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The first episode of my web-series dropped yesterday! hopefully you all enjoy it. reblog if you’re feelin it. Here’s more info:


Our inaugural episode is a conversation with blogger and writer Jesi V. Taylor ( 

Jesi and Terron discuss beauty as it relates to  body-image, being classified as an “other” and colorism. They also talk about how society reinforces negative perceptions of themselves and the work they do to combat perceptions. As a person with vitiligo, Jesi’s experience with colorism and beauty are particularly nuances. 

SHOT & EDITED BY: Shelby Zoe Coley (@shelbyworks) FEATURED 

MUSIC: “Sayonara” by Naja Young, Prod. by brainorchestra

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The first 3 episodes will be available today at 6p EST. Every episode in the series is free to watch and also ad-free.

While studying at Stanford University, Rae began to notice that many of the television shows she loved, including Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld, were all-white comedies. “Of course, sense of humour is relative, is subjective, but there is an assumption that black people won’t find certain things about white comedies funny,” she says. “I got really frustrated and just wanted to start making my own stories.” She conceived and directed Dorm Diaries, a mock reality show with an all-black cast, in the style of MTV’s The Real World. When she posted it to Facebook, it quickly circulated, and Rae realised that she had a talent for portraying everyday black life; she has called it “my epiphany moment”. A few years later, she created what would be her breakthrough web series and the forerunner to Insecure, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.

A web show is one thing, of course, a mainstream television show on a high-profile cable network quite another. I ask her about the sociologist and civil rights activist WEB Dubois’s concept of “double consciousness”, which she has referenced in the past, defined as the “psychological challenge of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of a white society”. Does she feel that even more sharply now than before?

“Absolutely. I didn’t create this show for white people, I didn’t create it for men; I created it, really, for my friends and family, and for their specific sense of humour,” she nods. “But now that we know we have an audience – including HBO executives – the double consciousness comes into play, because you’re always wondering: ‘How do they see what I am writing?’ Are they laughing at this specific joke for this particular reason? “When season one aired, I had Asian women coming up to me on the street, saying: ‘Oh my gosh, this reminds me of me and my best friend,’” she recalls. “And that’s wonderful – that’s what you want for a show – but you are always wondering: ‘What elements do they relate to the most?’”


Buffer festival, Toronto. Carmilla Series stars- Annie Briggs, and Elise Bauman with Natasha Negovanlis . @carmillaseries. @bufferfestival @canada @torontointernationfilmfestival @torontocomics


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Umehara Yuichiro completing challenge activities on Young Black Jack web show 

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Brand New Web Exclusive: Ask The Roots!

In our first-ever edition of Ask the Roots, the band talks about how they each got their nicknames. 

There’s so much unrest in the fandom right now over the writing this season. It makes me wonder: was the entire fandom blind to the problems in the first two seasons? Like, I love this show and I (used to) love this fandom, but the upsurge in absolute hate that’s been going on doesn’t make sense to me. The show has never been perfect. Straight-up. And the “criticism” has been unbased, without evidence, inarticulate, and riddled with typos. The writers are certainly not above reproach, but have some respect. You started liking this show for a reason and, news flash, some of us still do.


Ask The Roots: Classroom Instruments and Questlove’s Bow Ties

In this edition of Ask the Roots, the guy talk about playing classroom instruments and Questlove’s bow ties. 

Nick, you can write all of the ‘you can’t stop me’ manifestos that you want, it’s so obvious what it is that you think you’re doing; I hope one day you actually achieve it. Until then, your racist sexist blatherings are unwanted. Nick/Nicole, I can hear your cries for help in every line of your writing. ‘I don’t know how to be creative!’ ‘I don’t know how to provoke thought without sinking to subhuman depths of fictitious drivel!’ Shh shh. There there. There’s always hope and if you cared you could learn, but of course I don’t expect you to care about this because hey, you’re ‘too cool’ to care about anything. I’ve seen your glib responses to criticism where you’ve tweeted ‘I love to do racism,’ and ‘I love to be racist and you can’t stop me.’ And to be honest, I can’t imagine what it’s like to not care about the quality of my writing because I don’t have that privilege. But if I did, I doubt I would exercise it because not caring may be cool, but being funny and talented is cooler. I guess you’ll just have to take my word on that one.

Pia Glenn

This quote is from her most recent episode (May 4, 2014) of her web show Black Weekend Update. This is a critique of the ignorance and the violence of the publication Thought Catalog and writer there Nick (who also goes by pen name Nicole) who is proud of the violence published there. She eviscerated this transparent ignorance and this “above the fray” attitude where regurgitating violence is deemed “satire” and deemed “important.” It’s simply poorly-written propaganda meant to reify oppression. Pia read that bullshit for FILTH! Amen and amen.