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I was re-watching 6x20 today, and I noticed that Hook had originally planned to wear a full white ensemble, but ended up wearing full black to the wedding instead. Also, Emma was going to wear her mother's dress (one half of the 'True Love' couple), but ended up in a Grace Kelly replica. Do you think there's any significant meaning behind these choices? Are they still trying to paint Hook as the villain and Emma as the 'unhappy bride'?

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that one, but haven’t quite figured it out yet. I mean, the entire episode they’ve maintained the ambiguity of this wedding being something good, but I’m not clear on the specific meaning of that suit. I’m sure the Grace Kelly dress is supposed to mean unhappy bride, they also kept saying that seeing each other before the wedding was bad luck - foreshadowing much? Or the line “Used to think that’s what I wanted, but not I finally know.” from the Happy beginning song. It’s like they left out the ending so it could be either “…now I finally know it isn’t.” or “…now I finally know for sure.” I could also write an entire post about the lyrics and the choreography. How Emma faces Hook every time they sing “If we face the endless night” - saying he is actually the danger… then she dances with her back to him… Look at the whole thing again and you’ll see some interesting things there.

There’s also “Love does a stand a chance” starting after they show Regina in the present trying to do the right thing for Emma, but being conflicted about it. It’s not even subtle that it’s relevant to her present day feelings etc.

We saw the Black Fairy turn Snow’s white dress black, so were we meant to conclude that Hook’s white suit was black because the Black Fairy turned his costume black too? We see Hook go after his revenge behind Emma’s back, he gets caught by the Black Fairy and the next time we see him he’s frozen together with the others… So are we supposed to wonder what happened in the meantime? Did she take his heart and turn his costume black?
'Orange Is the New Black' Star Samira Wiley and Writer Lauren Morelli Are Married -- See the Pic!
The 'Orange Is the New Black' star tied the knot with her longtime partner on Saturday.

“Orange Is the New Black actress Samira Wiley and show writer Lauren Morelli tied the knot on Saturday afternoon in Palm Springs, California. As reported by Martha Stewart Weddings, the pair – who met on the set of the hit Netflix series – celebrated their nuptials with a confetti-themed bash inspired by their shared love of Funfetti cake.

Wiley, 29, announced the wedding on Instagram with a stunning snap and the hashtag, “#aboutlastnight,” while Morelli posted the same photo with the words, “Wifeys for lifey.”

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