That post you made about black Cecil kind of stuck with me for the last few days. I grew up with the game too, and while I did think for the longest time that Cecil had pointy elf ears (those were his pauldrons, it turns out) I can’t imagine how it must’ve been to be let down like that, especially at such a young age.

So, I thought I’d try my hand at drawing a black Cecil (and he turned out to be a total cinnamon roll, look at that expression on his face). It’s really just a sketch with some hastily added color to it right now, but I thought I’d submit it to you in case you like it. I might finish it if I get enough time, who knows.

Anyway, hope you like it.

this is so beautiful that i seriously think i’m about to cry

you can’t know how much this means to me, it’s the fulfillment of a childhood dream that i thought would never see the light of day

you’re a hero and a legend

(the post they’re referring to is this one, for anyone curious)

Teddy to hold auditions for YG Sub-Label ‘The Black Label’

YG Entertainment’s representative producer Teddy has announced that he will be holding auditions for the new sub-label, The Black Label.

Similar to Tablo’s label HIGHGRND, which was established in 2015, Teddy has set up The Black Label as a sub-label of YG Entertainment. The new label will have a different character from YG Entertainment and Teddy will personally produce the artists.

Teddy, who is currently a top producer with YG Entertainment, will hold auditions to select trainees for the new label. The audition applications will be taken from May 2 through May 31 and applicants will be judged based on singing, rapping and dancing ability.

Meanwhile, audition sign-ups for The Black Label are being taken through YG Entertainment′s official homepage until May 31.

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Africology and African American Studies Graduation Ngoma Ceremony today! This is for mommy! Asé!