black woven leather

The Binding-

Dipper flopped into his bed- bone tired from chasing that dang Hell Hound down.  “Bill are you sure it was a good idea to let Lazy Susan know about you?”

“Don’t worry about it Pine Tree- its not like we had much of a choice anyway.”  The demon shrugged and tugged at the collar or Dipper’s jacket.

“Hey hey what are you doing?”  Dipper say up again and Bill pinned a golden triangle- a little bigger than the one he had given to Lazy Susan and had a brick pattern that her’s didn’t.

“What is this for?”

“We told that fleshbag-”

“Don’t call her that.”

Bill glared at him.  “We told her you are my ‘follower’, so of course you should have a pin like the one I gave her.  Speaking of its time for you to go to bed- I have to take care of her dreams now- give her something really nice so she believes us.”

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