black winged redbird

And what about her? She just comes in, asks for miss Carmen Lee, if I heard correctly, and goes out again because “wrong room, I guess”. And Jane gives her this suspicious look for a considerable amount of time

What I’m saying is that there was no reason at all for her to do this and we didn’t even find out the reason till the end of the episode. What do you think?

6X02 Black Winged Redbird

1. Let’s all take a second and celebrate Lisbon wasn’t hurt in any way! Ahw Jane wiped off the blood >.<
2. I quickly caught on and figured Lisbon was just dreaming but poor woman, I mean she was all traumatized. Now Jane said RJ didn’t murder Lisbon because he was rushed or something spooked him off to leave quickly. I actually hadn’t seen it like that. I figured it was just RJ’s warning to Jane.
3. Haha Cho and Rigsby’s conversation in the car!
4. The oven -.- although I saw that murder coming. RJ always seems ahead
5. Bertram, McAllister, Smith, and Haffner all in this episode. I insist with my theory that although one is RJ on the list, the others are (‘were’ for Partridge) his followers/minions. That would explain Partridge’s “tiger tiger” and why all the suspects we’ve seen until now are acting really strange. Now I just need to figure out who I think RJ is. O.o
6. Sophie’s recorder: it describes something from each RJ suspect. This makes it even more confusing but like I said RJ is generally always ahead so he probably did that on purpose. Idk.
7. Umm…..yeah who’s idea was it to leave Lisbon by herself at the hospital?
8. The background case was sad. Poor guy.
9. Jisbon! I don’t think I have to explain ;)
10. Next week: Rigsby and Van Pelt are getting married! And then Jane’s comment lol