Last chance to pick this Teela “Masters of the Universe” piece up on eBay:

5 hours to go

Along with my other items a Black Widow piece, and a Hellcat piece!

Copic Multi Liners, Copic Sketch Markers, Copic Opaque White.

Dating Natasha Romanoff Would Include:

- Hickies.. Hickies fucking everywhere
- Lots of deep conversations
- Also a lot of:
‘Hey Nat do you think penguins know they are just penguins?’ 
‘Shut up y/n’
- Not only a soulmate but a best friend
- Only really having one wardrobe between the both of you as you didn’t even know who’s clothes were who’s anymore.
- Attempting to fake fight with her, knowing fine well you cannot fight at all:
‘Fight me Nat’
‘Y/n, I am a trained assassin’
‘Bitch I know what I’m about’
- I love you really
- Late night drinking sessions
- Helping her through her training even when she was pushed to her limits.
- ‘Pinky Promise’