omg #43

i had an actual dream of this scenario playing out in Infinity War. I don’t know what a ‘handsome year’ is but bucky is apparently 35 of them


Requested by stitchbeatle

You were just a new member of the Avengers and certain members of the team couldn’t help but notice that you were quickly becoming exhausted. Today you had gotten to train with Peter and afterward you two got to starting. However it didn’t take you long to fall asleep on your fellow super heroes shoulder.

Now Peter didn’t want to wake you so he let you snore away on top of him. Without meaning to Natasha walked in on the two of you. But the sight of you finally asleep made her smile. Confused as to why Black Widow was smiling like that Peter asked what had got ten into her.

”It’s nothing but, this is the first time [Y/N] slept in forever” Nat explained causing Peter’s eyes to widen in surprise “I don’t know what you did but it’s nice to see that they’re getting some rest” Natasha said before leaving.

When she was gone Peter couldn’t help but whisper to himself.
“I don’t know what I did either…”.


Clint: The whole team is in a plane crash, who gonna eat to survive?

Nat: Steve

Clint: but Steve is so stringy, I’m juicey.

Nat: Steve’s got more muscle, higher protein content. Better for you.

Clint: Well, I would eat you…

Nat: That’s very nice,,,, I guess

Clint: I still don’t see why you wouldn’t eat me. I’m your best friend!

Nat: If other people are having some, I’ll try you!


current mood: when the infinity war trailer is freaking you out but your faves are getting hurt so you gotta save them