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My Little Secret

Pairings: Avengers x fem!Reader

Word Count: 610

Warnings: None?

(A/N): This one is even worse.

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“Dance with me, Barton.”

Your exaggerated British accent makes him chuckle as he strolls closer and offers you a playful bow.

“As you wish, my Lady.”

He places his hands on your waist and you sling yours around his shoulders, sending him a dazzling smile.

He swirls you around and your laughter fills the room for a moment that is too short lived in the team’s mind. It’s no secret that you had one too many to drink, nor is the fact that you were a magnificent dancer.

What was however was that this was your favorite song and that being twirled around, with your tight-fitting black dress on and your hair perfectly done, while laughter spilled from your lips, was a genuine experience that you never had the pleasure of sharing with someone as important as any of them.

You allow yourself to halt momentary, extending your hand towards Bucky and pulling him from the couch with a lopsided grin.

He simply chuckles, swaying his hips in an exaggerated gesture to match yours, while Clint pulls Steve from the sidelines and dances with him, all the while singing the lyrics to the song painfully loud.

Tony joins in on the fun with a laughing Pepper and soon Maria and Sam are on the dance floor too, grinning like fools, laughter bubbling up in Pietro as he twirls Wanda around the room.

Bucky dips you and you mock faint in his arms as he leans in to give you a big, lingering kiss on your cheek, before releasing you and making his way over to Steve.

You walk over to Nat then and in a manner not unlike your drunken self, pull her to her feet and into your arms.

The beat changes to a faster pace and you tug her closer to keep up, she steps on your foot, laughs and apologizes, yet realizes fast enough that you couldn’t care less and allows a smile to grace her own face. You're​ spinning her in circles, laughing and soon enough she is too, singing along to the song that never seems to end.

She hopes it won’t.

And you’d be damned if you let it.

Bucky and Steve are twirling one another with large, stupid grins on their faces, while Tony changed partners and is now having a dance off with Clint and Sam. Pepper and Wanda are watching from the sidelines with lopsided smirks and tipsy giggles, while Pietro managed to sweep Maria of off her feet and is now dancing with her throughout ​the room with a roguish smirk on his face.

All their troubles lay forgotten for that one single moment and even after you part ways with Nat and sit down on the couch, to observe the spectacle, they continue dancing as if nothing really mattered any more.  

It probably doesn´t.

You muse, smiling at the radiant happiness that even the ever so stoic Natasha and Maria have trouble containing as it seeps into their movements and spills with their laughter.

It´s a rare moment for you, to see them all up and happy, unbothered by the burden of their titles and responsibilities, so you decide to stand to your feet once again and join in on the fun once more when Steve offers you his hand and invites you to dance with him.

And right then, when you look into his brilliant blue orbs that are now almost glowing with the intensity of his joy, while his cheeks are flushed red from the laughter from before, you decide that the fact that you were never even drunk to begin with shall remain your little secret forever.

Chameleon [part 5]

Synopsis: [still in construction]
Requested: not at all
Pairing: Bucky×Reader
Warnings: none so far

Preview: Part 3; Part 4/ Masterlist

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A/N: To be honest, I’m not very happy with this chapter. Not so sure if I should publish it the way it is, but here it goes. Enjoy.

Last night, while everybody gathered for dinner, you decided to stay in your room and avoid the eyes of the hungry people. You assumed that your absence wouldn’t be a big deal since nobody really minded having you in the team. And while in your room all you could think about was “what have I done?”

It wasn’t a question directed to what happened in the lab or in the gym but the whole situation you were currently living in. Things were quieter in the country side where you lived for a long time while hiding from the ones looking for you. The longest hide and seek game you have ever played. And now you were there, with the Avengers, trying to be the most heroical possible so things would work just well while you were there. 

Getting to be an Avenger was being tough. Not physically talking. There were mind games that you still didn’t know how to play but you knew Natasha was a good player. She didn’t dislike you completely but she certainly manipulated you and induced you to feel smaller, weak and not wanted, to crash you down, to make you give up, to make you reveal what were your real intensions with the team. Ends up you weren’t so easy to reveal information.

You had nothing against the avengers whatsoever. Everybody knew Nick wanted you to be there because he surely knew you were for good use. Natasha had to trust Nick Fury but she would never ignore her instincts. Barely she knew that her instincts sometimes fail and she could commit a terrible mistake by trying to deconstruct you. You wouldn’t hurt her, no, but she would face failure and shame if she did so. 

Moving on from Natasha, she didn’t matter anything to you. You could easily keep everything professional with her. Her job was to train you and you had the obligation to learn something from her. But what really got your mind was Bucky and how betrayed he felt. 

You should have gone after him to explain everything but there was nothing for you to explain. You couldn’t lie to him saying you didn’t copy his DNA because you did. Not because you wanted but because your body does it automatically. But of course it would be hard for him to believe you. What proves that you didn’t just hold his hand to get his information? You were just strangers so for what other reason would you hold his hand? You didn’t know, you just felt like doing it… But of course he could doubt you even though he didn’t mind having you in his hands either. 

Bucky was afraid you could do the things he does, not only the good but also the bad. The bad things he had done before long time ago when he was the Winter Soldier. You could only know if you tried but this possibility haven’t cross your mind yet. You weren’t willing to try turning into Bucky. It would give him all the reasons to feel hurt even more. 

Let’s face it, being a chameleon meant that your entire life would be built in trust issues.

You heard a knock on your door and it woke you up. You didn’t know you had such light sleep. You got up from your bed and before you could open the door, the person on the other side knocked again showing that they wouldn’t give up on talking to you. 

“Yes?” you open the door to reveal Captain Steve Rogers in his comfortable sweat pants and white t-shirt.

“Hi. Can I talk to you for a second?” he asked and you gave him space to enter your room that was dark and the little illumination it had came from the window. 

You close the door behind you and waited until Steve started talking. He took his time to check your room that was still the same, you haven’t changed anything since you arrived. He had huge expectations to find at least a picture of your family or a beloved someone on the night stand. Let down, he turned around to face you and notice your relaxed appearance, different from what you used to look like when around everybody.

“Is there any reason for you to miss dinner?” before looking for an answer, you looked at the alarm clock on your night stand and checked the hour. Short before midnight and Steve Rogers had to wake you up to have a chat? Didn’t seem very typical.

“I wasn’t hungry.” you preferred keeping the real reason pretty low key.

“That’s a little concerning because Bucky also haven’t attended dinner.” the captain revealed hoping the mention of his friend would make you react differently.

“Maybe he also didn’t feel like eating tonight. Steve, is there anything wrong?” you asked a little too cold causing the man to have the impressions that you were being rude.

“I just wanted to check if everything was okay with you, Y/N.” 

“Everything is fine. But it is almost midnight and you are being weird with me.” you let out what you were truly thinking. In your normal state you wouldn’t have done it but it seems like being woken up in the middle of the night got you annoyed.

“I was just waiting for everybody to go to bed so I could ask you these question. Since everything is okay, I’ll leave you alone now.”

He didn’t take the time to say goodnight, Steve just left your room closing the door behind him. He surely knew that there was something going on between you and Bucky and he was afraid it was anything bad. The last thing he wanted was for his team to have intern fights and disagreement. 

“I don’t agree with this.” you said before Bruce could have finished his sentence. “I am not going to let you take anything from me, Banner.”

“At least he is asking you for a sample, Y/N. Different than you…” said Natasha causing you to get up from your chair and get ready to start your speech of protest. But Bruce didn’t give you the chance to defend yourself taking his turn to talk again.

“Y/N, just ignore her. This is not about ethics or anything, I just wanna help you with what I can. And all I can do is examine your blood and watch you do your tricks.” he said calmly getting in the middle of you and Natasha, back facing her. “This will help us develop a suit. And maybe some antidote for you to be able to control this thing you do… We need to check time, performance, energy, collateral effects, and many other things.”

“First of all, I don’t need a suit. Second, I’m not gonna let anyone give me antidotes to control my mutant powers, this is out of cogitation.” you moved your hands to emphasize your words. 

You were at the lab with Bruce and Natasha since very early in the morning and all they have done was trying to convince you to give a sample of your blood. You knew that giving a specialist your blood would help discover why you were like that and how your body worked. But you didn’t want to give anything to Bruce Banner, the guy was a freak. If he couldn’t find any solution for his Hulk form, you couldn’t imagine him finding anything positive for yourself.

“I’m out.”

If you stayed one more second in there, the whole talking would take several hours and you would never say yes to any of his propositions. It wasn’t like you were going to destroy the city with what you got, you weren’t hulk, there was nothing to be afraid of. Well, actually, there was, but you could control your feelings, right? While Bruce Banner as the green giant creature cold only be angry, mad, and kinda repulsive. 

They were afraid of course, that is why they wanted to take a hold of you. Avoid that you could suddenly turn into the president and do massive decisions while the real body of the leader of the United States would be under the ocean. Not so bad of an idea but you weren’t planning any of this. If you wanted you could have done worse things before but you never did because you had good character. 

This whole power situation was making you mad. You didn’t want your time spent there to be all about power talking. There were much more things for you to do, to see, to learn, than just talk about yourself and be an experiment in the lab. You had other problems to take care of, social problems you could say. Bucky…

The winter Soldier was nowhere to be seen. You haven’t seen his face in breakfast, and you haven’t seen him after you left the lab. He was avoiding you. He had so many reasons to do so. But still deep inside his heart he believed you haven’t copied his combination. Poor Bucky, he had such a sweet heart to still believe you wouldn’t do it. Of course it wasn’t because you wanted but you had to be honest with him if he ever asked you about it. You still had hopes he would talk to you, eventually he would, right?

You found yourself watching Wanda training. Not that she needed, but the witch was practicing some punches on the sacs. You and Vision were side by side following her every punch. He had his arms crossed and a serious face, it seemed like he had no feelings and you believed he didn’t.

“Bucky is in his room now.” said Vision out of the blue. You looked at him kinda impressed. Well, this dude’s name is Vision, no doubt he could see things. 


“I know you are looking for him. Apparently you have done something bad.” the creature said not expecting you to reply. 

“I haven’t done anything bad. Bucky doesn’t understand- nobody understands it’s, it is-” you tried to explain yourself.

“Why do you care so much?” his deep voice creeped you out a little but he asked a good question. Why, Y/N?

“I don’t know. Maybe because Bucky was nice to me, I didn’t want to disappoint him.” you shrugged your shoulders starting to feel so little, so stupid.

“Humans can mix their feelings so easily. It wouldn’t surprise me if you mistook him as disappointed and not afraid.”

Afraid. It haven’t crossed your mind that Bucky could be afraid of you. Out of all of them, the toughest guy to be afraid of you sounded comic and surreal. You didn’t want the soldier to be afraid, to fear you. You would never admit it to anyone, but you were soft inside. You had heart and soul, you weren’t bad. You weren’t a bad mutant, you were nothing like the Hulk, or like some of the guys you met at the X-Mansion.

Bucky shouldn’t be afraid of you and if it was the reason why he avoided you, you should talk to him. Make sure not to touch him not to distance him again. You needed support and for some weird reason you felt like James Barnes was one you could put full trust in. You had things in common, you both had pasts, terrible ones, but you wanted to be good. The both of you had good essence and it made a perfect match. 

Bucky and you wouldn’t hold hands for irrelevant facts, but for a bigger force of the universe that would unite your hands to be the best two humans could be. The good, the loyal, the true, and the pure. Your hearts and souls, your characters, your flaws and your qualities. There was a bigger reason for you to be so afraid of disappointing him and there was a bigger reason for him to fear you meeting his worst part, you just didn’t know yet. 

You didn’t know any of these. You just knew that you were pretty close of screwing things up the same way he was not being brave enough to face you any time soon. You had to talk to him, you had to see him right then. 

There you were, in front of his door waiting for the perfect time to knock it. There was no perfect time, it was just an excuse you created to postpone this situation. C’mon, you have nothing to lose. Your inner voice told you. You really didn’t have anything to lose. You only had to face him and explain what happened, tell him the truth about your power. That was it. 

Knock knock.


-Pearl Writer

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Imagine being an agent of SHIELD, and being Natasha’s partner on missions, &, the two of you end up falling in love.
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I’ve been playing Don’t Starve with my bestie @funcaistudios and I decided I really wanted a spider oc. So this is Widow, she is pretty much afraid of everything, especially the dark. 

And as a side note, She needs two more arms lol. Not sure how I’m gonna place them yet but oh well, I like this piece anyway.


I love the way the guys use their natural instincts in this scene.

Cap makes a makeshift shield to protect himself, Tony grabs a screwdriver and uses his engineering brain to take them down, Clint uses his aim to throw Steve his shield to support him and Natasha grabs a gun she taped beforehand because she is prepared like a god damn professional.

The scenes we NEED in Infinity War.

1. Tony asking for Peter and both respond.
2. Rocket needing Bucky’s metal arm.
3. Thor and Drax comparing their turds.
4. Groot helping Bucky with his mental state. Bucky even shares his plums with Groot.
5. “I am T'Challa, King of Wakanda.” “I am Groot.”
6. Somebody saying ‘No shit Sherlock’ and Stark and Strange give each other a knowing look.
7. They also bond over their facial hair.
8. Steve telling someone to watch their language and Drax asks how he can watch language.
9. Both Peters bonding over their retro tech.
10. Rocket and Stark drinking and creating robotics together.
11. An arm wrestle between Gamora and Nat.
12. Mantis getting Wanda and Vision together
13. Rocket hitting on a fox. “Rocket, she can’t talk.” “Of course she can! She’s just shy!”


Robyn & Hayden spending their last night together…

The twins– Amy- I really cant stand living here anymore with that witch that dad married.. 

Tiffany- Yeah i know how you feel about Robyn, but she’s not that bad.. Dads happy thats all that matters right?

Amy- Well after this big black & while dinner she’s hosting tomorrow, im moving out to go live with our big brother Aiden.. 

The next day.. 

I think this might do.. Now i just need to put something black on..