Fellow white people

First off, let me start off by saying that I appreciate all the white people who SUPPORT blm (not even the movement, but just the name itself) and GETS it. I love you all. I’m not gonna give you all cookies for being the nice people you’re supposed to be, but I know it’s hard to support and stand for something you can’t necessarily relate to.

To all of you white people who just don’t get it and don’t want to get it but want people to hear your side of the unwanted and unnecessary story and try to educate US about what WE need to do, have several seats.

I understand that most if not all white people are genuinely ignorant to what’s going on in this country right now. You all can literally walk the face of this earth without being judged for your skin color. You guys have the utmost privilege in this country. Of course you can’t see America in a black person’s eyes. I get that.

What I don’t like is when you purposely CHOSE to be ignorant and not wanting to be educated about all the uneducated things you seem to want to say online and in person.

What I don’t like is when you want to be close minded and forever ignorant your entire life. How you can be book smart but not socially aware or social issues smart?

What I don’t like is how you think YOU can check ME for MY nonexistent privilege and make it seem like yours is INVISIBLE.

What I don’t like is how YOU want to request things for ME and MY PEOPLE and seem to know everything there is about black people and to STOP RESISTING and drown our voices out with that ALL LIVES MATTER CRAP. Tell me, what have you done for that organization? What have you protested? Because you could be out there protesting for black lives near genocide to back up your cause for all lives matter rather than derailing blm with alm.

What i don’t like is when this old white woman substitute comes in on my first period today trying to educate ME AND MY BLACK PEERS that kneeling for the pledge is disrespectful. How the constitution might not have been made for black folks, but is somehow made for black people technically because people who were slave owners tried to abolish slavery but never fulfilled that achievement. How we “black people” should focus on pursuing the “pursuit of happiness” rather than doing what we’re doing? Calling some of you all out on your petty and inexcusable mistakes? Calling out the injustice? Getting angry about the same cycle repeated over again? I’m sorry… what?????

What I don’t like is when I always get comments about “you’re racist” this and that whenever I post black positivity or whenever I speak THE TRUTH. I don’t like it when all some of you do is scroll down to type your ignorant, uneducated, far off, close minded, out-of-touch-with-the-world-around-you-full-on-paragraph on how we aren’t oppressed and try to convince me to some degree that you are without actually reading a single line or letter of this post. Hmmm what kind of mess is that? When you’re really oppressed, you don’t need to prove it to anybody. Because they see it. And a lot of times, they refuse to believe it. So they turn the other cheek.

THAT’S what I don’t like.