black yoga instructors

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Gym AU!!

!!!!!!! XD

1.) Aaron’s most definitely a swimmer and does laps in the gym pool and the squad come and watch him sometimes b/c he’s hot and Alex always is like “lol i’ll race you” and ends up cramping in the middle of the pool while Aaron swims laps around him.

2.) Laurens is a boxer, he constantly destroys his punching bags Captain America style and one time Lafayette came up behind him to ask if he had change for the vending machine and Laurens accidentally punched him in the face.

3.) Alexander always comes in just to do smaller exercises, like spend his time on the treadmill or do yoga or something but always ends up attempting to bench press 3 times his weight while the squad cheers him on. And he usually pulls something and Aaron sighs and tells him to stick to what he knows

4.) Lafayette’s the hot yoga instructor (both b/c he does hot yoga and also b/c he himself is hot).  He pretends not to notice the squad glancing through the glass at his yoga class, but he does. He knows, and sticks his ass out just a bit farther while doing downward dog b/c of it.

5.) Hercules is the karate instructor for all the tiny babies!!!! But he’s also super badass and teaches the babies how to most effectively break someone’s nose, or how to knock someone unconscious in .08 seconds. He trains a tiny army of badass children and they are all both adorable and terrifying.