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A consequence of feminism merging with pop culture is that it’s becoming commodified. Teens are buying feminist etsy patches and are putting ‘intersectionality’ into their twitter bios, but are failing to engage or critically think about how the sexism woc face is often racialised (i. e i n t e r s e c t i o n a l i t y) I mean i’m all for visual representations of your feminist praxis, but f e m i n i s m is much more than some cool quirky watered down tumblr aesthetic

Things I personally love about dark brown skin women

1. They age like fine wine. You’ll have a 25 year old wife FOREVER…dark skin women who take care of themselves do not age.

2. Their skin literally glows when absorbing the sun’s energy.

3. Melanin, melanin and more melanin….and all its wonderful benefits that comes with it.

4. Because dark brown skin women have little to no neanderthal DNA their genes are the closest to being a complete human without defects. In essence dark brown skin women are the original (eve gene) master copy which all other variations of humans come from.   

5. Deep dark brown eye’s are not only genetically perfect without any defects but also exuberate a sense of depth and wholeness. Like glazing into the dark sky on a moonless night.

6. “The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice”… actually true. An abundance of melanin does give dark skin a slightly sweet scent so long as the host is healthy. 

7. “The darker the flesh, the deeper the roots”…..Yes dark brown skin women can genetically trace their lineage back further than any other human being without genetic interceptions.

8. It’s totally natural to love dark brown skin women. In fact it takes several generations of abuse, brainwashing and psychological conditioning to NOT (colorism) LIKE darker skin tones. We must literally be psychologically trained to dislike dark skin. 

9. Dark brown skin women are absolutely beautiful no ifs ands or buts about it. 

10. Despite the global melanin envy we’re experiencing today, there is absolutely nothing more desirable, sexy and attractive than a dark brown skin woman who’s totally in love with her complexion……despite the envy.  

……..but y’all not listening though

We grew up naive, thinking the fighting had already been done for us.
Thinking the generations before us fought so that we wouldn’t have to. But we’re seeing now that just because people die out doesn’t mean their hateful ideas do. We’re seeing now that it is our turn to stand up and fight. That maybe there will always be a fight to be had, but still we fight. We fight for ourselves, for those who have fought before us, and for those who will fight after us.
We don’t back down.
—  a.m. // we are the resistance
In the queer community, the quest for wholeness is letting go of the lies of homophobia that suggest that because I am in love with someone of the same sex that God is looking at me as “less than” or – to use a biblical term that’s often hurled at members of the LGBTQ community – that somehow you are not simply a sinner, but that you are a reprobate sinner; and to be reprobate is to be beyond redemption… And so what I’m suggesting, what I am arguing, what I’m declaring in my book is that that is not the case – that God indeed does love you; and I am giving the LGBTQ community an opportunity to think about God loving them as whole persons rather than as persons who need to come up to some image that is laid upon them by oppressors.
—  Pamela Lightsey in an interview (~24 minute mark) on her book Our Lives Matter: A Womanist Queer Theology

does anyone else just feel the strong desire to change, to travel, to meet new people, to just start over somewhere you’ve never been before? yeah, same.

Why are (some) naturals so obsessed with having a visible curl pattern? If you have to overmanipulate, constantly re-style your hair and perform the max hydration method or other methods JUST to achieve a “visible” curl pattern then there’s a problem. The problem is that you still have an issue with how your hair already looks NATURALLY. Consciously or subconsciously, you do not find your kinky hair as attractive as curly hair. I’m not talking about naturals who do braid-outs or twist-outs as low-manipulation styles, I am talking about the naturals who go to extreme lengths just to loosen their curl pattern. Kinky hair with no visible curl pattern is just as beautiful as curly hair with a visible curl pattern. Please remember that.


Marvel’s Luke Cage Meme: [4/5] Scenes - Mariah Dillard and Patricia Wilson confront Inspector Ridley and Detective Knight about police brutality (1x10)

Black queen, keep your head up. I know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes - okay, a lot of the time - but there are people that see you. There are black men that see you. I see you. You with your sun-kissed skin. You with your coconut oil and cocoa butter. You with your backbone hardened by living in this world with more melanin than it has ever been historically ready for and a mother always threatening to give you somethin’ to cry about if you didn’t stop crying. You with your refusal to back down seen as toxic attitude. You with your beautiful Afro-textured hair that on some days makes you feel mistaken for a zoo animal due to the amount of people that want to touch it. You with a voice like honey and a tongue always ready to drag someone if necessary. You with your hopes and dreams and accomplishments that far surpass what has been expected of you. I see you.
—  I see you. // Maxwell Diawuoh