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Handstand Adho Mukha Vrksasana

“Yoga has changed my life: mind, body, and spirit. I post photos and videos sharing my practice hoping to inspire someone to take that step and walk into their first class. All too often, I am the only person of color in the classes and workshops I attend.”

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Ariael Lé Introduces SouLight Dance Yoga (SLDY) (by Ariael Le’)

Playing a bit of catch up… Day 2 —————- #7Days2Strength ———–
Day 2 Pose: Plank
Question: What makes you feel closer to yourself?

When it’s 2am and I’m alone in the kitchen cooking, baking & dancing to my overly loud music (I’ve got a meaaaannn 2-step)… The kitchen is my element; it’s where I am most comfortable. A place where I am at peace, care-free; where I can let my inner creative flow freely. A place where I can set aside my worldly problems & not be so critical of myself.. Where I am just me & happy.