black with red accents


When Epsilon-Church is explaining why he hates the director…as he cycles through the memories of all the fragments, each corresponds with their trait.

“I’m here to remember what you’ve done.” That’s Epsilon: Memory.

“He was brilliant….” Delta: Logic.

“…and we trusted him…” Theta: Trust.

“…but he lied to us…” Gamma: Deceit.

“…he twisted and tortured us…” Omega: Rage.

“…manipulated us for his own purposes and for what? For this? This shadow?” Sigma: Creativity and Manipulation.

guys…..kaz is such a mcfreakin nerd…you know what i just considered??? he wears a well tailored suit, gloves, and a top hat. you know who else does?? i mean idk how they’d look in the grishaverse but magicians. MAGICIANS. you know, like the one that fascinated kaz as a kid…in six of crows inej says all the barrel bosses wear flashy patterns and such, but kaz keeps it simple (i dare you to google magicians. they’re all in black and white with red accents. i.e. simple) and when she calls him out or whatever he says “i’m a business man”. i bet he said it because i’m a magician would sound a lot less cool, but think about it…. a thief with a gift for unlikely escapes. “i’m going to invent a new trick”. the way he runs his cons and uses sleight of hand tricks….that nerd probably considers himself a magician anyway.

More nonsense about ‘draculas’ as an improper plural noun interchangeable with ‘vampires’.

It’s so dismissive. Just imagine someone from Buffy the Vampire Slayer saying something like, “Oh, yeah, spooky old tower. I bet there are loads of draculas up in here.”

It’s just so funny to me that vampires in cartoons are always draculas, but almost never THE Count Dracula. They all look like this:

If you get bitten by a dracula, you don’t turn into just any vampire. You turn into a dracula. You grow a widow’s peak and a fake Transylvanian accent and start wearing scalloped red and black capes. 


Honda Civic Type R Black Edition, 2017. A limited edition of 100 cars to mark the end of production of the current Civic Type R. The Black Edition features a predominantly black interior with red accents, whilst the exterior is differentiated from the standard version by red rear wing end plates on the spoiler
Janelle Monáe Is the Style Star This Awards Season Needs
The longtime performer and first-time actress’s stylist on the evolution behind Monáe’s clothes.
By Kenzie Bryant

Janelle Monáe is no stranger to red carpets. In her decade or so in the public eye, the singer’s red-carpet looks have been limited to black-and-white (with occasional red, yellow, or metallic accents), originally sticking to classic suiting. But with Monáe’s roles in both Moonlight and Hidden Figures making her an awards-season fixture, she and her longtime stylist Maeve Reilly have made some changes. As her career evolves, so too does her style, though the message she adhered to from the beginning remains as clear as her stark palette.

“I mean this in the most humble way possible: I think I have the hardest job of any stylist,” Reilly told Vanity Fair on a recent phone call, nodding to the season-by-season limitations of items that fit Monáe’s restrictions. Reilly has dressed the performer for every event she’s attended for the past four years, and when they started, Monáe was still only wearing suits.

“Now, it’s become easier with dresses and skirts and even just separates—like what she wore [to a recent Hidden Figures screening] in L.A.,” Reilly said, referring to the black-and-white, wide-legged pants she paired with a long-sleeve crop top. “She wouldn’t have worn that four years ago.”

Reilly explained that the palette she works so hard to stick to is an homage to Monáe’s family. “Her parents were blue-collar workers who wore uniforms, and so her tuxedo represented the uniforms that her family wore,” Reilly explained. “Janelle, too. She was a maid before she made music.”

The progression out of strictly menswear was never “a sit-down conversation,” according to Reilly. There was no “I’m going to wear a dress now” moment.

As awards season has progressed, though, from Moonlight’s film festival premieres to the Golden Globes, Monáe’s style has made a larger leap, partly because brands are now reaching out to her and Reilly directly. At the Golden Globes, Monáe will be wearing a custom dress that the pair began working on back in November (Reilly declined to say by whom). Monáe is also becoming more comfortable on the carpet alongside seasoned actors who’ve been doing this for 30 years.

“The music stuff goes edgier, and the acting stuff is still quirky. It’s still fun and interesting and young, but when this is all said and done and we look back at the photos, you’re going to be able to tell when she was at a music event as opposed to when she was at an acting event,” Reilly said.

Monáe’s hair, which has seen the addition of googly eyes, safety pins, and gold wires as of late, is an extension of that whimsy from her musical world, Reilly said, but it also means more by Monáe’s own admission. She captioned a photo of the beauty looks on Instagram, “From the eyes, to the gold wire, and then to the white safety pins … Can you guess what messages [Eye emoji] am sending and speaking through my hair?”

With safety pins finding new symbolism following the election of Donald Trump, one might guess a political intent. Her hair stylist, Nikki Nelms, however, recently said that they’re simply a reminder for everyone to “just try and keep it all together.”

Regardless of what specific signals are emanating from her head, Monáe has an entire career spent working within the same coded clothes. She’s found a way to expand and evolve while remaining firmly within her ideals she held from day one. It’s an acrobatic act of perspective that’s rare, and one that’s becoming more and more visible as awards season rolls along.

A Morning With The Queen of Terrasen

Hope you all enjoy! 

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius had never seen anything quite as amusing as Rowan Whitethorn bustling about her small apartment. It added to her delight that he was indeed shirtless, the rock hard planes of his chest and his solid biceps on display as if he were a piece of art at a show.

Thinking about it now, he was a piece of art. A broken, insufferable, pain in the ass piece of art, but art nonetheless.

“Shouldn’t you be getting dressed as well?” Rowan practically growled as he continued to search through her drawers. Aelin stretched lazily from the bed and released a yawn in answer.

Rowan turned and glared.

And then he stopped.

He was not expecting Aelin to be draped in nothing but a nightgown that was little more than a see-through scrap of fine fabric. This time, it was midnight black adorned with blood red accents. A sinful, daring little number that contrasted beautifully with her pale skin and infamous Ashryver eyes.

He was a fool. After all these months he should know better than let his guard down with her. Still, he found that no matter how high up his guard was, how desperately he tried to expect anything Aelin could possibly throw at him, she would throw him a curveball and he’d be rendered utterly dumbfounded.

The most devilish of smirks crossed her full lips and Rowan was almost undone at just that. A smirk that promised everything evil and nothing good.

Each time-every gods-damned time- she pushed him further, stretched his patience to its limits. Played with it like a cat would a ball of yarn.

“Aelin..” Rowan wasn’t entirely sure what he was going to attach to the end of her name. He just felt as if he should say something considering the amount of time he’d spent just ogling at her.

He dared a step forward, but stopped as she shook her head. Again, she was toying with him. He was the yarn and she was the cat. The one in control.

“You’re damned right,” Aelin answered aloud. Rowan growled, something that was not entirely of this world. It reverberated through her entirety. The scent of her washed over him in a mighty wave, quickly drowning him. Aelin was all that seemed to exist in that moment.

She was slowly driving him to insanity.

“We have somewhere we need to be right now,” He spoke silently.

She lifted an arched brow.

A sigh. “Shame to let all of this go to waste…”


“Tempting, isn’t it?”

“One of these days I will get you back for being the biggest pain in the ass all the world has ever known,” Rowan promised.

Aelin’s smile turned into a full-on grin.

“I look forward to it, Rowan Whitethorn. Then maybe finally you can put all of my many wonders to rest.”

Without another word, she rose from the bed. Rowan forced himself to screw his eyes closed and hold back another wild, animalistic sound.

So close. He was so close to giving in…

He felt something brush up against him and his eyes popped open to watch as Aelin swished past, walking sensuously to the drawers.

“What in the gods names are you doing?” Rowan asked. She answered without looking at him.

“Helping you, you miserable oaf. What else would I be doing?” She picked up a shirt, held it up to eye it for a second, and then walked back over to him. “I think this’ll look quite nice on you. Here, hold it.”

She shoved the shirt in his hands and walked back over to the drawers. Aelin searched for a few moments more before returning victorious with a pair of trousers for him.

Something about it felt oddly intimate. Her picking out his clothes.

“Go put them on,” she instructed with her hands on her full hips. Rowan was disoriented enough that he went into the bathroom and stripped of his clothing.

He changed into the clothes Aelin had picked out for him.

Aelin whistled once he emerged from the bathroom. “Now I’m no stylist, but I must say I did a damn good job.”

Rowan rolled his eyes.

“Why don’t we focus on you getting dressed? We’re already late as it is and you know how long it takes you to get ready.”

She waved her hand in dismissal and then turned to her closet.

“Now for shoes. I was thinking the ones with…” And then a moment later, “Aha! Here they are.” Aelin handed the shoes to Rowan as well and when he didn’t reply with a snarky retort, she hesitated.

“Is something wrong?” She looked up at him, holding his gaze and piercing his soul.

Gods, this woman drove him crazy.

He couldn’t help the little upturn of his lips. Aelin gasped.

“By the gods! Was that a smile?” Aelin exclaimed. “I’ve done it! I’ve made the Insufferable Pain-In-The-Ass Prince smile!”

“It was hardly more than a smirk, Aelin,” He flicked her nose. “Now go on. Go get dressed.”

Aelin held back a snarl. “You know I hate it when you rush me.”

“You know I hate it when you waste half the morning attempting to seduce me.”

At that, Aelin had to laugh.

“I don’t attempt to do anything, Prince. I always succeed in my endeavors.” She gave him a long look. Her head cocked to the side. “Although…some do take longer than others.”

Rowan grinned, causing Aelin to smile.

“Your hair’s grown out again,” she mused and reached a hand up to touch the startlingly white locks Rowan sported. “You really ought to let me braid it.” Her fingers gently combed through it, lightly scratching his scalp in some places.

He held back something that would resemble a pur. He’d never admit how pleasant her fingers felt running through his hair.

“Aelin…” he warned. She sighed dramatically.

“Alright, alright,” she finally surrendered. “I’m going.” She backed away from him.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” Rowan asked when he realized Aelin was headed towards the bathroom.

She shut the door behind her before answering. “I’m just going to take a bath…”

He groaned. “Really, Aelin? You took one last night.”

Aelin was more than aware that she truly didn’t need to take another bath. But she did so just to spite him.

“You can never be too clean,” was her excuse. “Besides, not all of us prefer to roam the countryside smelling the back end of a donkey.”

Rowan walked over to the bed and lay down, propping his head up with his arms.

“You’re a prissy little thing, you know that?”

Aelin used a stream of very unladylike words underneath her breath, but his Fae ears caught every syllable.

The Queen of Terrasen may be one of the most difficult people he’s ever been fated to meet. She was stubborn and a complete and total mystery.

But Rowan Whitethorn knew full well that there was no other place he’d rather be than by her side.

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(for the star wars thing!!) 3, 5, 8, 22, 43

3 Favourite Star Wars trilogy? (Originals, Prequels, Sequels).

The prequels are where my heart’s at

5. Empire or Rebellion? 

Rebellion, of course

8. Favourite Star Wars book?


22. Who would you be in the Star Wars universe? 

Is this asking what sort of job I’d have? Realistically, some sort of boring monotonous job not too far removed from something you’d find on Earth. (But in space!) Ideally, though? I’d love to be able to chuck stuff around with the Force, and whatever my issues with the Jedi order, they do seem to be the major avenue for that

43. What colour scheme would your armour/robes be?

Confession: I am all about that sith #aesthetic, so if I could get away with it, all black with red accents

ailavyn-siniyashBloodline: Vantas  Inspo: Crowns/Rubies

Greyscale with bright red has forever been my favorite.  Also one of my favorites: Vantases that are still mutant-bloods, but also emperors! <3 <3  Ahhhhh a good.

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Hi my name is Luciel Choi aka 707 and I have short reddish orange hair that reaches the back of my head and bright topaz eyes like my agony and a lot of people tell me I look like Elizabeth 3rd (AN: if u don’t know who they are get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Zen but I wish I was because they’re a major fucking hottie. I have pale white skin. I’m also an angel, and a hacker in none of your business and I work at the RFA (I’m 22). I’m a punk (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly red. I love YESSTYLE and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black jacket with red-orange accents) and dark jeans, yellow headphones and cross necklace and yellow sneakers. I was wearing yellow and orange striped glasses. I was walking outside my room. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of noobz (and Yoosung) stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

“You’re her, aren’t you? You’re really, really Astra - aren’t you?” Lori tugged at her costume. It was black, red and white with the big S emboldened in red, accented in white. She had agreed to assist the Legion of Superheroes who were originally from the 31st Century. Lori had no idea she’d be sent this far back in time. “Sorry, just - I’m, I’m just…” In awe? Stunned? 

Things Steph really should get in the habit of using in Manga Studio:

This delightful little helper.

You dunk in a few colors and it will give you the spectrum of colors that come between them. :3 So I could plunk in an analogous scheme, with a bright accent like

Or a nice red, black, and white…

Oh hey, that one looks familiar.

Or a neat tetradic color scheme.

Mmmm, thems some tasty palettes.

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👗 omigosh have fun!

@wrenthewitch | NOT ACCEPTING!!!

Ok, so I was considering her body-type, and i couldn’t pick between the skirt or the little dress!!! off-the shoulder white tops just seemed perfect though??? for a variety of reasons??????? with touches of black & gold accents and lots of red- because red just screams her kind of colour, it’s vibrant, and sharp to pull in attention, and hard to ignore; you give such a life to her character, and i love her so much. ;w; <3<3<3 i hope this does her justice!!!

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favorite colour: Edgy™ colors. Blacks, purples, reds, and blues. Especially love black with pastel accents, but 9 times outta 10 it doesn’t look so stellar on me.

lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick because lipstick is a dysphoric mess for me. :^)

last song i listened to: Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks.  God damn I’m still a country boy at heart.

last movie i watched: The Silenced. It’s an asian (I think Korean? I’m pretty sure.) horror movie that I have yet to finish, but now I really want to.

top 3 tv shows: Archer, 1000 Ways to Die, Mythbusters

top 3 characters: Handsome Jack, Cronus, and probably… idk Cyril or August or Rhys or-

top 3 ships: Handsome Jack/Cronus (eat my shorts), Rhack, August/Rhys or August/Vaughn

books i’m currently reading: The Fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski. Haven’t picked it up since before I moved but…. maybe it’s around here somewhere…