black whiskered

So I was thinking about how probably most-to-none of my followers know the origin of my “this is a fierce bad rabbit; look at his savage whiskers” tag for precious bunbuns. (It’s an irony, that’s why the tag) and just gonna say: it’s an old Beatrix Potter story:

But this reminded me:

Does anyone else remember another Beatrix Potter tale, this one a tiny little poem about the Black Rabbit that was shyly flirting with Cottontail? And all her nosy neighbors (sisters?) were getting in on the juicy info?

Now who is that knocking on Cottontail’s door?

Tapp tap it! Tap tappit!

She’s heard it before?

And when she peeps out there is nobody there,

But a present of carrots

Put down on the stair.

Hark, I hear it again,

Tap tappit! Tap tappit!

Why I really believe it’s a little black rabbit.

Because I fell head over heels for that dapper and sweet and shy Black Rabbit and I shipped them so hard, and imagine my delight when I later discovered in the Tale of Mr. Tod that the Black Rabbit and Cotton-tail had married and gone to live on a hill and had a brood of “four or five, one of them black and the others brown” and they lived happily ever after



The tayra (Eira barbara), is an omnivorous animal from the weasel family, native to the Americas. It is the only species in the genus Eira. Tayras are found across most of South America east of the Andes, except for Uruguay, eastern Brazil, and all but the most northerly parts of Argentina. They are also found across the whole of Central America, in Mexico as far north as southern Veracruz, and on the island of Trinidad. They are generally found only in tropical and subtropical forests, although they may cross grasslands at night to move between forest patches, and they also inhabit cultivated plantations and croplands

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anonymous asked:

What would everyone in Camp Campbell dress as for Halloween?


David: He’d probably be like, a dog or something. Or a tree lol. Or I could see Him dressing up as an angel just because Gwen wants to be a devil. (Lmao I wouldn’t be surprised if he dressed as Cameron Campbell tho)

Gwen: She likes devils. She just wants to be a devil (Or an Imp). Or she’ll be something from some mildly obscure pop culture reference.

Nikki: She wants to be either an explorer or a werewolf. She ends up going with werewolf, cause she’s convinced it even slightly raises her chances of being adopted by wolves.

Neil: He doesn’t plan on dressing up at first, but eventually agrees. Nikki wants him to be a mad scientist, but he thinks that’s stupid, and dresses up as some obscure scientist, like Giovanni Aldini or James Clerk Maxwell

Max: He also isn’t too keen on dressing up, but Nikki (And David) insist. So he finds the laziest costume he can. He probably just puts on black cat ears, draws whiskers on his face, and calls it done.

Nerris: Her costume is basically just her typical attire but a bit more advanced. Like, she has more realistic looking ears and a full cloak and sorceress outfit

Harrison: He wants to dress up as Houdini. Not because he’s his favorite magician, but more because he thinks that his tricks would be terrifying.

Preston: Preston goes as either Hamlet or Alexander Hamilton (the musical version). Trying to decide is nearly impossible for him.

Ered: Erid goes as a zombie punk rocker. The makeup is actually pretty good, and the rest of the costume looks cool too.

Space Kid: LITERALLY already in costume. No one is surprised except for Neil, who is more just annoyed that Space Kid counts his usual attire as a costume.

Dolph: Dolph dresses up as a rabbit because he loves rabbits and thinks that they’re cute. 

Nurf: He’s a giant potted flower lol

anonymous asked:

Past u got any headcannons for my son Jake??

c-very bisexual and very out n vocal abt it

-gsa president

-uses extracurriculars to keep himself busy and distract himself from the fact that his parents are gone and he’s lonely

-gets really overwhelmed with everything he’s thrown himself into but doesn’t show it because he doesn’t want to worry his friends

-has a black cat named whiskers that he’s had since he was 6

-he and his family moved around a LOT when he was younger, so whiskers was like, this boy’s only friend

-rich says he has “cat-ish” tendencies - curls up in richs lap (or tries to cuz he’s Large), “purrs” when rich plays with his hair, can fall asleep anywhere

-has to go to a lot of physical therapy from walking around on his broken legs while squipped

-terrified of spiders

-thought rich was cool when he was squipped but absolutely adores post-squip rich

-tired a lot but doesnt get bags under his eyes. he always looks good

-stays best friends with chloe after they break up and they bond over pining for their best friends

-jake is, like, really obvious when he likes someone but he thinks he’s cool and slick and everyone around him is like “lol”

-not as good at video games as rich, jeremy, and michael WISH he was, but he tries

-calls link zelda once and michael almost screams

-have you ever heard the song weak by ajr??? thats a jake song


My cat Ryder is at the vet. When I visited him, he meowed and hissed at me. I guess he doesn’t want to stay in the cage. He has to stay there for 2 days more according to the vet (he has been there for a night and a day already). This makes me sad and worried. The boy is my best friend; he is my therapy. I don’t know what to do without this badass cat. I wish he get better soon. My life is much worse without black and white fur sticking on my clothes.