against black protest*

Black Guy: *makes a deep gasp*

Uncle Craig: uh huh, you done fucked up big time nephew

Black Guy: look that was back in the past. i aint-

Uncle Craig: and don’t think we ain’t see those post you made talking mess about dark skin women

Black Guy: But i…

Uncle Craig: ooo wait till yo great ancestors see yo ass *skirrrts off*

Black Guy:

As im writing this, i kinda figured this could be pretty good for a lil series. Like a story talking about the history and effects of racism and colorism. Like a black satire or like a old school spike lee joint 🤔

Something different

Idk, Lemme know what y'all think. i can make this just a regular storytime post, or into a big story with chapters and junk..

i’ll decide from the feedback 😬👍🏾

I’m SO SICK of this idea that if your afro does not touch your shoulders it’s not a good afro or it’s automatically ‘still in progress’. ANY AND ALL AFROS ARE GOOD AND VALID AFROS, REGARDLESS OF SIZE.