black women dating white men


I’m willing to bet he doesn’t say this about the countless Black Men who date White Women and have the nerve to run their mouths about Black Women on the daily? Nothing about her is contradictory.

Let Black Women live. Having an interracial relationship doesn’t make you any less of who you are. Her culture is her culture. So someone tell him that the answer to his question is a hard “No”.

Something about the jokes comparing Blac Chyna to Joanne Prada, insinuating she had a baby with this man all to scam him out of his money, really…leave a bad taste in my mouth

It just goes to show that no matter how much money you make on your own, black women, especially those who date white men, will always be seen as gold diggers trying to “trap” and manipulate men. How quickly you all are to victimize Rob without knowing, really anything about the situation is telling.

The mean ol’ scary black lady with no emotions, who’s just out for money strikes again I guess…

Don’t date someone based on sexual sterotypes.
Don’t date people to seem more progressive.
Don’t date women of a race you think guarantees they’ll be more timid, submissive, subservient,etc.
Don’t date a woman of a race you think based on racial sterotypes means they’ll be more sexually open.
Don’t avoid women of any race based on sterotypes that they are hard to handle, too “masculine”, mean,etc.
Don’t assume the race of the woman you date will mean she will be more feminine, less masculine, or vice versa.
Don’t date women who have mental disabilities because of stupid sexual sterotypes.
Don’t date a man you assume is bigger or smaller based on his race.
Don’t date men of any race that you think will piss off your parents.
Don’t assume the race of the man you date guarantees he will be more or less masculine.
Don’t date a man because you think his race will automatically mean he’s more sexually aggressive or hypersexual.
Don’t assume his race will guarantee he’s a gentleman.
Dont date a man based on the belief his race means he’ll be a better provider.
Don’t avoid dating men of certain race you think based on a sterotypes they’ll abandon you or cheat, if a he wants to do it his race won’t stop him.
Don’t date a man based on a racial sterotype that they’ll treat you better.
Don’t avoid a man because you think his race means he won’t be a good provider.
Don’t assume the race of the man you date will mean he is automatically good in bed and don’t avoid certain races because you think their race guarantees they’re bad in bed.

The race of the person you date guarantees you almost nothing besides maybe cultural understanding. When you date someone based off sterotypical beliefs you are fetishizing them, no matter the race you are fetishizing them and it is wrong. You got a preference? Fine, that’s you and no one can stop you from having it because only you can choose your partner. Just make sure you’re dating them for the right reasons (personality, shared interests, attraction,etc).

Confession: I’ve never had a boyfriend or kissed a boy. Boys are never interested in me. I complain to my mom about it sometimes and she says it’s because I’m attracted to white guys and if I went after black guys I’d find someone. I don’t specifically go out of my way to exclude black guys or only like white guys it’s just that most of the guys I tend to like or be attracted to are white. I wish I was normal and liked mostly black guys, but I tend to lean towards whites guys and I feel so shitty.

C: I hope the same black men and women calling Serena Williams a traitor do the same thing to black men who date white/non-black women, because these double standards make no sense. I thought Serena was “too manly”(😒) for y'all but suddenly she gets with a white man and now it’s “but the white man is bad!” She was tired of waiting around for black men to like her, if anything I’m proud!

He’s entitled to his opinion. However, his opening line voids everything he said. “Black girls raised in broken homes not having guidance.” Can’t the same be said for black men, as in a lot of them weren’t raised with fathers or in a two parent-marriage household thus not knowing how to be a man or how to be a husband. Making that a “black woman” issue is telling in itself about who he is, the genuine “love” within his relationship and even upbringing. I would love to know if he was raised in a two parent household with a present father.  What he said aside, I don’t understand how white women/non-black WOC can date black men who think like this - like it’s clear he doesn’t actually love you and is only using you to spite black women. How can you stay in a relationship in which you are merely a symbol for him rather than an actual lover? 

Confession. I’m 22, I’ve been dating a white male since 2011. I love him although he is flawed like any man. Our relationship has been rocky for most of the years (because we were kids) and now things are steading but I can’t stop thinking about  “the black" love of my life. I think about his brown skin and endowment to call my own. I think about making black babies, no cream or cut. I’ve evolved to this pro-black women with the white boyfriend. I feel like a “walking contradiction.” It sucks.

Alt-right racists put up ‘white women shouldn’t date black men’ posters at this college campus

The Detroit Free Press has the story of these brazen racists gallivanting about Ann Arbor, posting fliers in various lecture halls. The flyers are emblazoned with a logo labeled “Alt Right,” a symbol appearing to be associated with the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank.

The flier titled, “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men,” features sections labeled, “He’s much more likely to abuse you,” “Your kids probably wouldn’t be smart,” and “Starts with brutal rape; gets much worse,” among others.

The fliers are the latest in a string of racist incidents on college campuses in recent weeks. There was the blackface Snapchat at Kansas State two weeks ago; last week brought racist Snaps from students at Belmont and Quinnipiac.

This is so ridiculous! This looks like Jim Crow’s list of laws about racial segregation, that institutionalized a number of economic, educational, and social disadvantages!

It is 2016! Not 1965, when these laws have ceased to have effect! And not even 1830, when the laws were created!

Someone at the University of Michigan must take some actions against these scoundrels!

C: Ever since I was younger I’ve been attracted to white boys. Now that I am socially conscious I’ve looked at them in disgust and said I’m gonna stop being attracted to them once and for all. But I’ve been backsliding and I hate it so much. I’m still very much attracted to black men but I always find myself checking out white men. I hate myself for it. I feel like it’s the same as black men hyping white girls. Except I’ve never dissed black men to put black women on a pedestal.

C: Literally almost every single time a white man asked me out on a date he wanted me to meet his ass in the forest to walk around and shit 🌴😂😭. I mean I like nature and all that but why in the hell would I meet you for the first time in a jungle Jonathan? Why?? I understand white people love trees and bird noises and shit but I’ve also watched all episodes of Criminal Minds: white man in a forest always means a woman is getting ready to die and be buried bih! Am I booboo the fool or what?? Sometimes I’m like damn Thomas let’s just meet at a coffee shop cut that other shit out damn. But white boys eat pussy so well so I’m always finding myself in some jungle forest looking stupid af AGAIN 😥💀