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hi , my gf of 8 months (almost) kissed 2 other people on a night out a couple days ago. She was drunk and she initiated and stopped one of the kisses. She has apologised profusely but I'm still a bit upset, I can't really tell if im overreacting? Or if my frustration and disappointment is valid, also when I brought it up with her she did kinda try and deflect blame which annoyed me

your frustration is totally justified, anon. if it were me, i wouldnt just be frustrated. i would be angered.

it doesnt matter if she was drunk or if she stopped after she initiated. honestly, it doesnt even matter if she initiated. if she consented to kissing someone else??? she cheated on you. 

she was drunk so her decision making process was impaired but it was her choice to get drunk (i assume). she valued a good wild party over her commitment to you. if it was me, i would break up w her but other people would react differently. it really depends how lenient you are when it comes to monogamous commitment.  the facts of the scenario are that she cheated on you. do with that what you want.

all these white people coming for john boyega better back the fuck up. he’s right about the lack of black people in game of thrones, lord of the rings, or any major show. got literally has two black characters and their purpose is to cater to the white narrative. don’t bring up westeroes is based off medieval europe as if black ppl didn’t exist around that time, also even that argument doesn’t matter because GOT is show with dragons and white walkers but that’s realistic? y'all just hate the fact that black people are tired of never being represented and when we are, there’s always some racist to knock us down. ex. white ppl complaining about black panther being too militant. when will y'all shut up and just listen???


These people are making money mocking black American culture and creating the next generation of racists… There is too much history of white folks making $ from black ideas/culture while still punishing black people for that very same culture. But black culture is not American culture. Black people aren’t included in traditional American narratives, but when someone wants to make money, “We’re all Americans.”…


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