black women and white men

There’s something just kind of creepy about the whole “White women stealing black men” mentality as if black men aren’t their own people making their own decision to date whoever they want.

This white girl on Twitter really told me I sounded “hurt” for talking abou black men blatantly disrespecting black women for white women but then claiming to still love us. Then told me I couldn’t find a good black man and laughed. Finally mocked ny Autism. So I dragged her back with comparing photos of us side by side because no. You not gonna bring disability or disorder into this. Especially about something that took me years to embrace and publicly identify as. So I told her to call me if she was going to talk shit, and her tone changed over the phone. Thing is, if you don’t want to give off the impression you this racist white girl, you don’t use coded misogynoir. “You can’t find a good black man” is a racist comment for black women. She claims black women hate on her and her partner but if she talks to them reckless the way she spoke to me, I can see why she gets attacked. People need to watch what they say because what they’re coming across to me though text or messaging is not coming across how they think it is. People really put me in the position to disrespect them when they disrespect me. She was not an ugly girl physically but who was she to think she was better than me because she didn’t have Autism. Then had the nerve to call me immature for cussing her out and wanting to fight her strange ass. I get anxiety from shit like this but don’t play me. “You sound hurt” and “you can’t get a good black man like me” is textbook misogynoir and white woman with black man racism. You don’t get to confirm “not all black men” if you’re a non black woman with a black boyfriend.

Things that irk me: autistic men get away with so much more shit than autistic women + nb people, and it’s literally just because sexism is fine with men being as loud and picky and taking up as much space as they want.

C: Until the black community worldwide pays attention to the plight of black women, the run for equality is an ugly loosing game. People act like bringing up the misogynoir and colorism black women go through under black men is derailing the conversation of racial equality. But the latter cannot be achieved successfully without addressing and fixing the former. Period! You can’t invest in an expensive carpet on a broken leaking floor. Fix that before tryna be in equal standing to the white man!