C Is it bad to drop family members and just like.. never talk to them again? A lot of my family is white and as I get older I realize they don’t care for black people or even black culture and would just see me as an exception. Even my mom gets uncomfortable if I do or say something associated with black culture (shes been trying to talk me out of getting box braids for weeks). Today my cousin who I was close with as a kid pulled that “I dont care about what you think of me or your opinions” when I tried to explain how our nations past attitudes/actions carry over to today. So I said OK and blocked his ass. The other day my aunt said she “100% agreed” with one man who wanted to make sure his shop was a muslim-free zone. So I blocked her too. My mom and (step)dad are both mayonnaise white keep sharing fox news articles, cant do much about that. This is so frustrating, my entire life is censoring my opinions so that they’re palatable for white people. Also is it disrespectful to call out parents when they say racist things??? The other day my mom said tattoos look bad on black people and I told her that it was racist and pointed out how she got upset when I said box braids and cornrows look horrible on white people and that it was a double standard. She told me to shut up before I smack you. Should I even bother trying to get her (or any white people) to see eye-to-eye with me on problems around race? 

Best Laid Plans: Black Women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe | Alyss

“ …has anyone examined the fact that this was a carefully laid plan that started pre-2008, spans 12 films, 3 television shows, is filled with Easter eggs and references to characters seen and unseen and none of Marvel’s Black women characters have been included even tangentially. I don’t think it’s malicious, I think it shows how we are not even included in the thought process. I don’t think some exec stood in a meeting and vetoed every Black female character that was pitched, I think we honestly never crossed their minds.”


PLEASE AT LEAST READ. My sister and I have started an organization to help those who have been affected by the Cleansing happening in DR, parent less children, & those who are still sleeping in tents on the side of the roads. My sister & I are two Haitian sisters who are passionate about our country. While Haiti is such a beautiful nation, there is still a lot to be done. We’re tired of people exploiting and stealing rather than actually helping. We’re tired of just talking about change. Growing up we were always subject to bullying for being Haitian, & heard only negative about our country. We decided to dedicate our lives to uplifting & rebuilding the country. All grown up now, two strong black Haitian sisters, We are returning to give back to our home. With what little we have, we sprang to action to create our own black owned organization, We’ve started a go fund me to help get extra. I’m just a college student & my sister is a single mother. We just wanna finally uplift our Haitian community. ACTION. We’re planning our first trip in December to go pass out food & supplies. Anything I mean ANYTHING, EVEN A PENNY would help. PLEASE donate whatever you might have & if you can’t then spread this around. DONT FORGET ABOUT HAITI #HAITIANLIVESMATTER THANK YOU. - MADAME.VOGUE



Here are a few tips for controlling your frizz!