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Conservatives from the 60s: I can’t watch Star Trek, I don’t want to watch an asian man or a black woman in a professional role on my TV! Damn liberals! I can’t watch a show that promotes integration!

Conservatives in 2017: I can’t watch Star Trek, I don’t want to watch an asian woman captain or a black lead actress on my TV! Damn sjws! I can’t watch a show that promotes racial diversity!


From “Love and War” story two in the Book “ The Storyteller “by Sadae hayblum Love and War is a Victorian era civil war tale about Akiro an afluent Japanese man and Ariel a free black woman living in New Orleans. Click the link below to check out the ebook happy reading!

Just to clear up a few things....again.

I have said many times that this blog is not meant to set Black women and Asian men up. It is not to feed your fantasies and neither does it’s purpose include giving hope for obsessed men and women.

I am seriously sick and tired of people constantly asking “how to get an Asian man” “ What do I do if an Asian guy doesn’t like me” “How do I impress an Asian guy so he would talk to me” And believe me it’s not only the women but personally I get a lot of these questions from women seeking Asian men. And the worst part is, most of these women are generally looking for their K-pop or J-pop boyfriend and I’m here to lay it flat that THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Being in an interracial relationship with an Asian man has its advantages and disadvantages. I am constantly exposed to a different way of life that what I am use to: both negative and positive. I learnt a lot about his culture and he’s learnt quite a bit from mine and it helps when we interact with others of the same background so we don’t look like noobs. But being in an interracial relationship is not all that it may seem on the outside looking in. My boyfriend and I are constantly ridiculed for being together, stereotypes are thrown at us on a daily basis, we get starred at A LOT, our family members don’t approve of our relationship…and the list goes on.

Going into a relationship with the idea that your significant other is going to be the K-pop/J-pop Idol or the Beyonce of your dreams is very unrealistic and potentially toxic. I would recommend that those of you that have a goal of “meeting the perfect black/asian person” take a step back and reflect on WHY! You will find out that superficial characteristics are what is drawing you towards those groups of people. I personally would not advise going into a relationship with that frame of mind!

I will clarify once again that this blog is to raise awareness and to show how lovely a relationship between an Asian and a Black person is. So I would greatly appreciate it if people would stop asking ridiculous questions.

Being proud of your race is not a problem. However, racial supremacy is.

Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, it doesn’t matter. Racism is racism, it’s wrong regardless.
No race is better than the other. Taking pride in your background and culture is beautiful.
Putting other races down and belittling them is shameful.
I am proud but I will not be an extremist, and hurt others because of disgusting pride.


[If you think this little guy [picture of an embryo] gets to supersede the right for any of these people who might become pregnant picture of an adult white woman, a teenage white girl, an asian woman, a black woman, and a trans man] To access the medical care that they deem the most appropriate for them, including abortions Regardless of- Why they want an abortion, How they got pregnant, How and if they were using contraception, How old they are, If they were raped or not, If they are in a relationship or not, Whether or not it is medically safe for them to carry a pregnancy to term, Whether or not they can financially afford to carry a pregnancy to term, How it would impact their lives, future, and/or safety; then you should probably know- this little guy [picture of the emryo] is a mouse embryo at 12 days from conception. But honestly, it doesn’t matter.Because even a human fetus does not get to strip people of their right to bodily autonomy. You don’t get to steal people’s kidneys to save someone else’s life.You don’t get to commandeer people’s uteruses to ensure a life is brought into the world. Keep your fingers, your opinions, and your laws out of other people’s internal organs. Let the people who are pregnant worry about their own pregnancy. ]

Katrina stans. Erasure in fandom

When I check the Into the Badlands tag I often see people who are / were watching the show solely for its supporting  white characters and supporting white ships – either they stan the Widow or Jade or Quinn or ship Jade x Ryder. And… Into the Badlands, with all its faults (looking at you s2 finale), is a show lead by two Asian male leads, a show with a central romantic storyline (s1-2) featuring a Black woman and an Asian man.

And it’s not like I want to say that the Widow / Jade / Quinn or Jade x Ryder are not worthy of stanning or that people aren’t allowed to like them, but the thing is that all the above are far from being rarity in media and fiction – you can find those kind of white characters and white ships in almost any given Western book, film, tv show. Whereas MK, Sunny and Veil are the examples of those few representations that we have. Sunny and MK being Asian male leads in a genre show on big US network is unheard of, they are unique. SunnyVeil as a Blasin (AM/BW) couple centering romantic storyline of seasons 1-2 is rarity.

And it reminded me of something – of those Katrina stans from Sleepy Hollow. You know, that show that had a great first season and a disastrous continuation after.

Abbie Mills is not the first Black woman lead on US TV (though she’s shamefully close to it), but she was a main lead on a genre show, and in 2013, that was unheard of. […]
Simply put, The Sleepy Hollow fandom was the first major genre TV fandom that was not explicitly white dominated. - Diversehighfantasy

Abbie Mills as a Black woman lead was important representation, and not just for Black women fans but to all of us. And yet, there still were the part of the audience that watched the show for a supporting white character Katrina Crane and supported the romantic storyline between Katrina and her estranged husband Ichabod (the show’s male lead). These people hated Abbie and wanted her gone off the show or become a supporting character to Katrina’s lead. The thing is that Katrina is a character that you can find by opening any book, by turning on TV and seeing in any show, you can go to a theatre and pick almost any play or a movie and you’ll see a Katrina and Ichabod x Katrina romance. So the defining feature of Katrina stans is that they are people who want the status quo – they watch the diverse films / shows, read the diverse books and latch onto the generic white characters and relationships that one can find in any genre of any piece of Western media / fiction.

You can find Katrina stans in any fandom, really. They are the Westallen / Richonne / Ichabbie haters who ship the white ships with the white men from those respective fandoms. They are the Rey.los, they are the Maggie/Daryl shippers. They are the people who claim that Finn is nothing more than a comic relief character, while Kylo is the “true male lead of the SW”. They are the people who insist that Scott is not the true lead of TW, but Stiles is. They are the people who watch Into the Badlands for its supporting white characters, they are the people who watch Cleverman for Iain Glenn only, they are the people who watch Marco Polo for its white male lead and couldn’t care about anything else in the show, they are the people who will watch Black Panther for M@rtin Freeman only. Katrina stans are people who erase Blade, John Luthor and Luke cage from their own canon narratives.

They are the Cl@lecs and J@lecs. And no, the latter are not “progressive” just because they’re not erasing Alec’s sexuality, like the former homophobes do. Because as rare LGBT representation is even nowadays, the shows featuring white gay lead characters and white gay / LGB relationships are still more represented than the shows featuring non-white gay characters and gay / LGB ships of color. I can name dozen of shows off the top of my head right now that star white gay characters and have central white gay / LGB romance. I can only name two that feature Asian GB characters – Shadowhunters and HTGAWM, and Oliver was a recurring / background character in s1-2.

Katrina stans are the people who erase characters of color from their own canon narratives. A person doesn’t need to be white to be a Katrina stan. They just need to support racist patterns of erasure and prioritize whiteness. “It’s really easy to be a little bit racist.” ©

And to a point I can see where these Katrina stans are coming from – never having the luxury of racial representation, from my very childhood I’m used to watching shows and films or reading books for one background character of color (not even an Asian character in particular, just the ones they can offer), who rarely has a central storyline, and is lucky enough if they don’t die horribly in the middle of the story. And you learn to cherish even those scrapes of representation they give you.

That’s why it hurts seeing when white fans, or fans with white worldview (not necessarily white themselves) try to erase those little scrapes of representation that we are starting to have.  It’s not about “ship wars”. It’s about racial erasure. Racism hurts and it is always personal to a person of color.

White fans who indignantly ask “why does it matter what color of skin those character have?!” really don’t understand the mere concept of what it’s like never seeing yourself represented on screen / in fiction. They remind me that legend about “Let them eat cake” saying – the rumor states that when French queen Marie Antoinette was informed that the poor country people had no bread, she replied, “Then let them eat pastry!” The moral of the legend is that with all the luxury surrounding her, she didn’t know the mere concept of starving and having nothing but bread to eat.

White fans having the luxury of representation surrounding them everywhere they look, simply don’t get that we don’t have the metaphorical pastry. We barely can afford a loaf of “bread”, we don’t have the luxury of choice. So, basically Katrina stans are the people that come to your home, steal your last and only loaf of bread and then innocently wonder why are you mad.

If we continue the food metaphor, imagine this: you live in a world where all the bakeries offer only one pastry – the jelly bean cake. You like the jelly bean cakes, but you also crave for a raisin cake, after all, you are a raisin person. But you are surrounded with jelly bean people, so you adapt. You eat the jelly bean cakes. And when you’re lucky you see a jelly bean cake with one raisin in it, and you are the luckiest person alive, you buy the jelly bean cake with that single raisin and you eat the whole cake and cherish that one raisin. And then one day the bakery bakes a jelly bean cake with lots of raisins! You’ve never been happier. But then you see how jelly bean people come into the bakery, they buy the raisin cake, they take out the jelly beans and throw away the raisin cake into the trash bin. All in front of the baker, and then they make complaints about the raisin cake to the baker, because there aren’t enough jelly beans in it, even though the shelves of the bakery are full of jelly bean cakes.

That’s how I feel.

And if someone takes this post as a personal attack and “policing the fandom”, congratulations, you’ve missed the whole point.

Lucasfilm: so we’ve got this new star wars movie coming out…what should we do?

Lucasfilm: how bout we constantly erase our black male lead, barely have him in the trailer, and not even be on the poster?

Lucasfilm: on that note let’s scoff at the idea of a popular, groundbreaking mlm ship and make it clear there will be no “"traditional”“ romance storyline in our quartet that includes a Latino, black man, an Asian woman and a white woman.

Lucasfilm: OH and let’s make the fans think we’ll include Carrie Fisher in episode nine via archive footage, then announce that we aren’t and snobbily say her family misunderstood what we wanted.

Lucasfilm: oh and don’t forget to promote the hell out of our male, white villain instead of our new trio that consists of a black man, white woman, and a Latino.

Lucasfilm: and since everyone is excited about this new movie, how bout we don’t release a trailer until October or November?

Lucasfilm: Perfect!!

Last weekend at a party

Keven and I went to his friends for a housewarming party he was throwing (they’re all primarily Asian). It was cool, lots of congrats on the engagement and what not and then a lot of standing around for me. It was awkward because I’m not a huge fan of this particular group so I just watched everyone else from the sidelines. When we left, Keven and I got in the car and he began telling me about his friend who pulled him aside. The conversation went like:

Friend: Say man, what’s the secret?

Keven: ????

Friend: How’d you get a beautiful black girl like that? You gotta tell me what you did

Keven: I don’t know? She actually asked me out (True lol)

Friend: For real?! 

Keven: Yeah man. You like black girls?

Friend: Yeah but I don’t know. I just have never tried to ask one out. I didn’t think they liked Asian guys

This made me kind of sad to hear when Keven told me. I get kind of annoyed when black women ask me “so, how did you get an Asian guy?” Because it’s not like I went and picked him out of a lineup lol. But after the conversation I had with Keven, my views changed a little. Keven explained it as his friend just being afraid to approach a black woman because he doesn’t think they’ll be interested and I said “well they might be, but he’ll never know if he doesn’t ask. I feel like black girls are made to feel unwanted so I think for a lot of us it’s harder to approach a guy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘I don’t date black girls’” Keven said Asian guys don’t get hit on like that. Made me go “hmmm”. But I sat with him and we talked about how within both of our races, we’re the “undesired” ones. Asian women are sexy and sought out by whatever races and Asian men are not on the same level. Even in the media. Same with black men being desirable and black women being the “undesired” ones. Funny how somehow we found each other lol. It really made me realize how BIG the AMBW pairing is. We don’t get much recognition for our beauty on either side but we were drawn to each other and it’s becoming more common than I ever thought it would be. When people are looking for the right reasons and not to fill their fetish cravings anyway lol. It’s a beautiful thing. What are ya’lls thoughts?

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In lighter news Dev Patel won a BAFTA for best supporting actor(though he should have been nominated for lead actor tbh), Viola Davis for best supporting actress, Babak Anvari(he is Iranian) for best debut by a British writer. It's not a lot, but I am so proud of all three of them, a South Asian man, a black woman and a Middle Eastern man getting some form of recognition!


For the record, some people shipped StormPilot initially because we are LGBTQ,

and we also picked up on the Reylo dynamic (for me because I have a lot of background in art/literary analysis, with some film) and I shipped BOTH simultaneously - and NOT in spite of each other, either.

Some of us - after the disappointment of Kathleen Kennedy LAUGHING at the prospect of StormPilot - picked up on the idea that FinnRose might become a thing. And we got excited in the face of the disappointment of losing StormPilot.

And I’ve said before - and will say again - I am not interested in going around the internet and PROCLAIMING from the hilltops my identity.Antis - PEOPLE DON’T OWE YOU THEIR FUCKING LIFE STORY TO JUSTIFY LIKING A FICTIONAL GODDAMN SHIP.

But needless to say, having an Asian woman and a Black man in a relationship is really important to me, too. Take from that what you will - I’m not going around talking in depth about who I am and why I’m here on Tumblr. Not your business. Regardless, I am personally invested in the ship. Period. Ok? We good now?

AND, for the record:

I relate to REYLO because I am a childhood abuse victim and I see Kylo Ren/Ben Solo as a victim of childhood abuse via Snoke.

You may not see that, BUT I DO. You don’t get to invalidate that reading. It’s very personal to me. That’s why REYLO is important TO ME. So y’all are being a bit ableist, if I’m honest, by assuming all kinds of things about why someone would like Reylo. Trauma and mental illness can be a reason to see yourself in a ship, too, not just race.

Not only that, but your own people have called me retarded and make fun of me for being autistic on multiple occasions - yet I don’t see y’all apologizing on behalf of your “community’s” ABLEISM. Because you don’t care as long as you “win” some goddamn subjective argument.

TO CLARIFY: Antis - you guys are going around assuming WHY people are shipping things. You are not keeping your heads on straight.

You are USING social justice as a ruse. It’s gross. It’s wrong.

Because if you had bothered to ask me WHY I ship FinnRose, you’d have backed off upon knowing the answer - if you had any decency left in that withered, shrunken muscle you call your heart, that is anyway.

But then, maybe I’m expecting too much there. You are - after all - a part of an online group LITERALLY dedicated to spreading negativity, making sweeping judgments, and harassing strangers you know nothing about, over a FICTIONAL universe.

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OMG GIRL, I am almost a total bookworm and movie fanatic but did you know the writer of the book Everything Everything (Nicola Yoon) is a black woman married to an Asian man and has a mixed baby?! If you look at her twitter and see her pinned tweet it's a picture of her and her family and it's heart melting cute! 😭❤

I still haven’t seen that movie yet but I really want too! ❤️

I thought this show was gonna be different man but no. Lets kill our loved black female character for bullshit reasons! And I was so happy about seeing a relationship between a Black Woman and Asian Man but i guess we cant have that for more than a couple of episodes… Im so pissed.