black yogis


from left to right: natarajasana, trikonasana, ustrasana, lolasana, vrksasana, sirsasana II, marichasana A, bakasana, anjaneyasana, sirsasana

earlier this year i promised to post a round-up of photos from one of those instagram yoga challenges i always seem to be doing. i posted this, but a round-up? nope. in trying keep it *100 emoji* these photos are from the #octoberyogaspice challenge that kino macgregor (@kinoyoga) and kerri verna (@beachyogagirl) recently hosted. a friend from college asked me to do the challenge with her and, real talk, i simply cannot pass up the chance to have an instagram post get lots of likes.

i wish i had the time to devote to my yoga practice like i used to, but i already spend two hours every morning going to orange theory fitness and then weight training at the gym. plus, my local yoga studio (the one i first started practicing at s e v e n years ago, good gravy) only offers hot yoga classes in the evenings and i hatehatehatehate hot yoga. give me a strong flow class where i can build my own heat any day. sigh. maybe when i leave mississippi (hopefully, soon?), i’ll be able to find the time my yoga practice needs. 

in the mean time, in between time, you can find me sneaking in 10 minutes of glorious yoga practice time over on instagram.


my bb @so-treu started posting yoga selfies, too! magical black girl yogini’s forever!