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The signs as the lesser known did nothing wrong squad

Aries: Gon Freecss // Hunter x Hunter

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Taurus: Kei Nagai // Ajin

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Gemini: Yashiro Isana // K

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Cancer: Vash the Stampede // Trigun

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Leo: Rin Okumura // Blue Exorcist

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Virgo: Kite // Hunter x Hunter

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Libra: Kizuna Astin // Sunday Without God

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Scorpio: Satoru Fujinuma // ERASED

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Sagittarius: Leonardo Watch // Kekkai Sensen

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Capricorn: Shinichi Izumi // Parasyte

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Aquarius: Rentaro Satomi // Black Bullet

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Pisces: Ikoma // Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

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Reblog if you would like a second season of the next anime series.

- Binan Kokou Chikyuu Bouei Bu-Love! (and more kinatsu or enatsu,or imagine this show converted in a tipical otome,with a inutil cute heroine not desided for  none boy, because,she is a fangirl and love shiping the boys)

- karneval (and gareki return)

- Gugure!-kukkuri-san

- Meganebu (and more megane and pretty boys)

- Bakumatsu Rock!

- Black Bullet

- kyoukai no Kanata

- No Game No Life

- Ookami shoujo to Kuro Ouji

- Brothers conflict

- Vampire Knight

- Inu x Boku ss

- Love Stage!! 

- Gekkan shojo Nozaki-kun (and more mikoriin)

- Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist (and more Dantalion,and the cuteness of sytry)

- Pandora Hearts

- Kamigami no Asobi

anime in a few words Part 1

NGE. the bible 2 now has robots, aliens, depression and battle royale
Kashimashi: a UFO killed me, now I have tits
Sasameki koto: lesbians and one Ultraman.
Kuzu no Honkai: ‘’is there any true love for me?, I doubt it’’
Houseki no kuni: steven universe but without the annoying little shit and existential crisis.
Violet evergarden: ‘’everyone says I have no feelings, Bitch I fought a war before my first period’’
Chuunnibyou: ‘’mom I have depression, please give me attention’’
Gosick: tsundere loli Sherlock Holmes with mental powers.
Clockwork planet: ThE EarTh iS a cLocK?
Yuru yuri: there’s really not yuri here.
Gochiusa: ‘’I’d like a cappuccino, with 2% almond milk, Colombian coffee beans, organic sugar…’’
Hand shakers: What?
Black bullet: we fight giant bugs with little girls
FLCL: So… She has an alien boyfriend?
Re:zero: a dude buys a bag of chips and ends in a parallel world in the middle of a politico-military conflict also rejects best girl
Monogatari: a bunch of weird shit happens.
Made in abyss: ‘’ let’s go to the lethal pit of certain death to find my probably dead mother’’ also sexual tension between middle-schoolers.
Clannad: cry bitch
Clannad after story: bitch I cried.
Angel beats: stop please man.
School days: ‘’I’ll fuck everyone what could possibly go wrong’’
JJBA: weird muscled man beats the living shit out of weirder muscled men with ghosts.
Konosuba: I live with a fountain, a masochist, and a fricking nuke, my name is Kazuma and welcome to jackass.
Amaama to Inazuma: a teacher doesn’t know how to cook
Kodomo no jikan: little girls by Oingo Boingo.
Dagashi kashi: ‘’take care of the fucking store shinji… wait’’
Anne happy: welcome to the Friday 13th corner.
Kancolle: everything is a cute girl if you japanese enough
Shimoneta: a bunch of %&#@! but actually no.
Yurikuma arashi: lesbian space bears
Girls last tour: sad shit but actually not sad but still sad

Does any one else have those characters where they could do anything and they would still be your favorite like
  • Character: *murders people*
  • Character: *is evil*
  • Character: *almost sets an orphanage aflame*
  • Character: *sets an orphanage aflame*
  • Me: Yasss, Yasss, slayyyy, you’re my fave bae, #goals
Tsa disabled anime characters

Aries: Nicolas Brown - Deaf

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Taurus: Sala Shane - Blind

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Gemini: Kana Tachibana - Full-body paralysis (can only move left hand)

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Cancer: Nunnally vi Britannia - Blind and paralyzed

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Leo: Ayase Shinomiya - Paralyzed 

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Virgo: Shanks - Missing left arm

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Libra: Kaname Tosen - Blind

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Scorpio: Gildarts Clive - Missing left arm, left leg, and an unspecified organ

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Sagittarius: Rentaro Satomi - Missing left eye, right leg, and right arm

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Capricorn: Edward Elric - Missing right arm and left leg

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Aquarius: Guts - Missing (most of) left arm and right eye

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Pisces: Komugi - Blind

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Can you hear me?

Are you near me?

Can we pretend

To leave and then

We’ll meet again

When both our cars collide

// My Chemical Romance – Helena //


“No-ones gonna give you a map, you gotta walk your own path."