okAY! SO we all know each paladin was thrown into the wormhole at different sections and got separated and blah blah blah. But do we all know the state each paladin is in when they were thrown? NO! We only saw their lions getting thrown in, not how each paladin was personally fairing. And, since I haven’t seen any posts about this yet, I decided to do my own research. 

 So let’s get started. 

Let’s start first and foremost with Shiro, the main worry out of all the characters. 

Now, in my personal opinion the whole fandom hype and panic about “Protect Shiro 2k16″ is 100% a valid panic

Let me explain. The last we see of him is in the picture below.

He’s in his lion getting roughly blown from the castle and into the corrupted portal of death. However, in the shot we can’t see the wound he received previously. 

Yeah. This one. The glowing-galra-purple scratch of doom. And, before Shiro covers it with his hand when Allura is helping him up, from what we can tell, it’s still  glowing galra-purple after! Examples below: 

It’s pretty obvious he’s in pain. And angry. And, tbh, I would be too if I’d gotten that nasty scratch right after the psychological trauma of getting strangled by a witch/thing disguised as a demented version of your past self.

What a creep. 

Anyway, here are my main points of why we have to worry about Shiro during season 2.  

1. He’s away from all the others (except Keith). 2. We have to worry ‘bout the nasty scratch that, as far as we know, has yet to be treated. 3. Creepy dude and the psychological trauma that comes with being chocked by an evil version of your past self. 

So it’s safe to assume he’s not doing to well and we can all properly worry about him. 

Right, so since this is so long and we still have a bunch of characters to do, I’ll make each one a separate post. Stay tuned, next up? Lance!