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Hey Mama! (You look beautiful in the selfie) What would the 104th and vets favorite Marvel movie be? I love you! 😚😚😚 Also, people are stop able to go anon, so maybe fix that. I don't want you to get hate.

Thank you love! I know, I mean, I had anon off for months now haha. I’ll keep better track on it next time, this discussion about gender we had was just important to me on a personal basis, that’s why I couldn’t shut it down right away. But as I said, I’ll try to control it better next time. Thank you for your concern, my love!

Mikasa: Black Wido- Oh yeah…
Reiner: Iron man 2
Bertholdt: Winter Soldier
Annie: Age Of Ultron
Eren: Captain America
Jean: Ant-Man
Marco: The Avengers
Sasha: The Incredible Hulk
Connie: Guardians Of The Galaxy
Historia: Civil War
Armin: Dr. Strange
Ymir: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2

Levi: Winter Soldier
Hanji: Ant-Man
Erwin: Civil War
Nanaba: Iron Man
Mike: Thor: The Dark World
Moblit: Iron Man 3

Seeing how integrated the MCU superheroes are with the non-superhero world. And seeing how their comic book counterparts made so many questionable life choices. I just want magazines and news channels talking about their costume choices at length.

Give me Joan Rivers shrieking nasally at the camera, “I’m just saying, if you’re gonna wear that while rescuing me, I’d rather die by the hands of a supervillain, than be near that purple monstrosity”

Clint sharpening his arrows, muttering “maybe I won’t”

News channel reporters seriously discussing if Iron Man’s mini-skirt suit increases his crime fighting ability. “And now we have fashion expert, Edna Mode, in with us to talk about Captain America’s Nomad costume”

The Met Gala having a “superhero” theme, and half the celebrities coming in with elaborate capes (that make Edna put her head in her hands), and knee-high boots. (It was the first year the fancy gala was nicknamed “Stripper Bar on Superhero Night” in social media….it trended on Twitter)

Tony quietly buying off companies that produce action figures wearing his more unfortunate sartorial choices. (While he thinks his every suit is an impeccable work of Art and Engineering….even his shamelessness has limits)

Steve having to sign photos of him in his navel baring costume, and Clint gleefully signing his nude legs.

Natasha just looks at the idiotic soul who has the temerity to bring up her fishnet outfit.

Fashion police and Project Runway, diplomatically critiquing the costumes.

Also, designers and superhero aficionados copying the awful outfits, leading to an era of bad fashion choices.

Just……think about it.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier 4 Minute Trailer