- 20 year old university student
- Japanese
- blood type: AB
- hair: black
- eye color: light purple/ blue-ish
- ace but hella gay for Mikami (yes, they are boyfriends and he’s the top LOL)
- cold, indifferent, straightforward, extroverted, manipulative and twisted
- can be charming but is mostly very blunt and cold, is still polite 
- likes foxes, bears
- always wears glasses (non-prescription), the only time when he doesn’t wear glasses is when he’s at home or together with people he’s close to
- has a younger brother (Hachiko), lives with his parents
- he treasures the people he loves a lot, especially Hachi and Mikami
- used to smoke, but stopped when Hachi saw him and told him to stop

- clothing style: chic, fashionable, wears expensive brand clothes 
- normal body type (neither too muscular/skinny/fat), is a perfect dorito, broad shoulders & slim hips
- favorite colors: black, bordeaux red
- no piercings (yet hoho) 

anonymous asked:

Mafia Boss!Kuroo meeting & falling in love with his s/o (& how he acts in a relationship)?? How protective would he be of his s/o, of his identity if at all, does she know, etc!


  • Mafia Boss!Kuroo would have a famiglia mainly consisting of stealthy spies, hackers and some assassins
  • From time to time he would work together with the police, his contact person being Detective!Sawamura, whom he would sometimes sell inside information (if it benefited his own cause)
  • He would generally try to avoid being too much in the limelight, especially during meetings with other mafia bosses, preferring to observe and use certain situations to his benefit, preferring manipulation and blackmailing to open aggressiveness
  • He would have a habit of disguising himself, when walking on the open street; finding that being away from the mafia for just a little bit mended the darkness that sometimes seemed to suffocate him
  • As the boss of his famiglia, he would usually wear his hair slicked back, a rather elegant, tailored black suit with a bordeaux coloured tie completing his look
  • Whenever he had the urge to get away and clear his head, he wouldn’t bother styling his hair, resulting in his trademark I-stuffed-my-head-between-two-pillows bedhead look
  • His casual clothing would be rather laid-back, as he would usually pair a simple pair of jeans, with a basic shirt and a dark jacket
  • The responsibility of a mafia boss, accompanied by having witnessed that last glint of emotion flickering in someone’s eyes as they drew their last breath an enormous amount of times, would have left their marks on Kuroo’s face - and yet there would still be that youthfulness in his eyes, shining through whenever he found himself intrigued by something that did not have to do with killing
  • Since he always had an affinity for dogs, he would keep two Dobermans at his side, and while they would be rather playful around him, they would somehow always sense when they needed to surround themselves in a serious, dangerous aura, bringing their intimidation factor to a whole new level

  • All he wanted to do on the fateful day, when he met the love of his life, would be to buy dog treats
  • He wanted to buy really good ones, for times when he wanted to pamper his dogs for being exceptionally good companions; opting out of ordering them online because he would have wanted it to make more personal, even though his dogs certainly wouldn’t care either way
  • And as fate would have it, his future significant other owned a small pet store, full of pet accessories, books about pet ownership and treats/food that was specifically produced for a healthy and balanced diet
  • Kuroo would have heard of that store, knowing that the customer service there was exceptionally well and that the owner was well-versed with different dog breeds and their specific diets
  • He would have been excited, surprisingly more for himself than his dogs, when he got ready for his stroll out in the safer part of his city
  • Walking into the pet store, he could hear a small bell chime as the door behind him slowly swung shut
  • The near arrangement and organization would surprise him, most of the small stores he had been too looked rather messy, forcing him to waste more time on looking for something than he usually liked to
  •  He would walk straight to the dog section, eyeing some treats as a soft voice greeted him behind his back
  • Kuroo would scold himself for being so careless; he usually wouldn’t allow himself to get blinded by something that seemed so peaceful and…  normal
  • He would shift his body a little, turning his head into the direction he heard the voice coming from
  • He would be captivated by their eyes, the sincerity benevolence shining through
  • It would almost feel like there was an invisible force gently tucking at his fingertips, with an intent to pull him closer to that stranger
  • Kuroo would snap out of his trance, as he heard the bell chime again, his eyes shifting automatically to the person that had just walked in
  • He would greet the pet store owner with a throaty voice; for some reason his mouth started feeling incredibly dry
  • He would choose some random treats, feeling restless all of a sudden; he would be hit by the realization that he had let himself become careless, unable to control the situation and what could happen without him being able to defend himself (safe for the pocket knife he always carried with him)
  • Wanting to pay for the treats and just get out of the situation, the pet store owner would gently ask about the breed he was buying those treats for and Kuroo would feel a slight hint of annoyance flare up inside of him
  • He would know that this stranger wanted to help him, especially because they had an amazingly good reputation of being knowledgeable and yet his top priority in that moment was to get away from that strange place that had tricked him into letting his guard down
  • His eyes would represent his rather gloomy attitude, a threatening glint looming inside of them
  • Kuroo would commend their ability to stay as gentle as they were in this situation, because he knew exactly how easily he could make others back down with just one glance of this caliber
  • He would cock his head to the side, listening to them, ask he answered their questions about his Dobermans; he did come with the intention to get some good quality treats after all, his pride not allowing him to back down, no matter how dangerous the situation could be for him
  • Eventually the store owner would hand him the right treats, their hands softly brushing against his as he took them
  • Kuroo would pay, stealing one more lingering glance as he walked out of the door, feeling a sensation he hadn’t felt in a long time when he stepped onto the pavement
  • It was drizzling outside and Kuroo would stay for a moment, feeling the pleasant cold falling onto his skin

  • Kuroo would keep his mafia life a secret from his significant other, either telling them that he was the head of a company or skillfully tiptoeing around that subject, telling them vaguely that he did something similar to a debt collector
  • Despite being careful, he would know how reckless meeting them was, not just because he could easily be targeted, but because he would bring an innocent life into this; a life that meant more to him than his own existence
  • He would end up inventing an entirely new life for himself, just for the sake of keeping his partner out of his mafia business
  • Eventually one of his most trusted hackers, Kenma, would pin him down on the topic of that innocent person he keeps spending time with, cheekily asking him whether he had told them about his true identity
  • Kuroo would have wanted to avoid this topic, caught in the naivety of thinking things could stay the way they were without anyone getting hurt
  • He would probably chuckle at this realization, wondering how he could have gotten so caught up in the first place
  • Knowing that things couldn’t continue the way they were, especially because his famiglia, among others, had to deal with an imposing threat and possible gang war, Kuroo would make the decision to cut ties with his partner
  • Instead of putting on his casual attire, he wanted to face them as his real self one last time
  • He would pull up to their store in a black car, one or two early sun rays reflecting on the metallic paint 
  • Kuroo would gather himself on the backseat of the car, feeling Kai’s eyes peering at him in the rear-view mirror
  • Kuroo would be hit by the bittersweet memory of hearing the store’s bell chime for the very first time, as he stepped in
  • And again, the seriousness would be reflected in his eyes, the only difference being that he would not back down this time
  • He would hear his partner’s voice coming out of the small storage room in the back of their store
  • He would wait for them to come outside, his body unable to move forward
  • He would look at them, the hint of a smile, despite everything he had told himself he would not do, forcing its way around his lips
  • Kuroo would clear his throat, allowing some small-talk to happen between them before he would establish that he was not interested in seeing them anymore
  • He knew that he would have to hurt them, perhaps even make them hate him in order to cut things off properly and he would even go as far as telling them that playing with their naive nature had become less and less entertaining to him
  • Kuroo would force himself to look them in the eyes, registering the tears forming and slowly sliding down their soft skin
  • Naturally, he would still have the urge to wipe them away, to hold his partner in his arms, to protect them and yet he knew that their best protection would be eliminating his presence from their life
  • Kuroo would bid them goodbye, turning away from their shocked expression, averting his eyes from the fact that he must have hit them hard enough not to realize they were crying
  • He would bite his lower lip as he walked out of the store, for what seemed to be the last time
  • As Kai started the engine, Kuroo would stare at his hands shaking a little, hoping he had made the right decision
  • The hooded figure hiding in a side street across from the store and witnessing the black haired mafia boss coming out of that pet store would go completely unnoticed by Kuroo and Kai

  • Kuroo’s partner would slide down onto the floor of their store, their legs feeling shaky
  • Only now they would notice how much their tears distorted their vision, rapidly rubbing their eyes with the sleeve of their shirt
  • They could feel a new wave of tears coming, when all of a sudden the bell chimed a second time that day…

                                          TO BE CONTINUED (I hope)

I really wish NH and SS to stop wishing others to die because someone might not ship NH or SS, but instead they ship SasuNaruSasu, NaruSaku, SasuKarin, SasuHina ecc.

Also i will tell you something, there are people who have always listened to some people said to them: “Go kill yourself” since ages! And i am one of them. Since i was 11, people told me to go kill myself because i’m from Albania and since some Albanian does bad thing, all Albanian does bad thing. I was alone half of my life, i was depressed, i had anxiety at panic attack and iperventilation level and i had no one at my side.

I was alone even during school trips, when you normaly have to enjoy yourself. But i couldn’t enjoy myself or the trip when i was soaked, because i forget the umbrella, under the rain, with no one sharing their umbrella with me because i’m albanian. I couldn’t enjoy even the sleep because even if i didn’t wanted i listened to my roomates talking and saying things like: “If i was alone against 27 peoples, like her, I would’ve already killed myself”, but i couldn’t kill myself.

My family, my mother, my brother, my grandma needed me in that period were my brother was hospitalized. I couldn’t even cry for him, because i had to give my strenght to each member of the family and at the end the more broken end up to be me. Anxiety from school, from home, from people, from literally everything. At the beginning was only a little anxiety, but then all grow up and one day i end up iperventilating because the next day my brother would’ve had an operation, that night i couldn’t sleep and i will never forget how i felt not having no one caring for me.

My mother and my father were next to my brother and i couldn’t bring myself to tell them: “Please, comfort me too… i need you at my side… i want to cry…”, i couldn’t. So i swallowed all and shut my need down and yeah in that period i was thinking about cut my veins down and end my life and fuckin 13 years, because it was just too much for me to bear. But then he came, my little brother that at that time had only 10 years and (the doctors said he wasn’t going to be well because of his illness) he smiled to me and told to me: “I love my big sister, and i’m happy she’s here with me”, he told me he was afraid i felt alone and that i would end up doing something stupid.
My brother saved me. And now i’m 17 and he’s now 15 ❤

This is all to say to NH and SS, to stop saying to people: “kill yourself” for a stupid ship of fictional characters because out there, there are people that have more problem that the problem i had and they’re suffering for sure even if they don’t show it.
You’re no one for choose when someone you don’t even know have to die.
Ship in every freakin fandom, are just for fun and people have that thing that have the name of: “liberty of thinking” and this is a people right. People can like whatever they want because we all have personal tastes and no one have the right to say to someone else: “go kill yourself”, because they like something or because they have different taste. And this is not only for anime matters.

Also, don’t pretend to being respected when you’re the first to not respect someone. We have to respect each others because we are all human, you can be white, black, yellow, green, bordeaux, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, you can like fish, you can dislike fish, you can love pizza, you can hate pizza. Despite all of these things:
we’re all human, we are all the same.

There is one person, that for me is a King, that said this at one of his concerts this year:

“I hate war. And i hate racism. I hope you leave here full of love and happines.” - Bang Yongguk, leader of B.A.P

And yeah, i will hope that the peoples who will read this will leave this post full of love and happiness and that these stupid fanwar in all fandoms will slow a bit until they will vanish completely.

Please, love yourself and love the people that love you with all their hearts ♡

20 Questions =D

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Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to know better Name: Aurora

Nickname: Aui

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Orientation: straight (probably)

Ethnicity: European

Favorite fruit: watermelon 🍉

Favorite book series: the Mortal Instruments

Favorite smell: orange blosson, peony

Favorite season: winter

Favorite flower:  water lily

Favorite animal: cat :3

Favorite colors: black, bordeaux, blue ocean

Coffee, tea or cocoa: coffee

Average hours of sleep: at least 8 hours

Favorite fictional character: Magnus Bane form the Mortal Instruments

Number of blankets you sleep with: usually two in winter and one or none in summer xD

Dream trip: France

Blog created: 18 June 2016

Number of followers: 569 =D thanks guys ♥️

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~(Nick)Name: Giulia 
~Zodiac Sign: Aries
~Height: 160 cm
~Orientation: Straight
~Ethnicity: Italian 
~Favourite Fruit: Avocado
~Favourite Season: Spring
~Favourite Book Series: I read only witchcraft/occultism books and manga 
~Favourite Flower: Myosotis/ Red Rose
~Favourite Scent: Mmm.. i suppose Dita Von Teese perfume 
~Favourite Colour: Black/blue/bordeaux 
~Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa: Tea
~Cats or Dogs: Cats 
~Average Sleep Hours: 10/11 hours or more 
~Favourite Fictional Characters: Buuhan, vergil of DMC, Alex mercer are My favourite husbandos 
~Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1-4, it depends 
~Dream Trip:I would like to visit America and Japan
~Blog Created: i think over 2 month ago

~Followers: 385

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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.15.16

theme: autumnal/winery wedding finds
bridesmaid options by blushfashion

i keep returning to blushfashion for new and continued wedding collection inspiration — their bridesmaid styles are super-versatile and come in many cuts and fabrics. love these winery-inspired colors.

@ironwhat  tagged me to do this, thanks a lot <3 

Rules: Answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people


1. Drink: water

2. Phone call: my uncle

3. Text message: My best friend

4. Song you listened to: Mad Season - River of Deceit

5. Time you cried: I don’t exactly remember but it was a few days ago


6. Dated someone twice: I haven’t even dated someone once lmao

7. Kissed someone and regretted it: No

8. Been cheated on: No

9. Lost someone special: I’m not sure

10. Been depressed: I’m not sure

11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: No


12. Black

13. wine red/ bordeaux

14. purple


15. Made new friends: Yes

16. Fallen out of love: I’ve never been in a relationship but I had a terribly hard crush on a guy, but I’m over it now hahaha

17. Laughed until you cried: yes, happens all the time

18. Found out someone was talking about you: no but even if I found out I wouldn’t care

19. Met someone who changed you: Kind of

20. Found out who your friends are: Yes

21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: I don’t have facebook + I never “really” kissed someone


22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: I don’t have a facebook account

23. Do you have any pets: No, unfortunately :(

24. Do you want to change your name: I don’t like it that much because it’s so Christian, so I guess yeah, I would

25. What did you do for your last Birthday: some friends came over and we ate so much that we were about to explode

26. What time did you wake up: 6:00 AM but I didn’t get out of bed until 9:00 Am

27. What were you doing at midnight last night: driving home

28. Name something you can’t wait for: knowing what to do with my life

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: A few minutes ago

30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: myself lmao

31. What are you listening right now: Senseless Acts of random violence by anthrax

32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes

33. Something that is getting on your nerves: all the responsibilities that are coming at me now that I graduated high school

34. Most visited Website: Spotify and tumblr


35. Mole/s: a few

36. Mark/s: apart of stretch marks not really

37. Childhood dream: I wanted to become a doctor aha

38. Haircolour: brown

39. Long or short hair: my hair is pretty long

40. Do you have a crush on someone: I have a crush on John Frusciante and Eddie Vedder (and also many other musicans, dead and alive eeehhhh)

41. What do you like about yourself: My taste in music is pretty diverse and I’m always open for new stuff, I’m also pretty good at dropping song references

42. Piercings: just ears

43. Bloodtype: I don’t know yet but I need to find out because I want to donate some blood as soon as I turn 18

44. Nickname: Dani, Dani California, Hagrid, Danny Phantom etc etc

45. Relationship status: Single

46. Zodiac: Libra

47. Pronouns: I don’t really care to be honest

48. Favourite TV Show: Supernatural, Spongebob

49. Tattoos: None

50. Right or left hand: I’m right handed but I can do alot of stuff only with my left hand

51. Surgery: not yet

52. Hair dyed in different color: No

53. Sport: hahah me? sport? you must be kidding

55. Vacation: I’m going to Kosovo to visit my family there in August

56. Pair of trainers: I have two pairs


57. Eating: pizza

58. Drinking: water

59. I’m about to: sweat my ass off because it’s so hot and humid over here

61. Waiting for: a guide to come and take me by the hand (I’ll love you forever if you get the reference)

62. Want: more pizza

63. Get married: why not but that means that I have to find someone who would want to marry me and I guess that won’t ever happen

64. Career: careers are overrated (no I’m just to lazy to do more work than necessary)


65. Hugs or kisses: hugs I guess (but both are okay)

66. Lips or eyes: both

67. Shorter or taller: I don’t care

68. Older or younger: same age, a year younger or two or three older is also ok I guess

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: stomach

71. Sensitive or loud: both

72. Hook up or relationship: relationship

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant


74. Kissed a stranger: No

75. Drank hard liquor: yes

76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: no because I wouln’t be able to live without my glasses

77. Turned someone down: I don’t know what this means and the translator doesn’t have a proper suggestion so I can’t answer this sorry

78. Sex in the first date: No

79. Broken someone’s heart: No i guess

80. Had your heart broken: Yes

81. Been arrested: No

82. Cried when someone died: yes, the last time when Chris Cornell died :(

83. Fallen for a friend: not yet


84. Yourself: hahahahahahahaahah no

85. Miracles: sometimes

86. Love at first sight: no, how is that even possible

87. Santa Claus: Not really, but it’s a cute idea

88. Kiss on the first date: Yes, why not

89. Angels: I mean they’re real in Supernatural, but I’m not sure if they really exist


90. Current best friends name: well my best real life best friend is named Aviva, my best tumblr friends at the moment are named Ryan, Amanda and Salome

91. Eyecolour:green

92. Favorite movie: Forrest Gump, always and forever

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