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cat friend!!!

so i play as a fighter half orc, who is known for ripping off peoples dongs when she beats them in arm wrestling matches. she makes them into bombs which she keeps in her bag of holding

our group is made of a half elf sorcerer (i think) a half elf cleric, a tiefling rogue/druid, a moon elf wizard (maybe?) and my half orc. the half elf sorcerer has been begging the dm to let him get a cat.

we’re escorting a wagon to the town of phandolin when we spot a couple of dead horses. we hang around for a little bit trying to figure out what happened, when a member of our party hears rustling in the bushes near our tiefling. he doesnt tell us this.

DM: so all of you hear the bushes towards the back of the wagon rustle, and you all can tell that somethings there


teifling rogue (ooc): no wait dont do that, throw it next to the bush just to scare it

me (ooc): oh yeah okay i’ll do that then

DM: your bomb lands near the bush and right before it explodes you hear a cat wail. after the explosion you see a white paw on the ground, with a black stripe going up it. the rest of the cat has been demolished.

literally everyone in the party is complaining cause i threw a dong bomb at the cat they wanted to befriend, and our cleric even tried to bring it back from the dead, but we had to continue on our adventure without the cat.

flash forward like an hour later when we’re at the mouth of a goblin cave, right after my half orc and our sorcerer had assassinated some goblin guards.

DM: so uh you look around and you hear the bushes rustle again. out steps a cat, all white with a black stripe on its leg

i yell cause my orc has animal handling, and i end up with a 23 to befriend the cat. our sorcerer is begging me to give him the cat, and then our cleric asks for the cat, and so they start having a bidding war to see who will get it

i end up keeping the cat

The Neighbors ( 3/?)

 Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You grew up in a small town with you parents and siblings, so your new experience was city life. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing, bad flirting.

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader


                                         Part 3 : The PJ Party

     After you shower and make yourself breakfast, you’re more than ready to pass the hell out. You crawl into your bed, pulling the blankets up to your chin and snuggling yourself further into them. You set an alarm for 6:45pm, making sure to give yourself enough time to get ready before going across the hall. As you lay back down, you can’t seem to stop thinking about tonight.

  What am I going to wear? Who the hell has pajama parties anymore? But Sam’s so sweet, like a little puppy. Should I wear what I have on right now?

You pull your blankets away so you can see your pajamas. You have on a pair of comfortable underwear that has flamingos all over them , and another giant band tee shirt.

I can’t wear this. I’ll look like a weirdo! Maybe I can dig out a pair of my old sleep shorts. Yeah, that sounds good.

After 15 more minutes of debating what to wear, you finally doze off.

   Beep Beep Beep

You go to hit the snooze button, but end up knocking the entire clock on the floor.

 "Son of a bitch!“ You roll yourself onto the floor to pick it up and place it back where it was. You’re still not completely awake, so you drag yourself to your bathroom and throw some cold water on your face. When you wake up a little more you start to get yourself ready to go to the guys. You fell asleep with your hair wet, so you try to tame the lions mane that your formed. You manage to smooth out your waves, so they don’t look as chaotic. Perfect start, now let’s find some pants.

 You rip through all of your drawers, looking for the pile of shorts you know you have somewhere. You finally find it in the last drawer. You drop the pile on your bed, picking each pair until you stumble across the winners.

  OH HELL YES.   You pick up a pair that you completely forgot about. They use to be your favorite before you opted for sleeping in just underwear. You slide the shorts on and switch out your band tee for a new shirt.

    You look in the mirror happy with your appearance.Your hair is down in somewhat tamed waves and you decide against makeup. You’re sporting black sleep shorts with a white stripe down the outside of your legs, and a white V-neck tshirt. The shirt wasn’t too baggy but it wasn’t too tight. You twist your body to get a better view of the back to make sure everything looks alright.

   Damn, did they always make my ass look like this…? You notice that the shorts cling on to the curve of your ass perfectly, but you can’t tell if they’re appropriate or not for tonight. You look at your clock to see how much time you have left. It’s already 7:50? How is that even possible? You decide to leave the shorts on, but you throw on some slipper boots, grab your phone and make your way across the hall.

 Before you knock on their door, you take a deep breath. Remember, they are just normal people. That occasionally save the world. And are hot. Super hot superheros. Damn it, Y/n! You make yourself blush, but knock on the door anyway.

  Sam answers and pulls you inside. You look around, noticing that all the boxes are gone and that it looks almost exactly like the setup of your apartment.

  "Well what do you think? I set everything up while those two slept last night.” You keep glancing around, noticing the décor and how awesome everything really looks. It was just a typical guy’s apartment, but it was really tidy. It was clean and simple. You love it.

“Sam it looks incredible! It’s so neat and organized,” you say as he leads you to the couch. When you look down at it, your eyes light up. It’s the biggest couch you’ve ever seen. The kind that people only see in the super expensive store. The cushions are  almost the size of a small bed and look so soft. Huh, must be from Stark.

You look at Sam before you dive onto the couch like a child. He lets out hearty laugh then follows your lead throwing himself down next to you.

“You know Y/n, you can’t have a pajama party without a fort…” Your eyes light up like a child’s on Christmas morning.

That’s it. He’s my new bestfriend.

“You’re totally right, Sam. You know what else? Candy, can’t have a pajama party without candy.”

You both just stare at each other before he speaks, “Did we just become best friends?” You both have the biggest, dorkiest smiles on your faces.

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“Yep!” Oh my God, he just quoted Step Brothers with me. Well played Wilson, well played.

               “Fucking finally someone to get my movie quotes! Those two still aren’t caught up to this time period, all my good reference go right over their heads,” he angrily confesses. You let out a snort and put your hand on his shoulder.

  “This is going to be a beautiful friendship, Sam Wilson.” He throws a fist into the air in celebration. Just then, Steve and Bucky walk through the doors with 4 boxes of pizza and a couple bottles of Pepsi.

When they see you, they both smile and say hello while they drop the items off at the counter.

Bucky gives you both a suspicious glance. “What did you two do? You look guilty.” Sam rolls his eyes, you laugh and shrug your shoulders.

“Nothing, yet.” You and Sam burst into a fit of giggles, and that causes Steve to laugh. Bucky just rolls his eyes as he walks over and sits down next to you, handing you a plate of pizza.You thank him, and watch as Steve brings Sam his. Sam picks a movie out of his very large movie collection and plays it without telling anyone what he chose.  Before you know it, the opening credits to Billy Madison starts playing, and you almost spit out your pizza.

  “THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES,” you yell in excitement. Sam throws his hand up for a high-five, and you gladly give it to him.

  “At least someone likes my movie choices,” he exclaims. Both of his roommates roll their eyes and continue eating.

   “So Sam…fort time?” You ask, sending him an excited grin. He jumps up, ready to do it right that second. Bucky’s expression lights up too. I already love all of them.

“That’s what you two were plotting when we got here? Steve says. “No way! No forts! Buck and Sam can’t stand each other in normal spaces, I’m not dealing with them arguing over a fort.” You all huff in response to Steve’s parent-like attitude.

  You hear Sam mumble what you think is ‘Captain Buzzkill’. Bucky just flicks Steve off, earning him a glare. You laugh, noticing a smile on Steve’s lips as you do. All of a sudden, you feel a cool metal hand lay gently on your bare thigh. You look towards Bucky, raising your eyebrow. What is he doing?

“You know Doll, if you want to fool around in a fort we could always build one in my room. I could show you a few things, if you- “

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  Steve cuts him off by whipping a pillow at him. Bucky glares at him, sending you a wink. “The offers always open.” You roll your eyes, and he squeezes your thigh before removing his hand. Way to be discreet Barnes.

   Halfway through the movie, when everyone was full and finished eating, Bucky turns to you and asks, “So Y/n, have you always lived in New York?” The way he asks makes you think he already knows the answer. I bet anything they had Stark do a background check on me to make sure I’m not a stalker. Not surprising. You tell him about your hometown and the need for a change. As he keeps asking your questions, Sam and Steve join in. After Sam asks about your best friend, you decide it’s your turn.

“Woah woah woah, it’s my turn to ask guys!” They all nod in agreement, so you continue. “How long after you met me did it take for you guys to have Tony Stark run a background check on me?” They were all silent, until Bucky speaks up.

“Wow doll, you think we would have Stark do a background check on you? How cold.” You start to feel guilty and are about to apologize before he continues, “We had Natasha do it. If you want snooping done right, you’ve gotta have a spy do it.” He winks at you and you smack his arm.

“You ass! I almost felt bad about that!” He just chuckles and moves to his next question.

“So sweetheart, are you single?” Steve spits out his Pepsi, right at Sam, and Sam lets out a string of profanities.

“Jesus Buck, way to be subtle,” Steve mumbles. You can see a faint blush on his cheeks.

You let out a light laugh, “It’s okay Steve, I had a feeling it would be asked. And yes Bucky, I’m single. Are all of you?” You hold your breath, half wanting to hear Steve’s answer, half not wanting to know.

They all answer yes .Looks like the Universe is on my side for once.

    The night continues with random questions, some funny, some serious. By the time you all seem to run out of questions,  it’s about 4 a.m. In one night, you feel like they know you more than most people. You tell them about your family, past relationships, more about your best friend. It’s so easy to talk to them that everything just flows out. You also find out more about them than you could imagine. From their lives before the Avengers, to what they do in their spare time. You even unwillingly learned of Sam’s shit schedule, thanks to Bucky. When you go to leave the guys’ apartment, you hug them all goodbye. You notice Steve and Buckys hugs last a little longer than Sam’s does for you. You aren’t going to think too much into it though. Bucky offers to walk you to your door, which sends a laugh through you.

“Barnes, it’s literally 15 steps away.” He shrugs his shoulders, resting his hand on your lower back guiding you to the hall.

“I’m from the ‘40s, it’s the gentleman thing to do. Just humor me, doll.” You shiver at the nickname and a blush blooms across your features. You don’t miss the victorious smirk on his face.  if it was really part of the '40s charm, why Steve didn’t offer? Oh well. When you reach your door, you give him another hug, and turn to unlock it. When you turn back around, Bucky’s eyes are still lingering where your ass was just a minute ago. You clear your throat and cross your arms.

“My eyes are up here, Doll.” You smirk. Bucky blushes at being caught red-handed.

“Goodnight Y/n,” he says. You take that as your cue to step into your home. As you’re stepping away, Barnes lands a decent smack on your ass. You let out a yelp but by the time you turn around he’s already at his door and laughing.

Being a gentleman my ass. What the hell am I getting myself into?

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Growing Affections

Title: Growing Affections
Summary: Sherlock has been pining for his best friend’s sister for weeks and is struggling to keep his feelings hidden
Author: Maddy
Words: 2600
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x Reader, John x sister!Reader
Warnings: Major fluff overdose and bad writing due to tiredness

Request: Could you do a Sherlock x Reader, where the reader is John’s sister and Sherlock fancies the reader but he doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of John, until one day John is out and the reader says something and Sherlock grabs her and kisses her and John walks in? (happy ending please) thank you xx - anonymous

Author’s Notes: I didn’t know whether you wanted the reader to say whether she likes Sherlock out loud or try to subtly tell him but I thought it would be fun to write it as if though she was just there and Sherlock just couldn’t hold back kiss them any longer. This is written a lot differently from some of my other works but I feel like it worked out for the best. Maybe. I also seem to have a thing for writing short readers though I myself am not really that short. And have you realised that in most of these Sherlock fics, based in Britain (obviously) they don’t mention marmite at all? Being Australian and absolutely in love with Vegemite and marmite, I was actually really surprised by this, though honestly I can’t see Sherlock or John liking it now that I think about it and now I’m rambling because I am really tired. Oh well, I hope you like this nonny!


After suffering through the tirade of childhood together, you and John had formed as close a bond with each other as any other pair of siblings would have created, even more so after he had taken upon the role of the protective older brother once your parent’s marriage began to die. He went through your school work with you and helped you navigate through high school drama whilst the stability of your family crumbled around you as Harry succumbed to the drink and your mother fell into depression. He had always been there for you through your childhood so when he came home from Afghanistan, in pain, depressed and unwilling to ask for help, you were there to lend a hand when he needed it.

Your bond only grew stronger as a result and when John had met Sherlock at the front of 221B, you, of course, had tagged along. Sherlock had been surprised when he saw you trailing next to John, your hair in a messy bun on top of your head, sky blue scarf around your neck, shielding it and your mouth from the bitter wind, your nose red from the cold (you had never liked the cold, even after living in England all your life), your red jacket contrasting against your black and white striped-stockinged legs and black converse-clad feet, a look that would have probably been ghastly on any other person except you. You were short, shorter than John even, the top of your head barely reaching Sherlock’s collarbone when you stood next to him. If he were to describe you at that moment, he would have chosen anything other than intimidating, the period immediately after that however, was a different story.

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Collapse - Chapter One


Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

Early Saturday morning…

“You understand why I asked you to not to join me for this interview?” Naomasa asked, passing the subpoena request form to Wright.

Wright nodded, “I doubt Sato would want to see me again anytime soon. However, I do appreciate you bringing Alba with you.”

Tyto swivelled her head around, feathers puffing up pleasantly at the sound of her name.

There was a knock at the door, and Sansa poked his head in.

“Sato is here with his attorney. I left them in the break room,” he said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Naomasa stood. He glanced at Sansa’s casual clothes, “Going to U.A. then?”

A soft purr rolled in Sansa’s throat as he nodded, “Just heading out.”

“Have fun, Tamakawaii,” Tyto whistled, batting her eyelashes at the flustered officer.

Naomasa tried not to laugh as Sansa stuttered a ‘thank you’ and ducked out. Standing, Naomasa gestured for Tyto to follow, “Let’s get started.”

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Moments. Chapter 16: First

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 16: First

“I was watching that” Sana mumbled trying to keep her eyes opened

“No you weren’t, you were asleep” she heard Yousef chuckle

They were in their living room. Yousef was sitting on the couch with his feet on the table. Sana was lying on his chest, his arm wrapped around her. They had been in that same position for almost two hours now, they were supposed to be watching a movie but Sana had fallen asleep half an hour after it started and only waken up once Yousef had stopped the movie.

“I wasn’t asleep, I was just resting my eyes” Sana whined

“For one hour and a half?”

“Shut up”

Yousef laughed and squeezed her arm gently, kissing then the top of her head.

“It’s getting late anyway, we should get ready and start dinner, our parents will be here in about 3 hours” Yousef said

“Whose idea was to invite them for dinner when we could have the entire day for ourselves?” Sana complained

“Uh, it was your idea actually”

“And it was such a great idea, like every idea I have” Sana said yawning

“Of course” he chuckled “Okay, time to have a shower”

Yousef tried to stand up but Sana wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest

“Sana…it’s getting late and I still have to make dinner”

“But I’m so comfortable right now” she said in a sleepy voice

“You can stay here while I shower, but then it’s your turn. You have 15 more minutes to sleep, that’s all missy” he said once again kissing the top of her head and finally standing up leaving sleepy Sana on the couch.

“I hate you” she whispered

“You love me” he said as he left the room to take a shower


As he got out of the bathroom, only a towel around his waist, he already knew she was sleeping. The house was completely in silence. He didn’t blame her though, he knew she had been working really hard on her residency at the hospital lately. He looked at her for awhile as she peacefully slept on the couch. They had been married for two weeks now and he still couldn’t believe it was real, he couldn’t believe he was this lucky.

“Sana” he whispered her name and he stood in front of her “Sana…wake up”

She took a deep breath and opened her eyes slowly, only to find Yousef’s bare chest right in front of her. She couldn’t help but stare at it for a bit still not knowing if she was awake or if she was still dreaming.

“My eyes are up here, you know” he teased her

Sana looked up and smiled shyly. She stretched out her arms and sat down on the couch.

“I was just…”

“Staring?” Yousef asked with a smirk

“Admiring my husband’s qualities” she said biting her lip

“Qualities, huh?”

“Yeah, but don’t let it get to you”

He shook his head and laughed.

“Okay admirer, you need to have a shower and get ready while I start making dinner”

He offered her his hand to help her stand up. She took it and got on her feet.

“You know, there’s a lot of time left, do we really need to start getting ready now?”

“Yes because” he said as he took a step closer to her and placed his hands on her waist “This is going to be our first dinner with our parents as a married couple. It has to be perfect”

Sana couldn’t help but laugh at that and shake her head.

“What?” Yousef asked confused

“You’ve been saying that kind of stuff the whole week. ‘Look Sana this is our first breakfast as a married couple. Look Sana this is our first movie as a married couple. Look Sana this is our first dinner as a married couple’” she teased him

“Is this going to be our first fight as a married couple?” he asked acting offended

“No” she laughed as she placed her arms around his neck “You know I love this cheesiness of you, even if it gets me on my nerves sometimes”

“What can I say? I’m Yousef” he said shrugging

“And I love Yousef” she said as she leaned in closer to him

“And I love you”

He closed the space between them and kissed her lips slowly. She held onto his neck tighter and deepened the kiss. She smiled to herself, the happiness she felt while kissing Yousef was still new to her.

“Hmm…okay” she said as she pulled away “You really need to go and put a shirt on or else I won’t be able to get ready in time and you won’t be able to make dinner”

Yousef raised his eyebrows as high as humanly possible, a smirk showing on his lips.

“Shut up” Sana said rolling her eyes as she let go of him and took a step backwards “You make dinner, I’m going to go get ready for our first dinner with our parents as a married couple”

She turned around to leave but Yousef grabbed her hand to stop her. He pulled her closer to him gently and kissed her one more time

“Ugh, just go” she said laughing and she pushed him slightly

He winked at her and finally went to their bedroom to change into some fancy clothes.


“How’s dinner going?” Sana said as she entered the kitchen almost an hour later.

She was finishing pinning her red hijab as Yousef, who was cooking, turned around with a spoon full of sauce in his hand.

Yousef’s mouth literally dropped as he saw his wife standing there. Two weeks of marriage, almost 7 years dating, and he still was amazed by Sana’s beauty every single time. She was wearing, or almost wearing since she had one more pin left in her hand, a red hijab, a black t-shirt with white stripes on her sleeves and white leggings. He stared at her, not remembering the fact that he was still holding a spoon with sauce in his hand. Before he could do anything about it half of the sauce in it fell into his white shirt

“Yousef! Be careful” she said as she walked over to him making him refocus. “Look at the mess you made in your shirt”

She took the spoon from his hand and placed it on the counter along with the pin she had been holding. Then she grabbed a wet cloth and tried to get the stain out of Yousef’s shirt.

“Didn’t you see that you had that in your hand?” she asked

“I was blinded by your beauty” he said sincerely

Sana looked up at him and shook her head

“What? It’s true” he said shrugging

“It doesn’t seem like it’s going to work” she said still wiping the sauce out of his shirt “You’ll have to change”

“Or I can go shirtless, since you liked that look that much”

She rolled her eyes and stepped away from him just as the song he had been listening to changed into Old school by Urban Cone

Yousef flashed a huge smile at Sana and before she could do anything about it he took her hand and placed his other hand on her waist making her sway to the rhythm of the music.

“I’m not dancing” Sana warned him

But Yousef didn’t listen, he kept making them move to the beat. Sana tried to contain the laugh but as soon as he made her twirl around she couldn’t help it anymore. He was such a dork, what kind of person starts to dance in the kitchen? But he was her dork and she couldn’t be happier about it. Eventually she gave up and enjoyed the dance smiling as he sang to the lyrics.

“Everything that I do is to love you old school, let me love you old school” he sang as he moved his head to the beat making her laugh again.

They were at the second chorus, now even Sana was singing, when Sana’s phone beeped with a text message from her mom.

“They’re almost here. Apparently they ran into your parents on their way here and they’re coming together” Sana said as she read the text

“Perfect” Yousef said nodding

He looked at her and noticed that something was missing. He took the pin Sana had left on the counter and walked over to her gently taking the strand of her hijab that was loose and holding it with the pin as he had seen her doing so many times during these past weeks. Sana smiled fondly at him, he was looking at her so tenderly, it made her heart melt. He placed his hand on her cheek and brushed his thumb softly against it making her shiver. She wetted her lips and closed the distance between them to kiss him gently. They both smiled against each other’s lips before parting away.

“Hey” she whispered “we just had our first dance in the kitchen as a married couple”

His lips curved into a huge grin that matched the one on her face. He kissed her forehead as the doorbell rang.

“This is just the beginning, prepare to be dancing every day” he whispered as he took her hand and led the way to open the door

“Sounds good”


Prompt: hey i know you have lots of work and lots of promps but… I’ve had that idea in which yousana is just married and they invite family over and yousef is cooking and sana is just looking at him eating a carrot and yousef starts signing or dancing (smth like evak famous scene) and sana is just blushing and rolling her eyes but eventually she gets caught in the moment. (sorry, I forgot about the carrot part but I still hope you like it)

I know I said I was going to write Yousef’s and Sana’s parents in this chapter but once I started writing this I couldn’t stop and well, I decided to leave it at that. I promise I will write something with Yousana and Yousef’s family since lots of you have asked me that.

A HUGE thank you to @stressedoutteenager for helping me with the song since I suck at picking songs and she has an excellent taste in music. Thank you so much♥

Also I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to update this multichapter, I promise I’ll try to post more often

Thank you for reading!!♥

masked man

why do i keep getting ideas

This would be a hell of a lot easier, Tony thinks, if I could have a drink.

Instead, he sighs and turns the five year chip in his pocket over between his fingers.

“There, that one,” Rhodey says, bringing Tony back to the present. “If your dumb ass is really going to do this, that’s the one. Right build, right height.”

It takes a second for Tony to find the one he’s referring to through the crowd. The man, or male-appearing person, in question, is wearing a full-face mask that looks like it might be made of actual metal, the construction resembling something between Peter’s space mask and the Iron Man Mark I—kind of crude, but effective. The rest of the costume is period: a red coat with intricate gold embroidery, a white linen shirt with ruffled collar and sleeves, breeches, white stockings, black shoes with a slight heel. They’re scuffed, torn and dirty like he’s been roughed up, stuck in them for days. It’s a nice touch. Tony huffs. “You’re talking about the man in the iron mask?”

“That’s the one,” Rhodey confirms.

“Waist’s too wide,” Tony mutters, mostly to himself, “but yeah, I suppose he’ll do.” He can feel the weight of Rhodey’s gaze on him and sighs. “What is it, platypus? Come on, spit it out.”

“You’re really gonna do this?” Rhodey says after a beat. “When you don’t even know if he—”

“I know,” Tony says and gets a disbelieving look for his trouble.

“You don’t know. You haven’t asked.”

Tony pulls a mouthful from his glass, grimacing at how very virgin it is and says, “I know. I don’t need to ask.”

Rhodey sighs again, like Tony is the most exasperating thing in the universe. Which, probably true. Then again, Quill exists. “Okay,” Rhodey says, lifting his hands in surrender. “Fine. Just for the record, I would like to state that this is a terrible idea, and I told you not to.”

“Noted,” Tony says. “You are absolved of guilt. Now go make googly eyes at Wonder Woman and let me make my bad decision.”

“Man, shut up,” Rhodey complains, but he makes a beeline straight for Wonder when he turns away.

Tony stays where he is for a little while longer, nursing the rest of his drink. The man in the iron mask is alone, lingering near the outskirts of the room, face turned toward the dance floor. His head follows the movement of a couple and Tony realizes he’s got long blond hair tied back with a blue ribbon. Yeah, he’ll do nicely if he can’t have the real thing.

He’s nearly across the room when the metal face turns toward him and Tony gets the distinct impression he’s getting the up-and-down. He smiles, lets his eyelids slip down a little. “See anything you like?”

Tony’s dressed as Beetlejuice, complete with wild white hair, black and white striped suit with skinny legs that fit a little indecently at the groin, and heeled pointed black boots. He’d nixed the teeth, which were pretty much impossible to make hot, so he knows his smile flashes white and straight between his black painted lips.

The mask tilts ever so slightly up, the bearer’s gaze turning back to Tony’s face. Then he nods, a small, restrained gesture. In character. Interesting.

“I’m going to be straight with you,” Tony says. “I’m looking to have a little fun. Are you interested or am I barking up the wrong tree?”

The man just looks at him for a long moment and Tony gains a new appreciation for everyone on the other side of the Iron Man mask. The unreadability is maddening.

Then the man in the iron mask stands and Tony’s breath catches in his chest. He’s tall. And with the locks of blond hair peeking out from behind the mask Tony can almost make himself believe it’s actually Steve.

God, Rhodey’s right, he’s losing it.

The man in the iron mask slips one hand covered in buttery soft black leather around Tony’s and pulls gently.

Okay, the not-talking thing is kind of starting to turn him on.

Iron Mask leads him out of the ballroom and out into the gardens, which is ridiculously cliche and also, again, kind of a turn on.

Maybe this will help him shake free of the hold Steve has on him.

The only light in the gardens comes from strings of tiny lights embedded in the tall rows of hedges. There are fake spiderwebs stretched overtop, the eerie silhouettes of giant fake spiders scattered throughout. It’s chilly out and Tony shivers, relishing the heat he can feel seeping through the glove.

Iron Mask takes him out deep into the gardens, into a little nook Tony’s sure he must’ve known was there because it’s practically invisible. No one’s going to find them out here unless they want to be found.

The thought makes his belly wriggle with heat, which only intensifies when Iron Mask turns to face him, the little lights glinting off the metal mask.

He reaches up and brushes his fingertips over Tony’s lips, the leather soft as sin. Through the narrow eyeholes, Tony’s sure he can see the gleam of eyes.

He reaches for the mask, but a hand catches him by the wrist.

Tony’s mouth quirks, his heart beating a sharp tattoo against the back of the reactor. “Can’t kiss you through the mask,” he says and hears a shivery intake of breath that makes him grin. “And I’d really like to get my mouth on you.”

The hand around his wrist tightens, then Iron Mask lifts his other hand and pushes the mask up, till just his mouth is exposed. It’s hard to make much out in the dark, but he’s got plush, full lips and Tony licks his own.

One leather-gloved hand curls around the back of his neck and Tony can feel the question in it. “Yeah,” he breathes, “yeah, that’s good,” and then Iron Mask’s head is dipping forward, his mouth covering Tony’s.

Tony makes a soft, muffled sound. God, his hands are big and sturdy, just like Tony always imagined Steve’s would be.

The edge of the mask digs into the bridge of his nose, a faint bite of pain he couldn’t care less about. He slides his hands over broad shoulders and enjoys the way Iron Mask slides his tongue over Tony’s bottom lip, requesting access. He’s considerate, which is something of a novelty for Tony, who moans a little and opens to grant his request.

He kisses like he needs this and when Tony breaks off because his weak bastard lungs are screaming with the need for air, he continues kissing down Tony’s throat. Then he licks a long stripe up the tendon and Tony’s fingers clench, his whole body tensing as arousal shoots through him like liquid fire. “Let's—please—c'mon, I wanna— Let me—” he pants and he doesn’t even sound coherent. He manages to get his hands on Iron Mask’s breeches.

He goes stiff, mouth freezing where it’s pressed to Tony’s collarbone. Tony doesn’t notice right away, he’s so muddy-headed with lust. But then Iron Mask chokes out, “Wait—stop, I can’t.”

Now it’s Tony who freezes.

He knows that voice.


“Shit,” Steve says and one gloved hand comes up, pulls the mask off entirely. Then Tony’s looking at Steve’s stricken face, obviously flushed even in the low light.

“Oh my god,” Tony says, horrified. “You—” His eyes go wide. “Did Rhodey know? You—you never spoke, you didn’t want me to know it was you, Steve, what the fuck?” he all but yells, his voice high and tight in his throat. “Was this some kind of big joke?

He rocks back from the weight of what he’s just said. Christ—

“No!” Steve shouts, and he looks, possibly, even more horrified than Tony. “Rhodey—Rhodey said you liked me, that—” He swallows, seeming to shrink into himself. “That you wanted me to kiss you, you just were too afraid. He said you were planning on doing something stupid, that I should intervene.” His expression turns miserable. “I wasn’t supposed to keep quiet so long. It was just supposed to be a surprise. So you…so you’d give me a chance. But I got so caught up. I’ve thought about it so many times and you were so…” Steve breathes in, shaky, his eyes bright. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Tony.”

Tony’s shaking, vibrating with adrenaline and nerves, but if he’s hearing Steve right… “You’re telling me,” he says, “you wanted to, even though thirty seconds ago you just shoved me away—”

“I do!” Steve hurries to say. “I do want to! I want to go out, I want to…” He flushes. “Have sex with you. But I want you to do it with me, not some stranger. Not—” Steve looks sick. “Not when you think I’m somebody I’m not.”

Tony stares at him. In an uncomfortably small voice, he says, “You want to go out with me?”

Steve slumps back against the hedges. “Tony, I haven’t thought about anything else in months. I’m over the moon about you.”

Tony’s heart starts to pick up speed again, but in excitement this time, rather than fear. He edges forward. “Okay.” A laugh slips out of his mouth that’s just shy of hysterical. He’s going to murder Rhodey. “Okay.” He puts his hand on Steve’s chest and looks up at him, a hot lurch pulling at his insides at the sight of Steve looking back at him. “Okay?”

“Yeah,” Steve breathes, and Tony watches his pupils expand with wonder. “Yeah, very, completely okay.”

And the sound of his groan when Tony kisses him is the sweetest thing he’s ever heard.

happy halloween, ya’ll