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'Orange Is the New Black' Star Samira Wiley and Writer Lauren Morelli Are Married -- See the Pic!
The 'Orange Is the New Black' star tied the knot with her longtime partner on Saturday.

“Orange Is the New Black actress Samira Wiley and show writer Lauren Morelli tied the knot on Saturday afternoon in Palm Springs, California. As reported by Martha Stewart Weddings, the pair – who met on the set of the hit Netflix series – celebrated their nuptials with a confetti-themed bash inspired by their shared love of Funfetti cake.

Wiley, 29, announced the wedding on Instagram with a stunning snap and the hashtag, “#aboutlastnight,” while Morelli posted the same photo with the words, “Wifeys for lifey.”

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Wedding!Dirk and Todd as suggested by @dorkgentlelovestoadbrotzgay

Some things:
•Farah is most definitely Todd’s best man
-Um Farah in a suit yes please
•Dirk and Amanda plan for her to catch the bouquet, which leads to Farah almost fainting
•Farah has to insist Lydia be the flower girl because if they went with Dirk’s wishes the cat would
•Bart and Ken don’t plan on coming and aren’t even invited but crash it anyway by chance, both conveniently already wearing tuxes
•the flowers oh my god, so many different types of flowers

I can finally reveal the outfit what Tacos wore for her wedding. I worked incredibly hard on this and probably put about 12 hours total (And of course I am still not completely happy with it.)

the announcers couple jo woo dan and jung da eun recently held a wedding ceremony. held closed, many celebrities came to their wedding. one of the celebrity guests is minho. he came alone without fellow shinee members, minho came dressed in a black suit to the wedding ceremony. guested on park myung soo’s raio recently, da eun talked about her wedding day. get a lot gifts, the announcer reveals she was quite surprised when she opened the envelope from minho. “the wedding gift money we received from minho is quite big compared to (how much we got from) my old friends, i was quite surprised,” she said. from the answer, it’s revealed that she amount of money gift they received from minho is big enough.

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Put A Ring On It: Part 5

Lily: You’re stealing nothing. I’m a strong, independent woman. 

Sirius: An independent woman who’s going to have a very clingy James attached to your hip for the rest of your days. 

James: I’m the clingy one?

Lily: Good thing I’m strong. I’m going to be dragging both of your asses around for eternity.   

Sirius: *bows* Lily, may I have the honor of serenading you in the middle of the dance floor? 

Lily: As tempting as that sounds. 

Lily: … I’ve endured more than enough second-hand-embarassment tonight, thank you.  

Sirius: I’ll give McGonagall a lap dance if you do. 

Lily: *stands up* Alright, you’ve convinced me. 

Lily: That’s Potter to you. 

Lily: *grins at James and blows him a kiss as Sirius drags her away* 

Remus: You alright? You seem… quiet. 

James: *smiles and shakes his head* I’m alright. *glances back at the dance floor, where Lily and Sirius are bickering*  

James: I’m just… so happy… *falters* 

… But… it doesn’t feel like it will last. 

Remus: *stares at James for a moment* Everything’s going to be alright James. We’re all going to be alright.

James: *takes a deep, shuddering breath*

Lily: *throws James a sly look and twirls*

James: You’re right.

*Lily protests as Sirius plops her down on a chair in the middle of the dance floor* 

Sirius: Prepare yourself Evans. I have a whole routine planned. 

Lily: I should have brought some cash to throw at you. 

Lily: The anticipation is killing me. 

*the music suddenly shifts* 

Lily: … Oh god. 

Sirius: *loudly* This one goes out to my new bride! 

James: OY! 

Remus: … Oh God. 

Lily: *laughs as James steals her away* 

Sirius: *grins and slides over to Remus* 

Sirius: Dance with us! 

Remus: *glares* 

Sirius: Not going to grace the world with your terrible running man? 

Remus: Definitely not.

Sirius: Wuss… even Peter’s dancing. 

Sirius: *grins triumphantly* 

*the small floor becomes crowded as everyone goofs off* 

Lily: *grins at James, pulling him aside* So… 

James: Absolutely, Mrs. Potter. 

Lily: Mrs. Potter… Yep… definitely like the sound of that. 

James: … Me too.