I know y'all wanna support and buy cool gear, but make sure you’re supporting the ACTUAL shops! This is a repost from @adornedbychi via @wearewakanda … Don’t buy from mass produced shops, support small businesses! Know that when you buy from the artists, it helps them to keep making great things so you can buy more– it’s a circle!

I had so much fun doing the style challenge last year that I decided to make another one in 90’s/2000’s cartoon styles!


Boba Friday 13 “Oishii”

I couldn’t pick which color I liked best 🌝

Hurricane Irma is on its way I’m glad I could at least finish this before the storm.

Stay safe everyone! 💕


@alicestrangely <—- GO FOLLOW AND BUY SOME STUFF. She is the pinnacle of how art on tumblr should be handled. She is very professional, understanding and most importantly TALENTED AF! like look at the style homie, the precision in every detail.

She helps you through your commission so well, while giving you the time needed to explain yourself throughly. Hell my indecisive ass couldn’t even decide on the hair color, BUT SHE WORKED WITH ME AND BLESSED THE KID WITH DOPENESS!!

So go support her work, she’s one of the artists that deserves the recognition and spotlight.

and actually pay for a commission, don’t ask for freebies 😑. she does alot for what she asks for.