black wallets

CASE NO.: 13-8265014-99
DATE: 16 JULY 1999
TIME: 1544

Contacted by A.D. Skinner at approx. 13:41 to perform a welfare check at the residence of Special Agent Fox Mulder at 2630 Hegal Place Alexandria, Apt. #42, VA 23242 due to failure to respond.  Arrived at [redacted] at 14:21, door was secured by standard lock and deadbolt.  Contacted superintendent of apartment building, Joseph Miller, and was given access without issue.  Upon entrance of residence, I called out for the tenant, apartment appeared empty.  I performed a general sweep of four rooms; kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom.  No evidence of suspicious activity noted.  Wallet, jacket, and cell phone were noted to be missing from the residence.  Agent’s fish appear to have been fed recently.  It is of my assumption that the special agent in question left his residence upon his own volition.

No further action required, per A.D. Walter Skinner.


CASE NO.: 13-8265014-99
DATE: 16 JULY 1999
TIME: 1623


DOB: Feb. 23, 1964
HT/WT: 64”, 110LBS

DOB: Oct. 13, 1961
HT/WT: 72”, 175LBS


ADDRESS OF OCCURRENCE: 3170 West 53 Road, Apt. #35, ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401

At approx. 13:37 I was contacted by A.D. Walter Skinner to conduct a welfare check on Special Agent Dana Scully at her residence located at 3170 West 53 Road, Apt. #35, Annapolis, MD 21401.  Upon arrival at 13:55, I noted that the entry door was unsecured and unlocked, with no visible signs of forced entry.  I entered the apartment and verbally made my presence known, but there was no response.  I swept the kitchen and found two used plates with remnants of what appeared to be shrimp alfredo on the counter adjacent to the refrigerator.  Kitchen appeared to be in order.

I proceeded to the living room and noted that there were two wine glasses on the coffee table, both half full with what appeared to be red wine.  Upon further inspection of the living room, a black leather foldover wallet belonging to Special Agent Fox Mulder, badge no. JTT 047101111, was found on side table adjacent to the couch, as well as a set of car/house keys.  TBD if car/house keys belong to Special Agent Fox Mulder.  

Sweep of bathroom proved to be inconclusive, it appeared to be in order.  

I proceeded to the bedroom.  On the floor, male and female clothing were found. Bed appeared to have been slept in, two pillows and blanket were in disarray. The lamp next to the bed had been shattered on the floor, as well as broken glass in puddle of water, indicating a struggle.  Two Nokia cellular phones were found on bedside table, both at 50% battery life and multiple missed call notifications.  Agent Scully’s handbag containing her wallet, keys, and other miscellaneous items was found on the dresser, along with two holstered firearms.  Upon inquiry, weapon 1 is Smith and Wesson 1056, full clip of 9mm rounds, issued to FBI Special Agent Dana Scully.  Weapon 2 is Smith and Wesson 1056, full clip of 9mm rounds, issued to FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder.  

I contacted A.D. Walter Skinner for verbal report.  Per his order, proceeded to process Special Agent Dana Scully’s residence as a crime scene.  



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Genre: extreme angst im ready to make y'all cry

Request: I’d like to request an angsty Jaehyun scenario where he starts dating you bc of a bet he made with his friends and you find out and breakup with him but he actually truly loves you. Sorry if this was confusing.

A/N: okay so i used fool by winner for this scenario because it’s one of my favourite songs and it fits this scenario perfectly so!! and this is quite long and im proud of myself for writing this so i hope y'all like it too!


I was a fool

Nothing is gonna change

Even if I’m sorry now

I know

He hesitantly looked at you, remorse and sorrow filling his eyes. Your cold and intense gaze was set on the book you were holding in your hand, as you tried to ignore his presence.

But a part of you wanted to be back in his arms- even after 4 months.

You miss him.

And you loved him.

Out of all places, you had to coincidentally meet him at the small little cafe down the street.

It’s not like he had not been clinging on to you and trying to win you back for the past few months.

But you resisted.

You didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t love you as much as you did.

“Y/N… Um.. How are you?” he asked in a soft tone.

You ignored him and flipped the page of your book.

He sighed, then bit his lips. But not giving up, hs asked again, “Are you busy these days? You haven’t been replying my calls or texts”

Your heart ached a little.

But you pressed on.

You ignored his words again, your eyes fully focused on the words on the page.

Jaehyun ran his fingers through his hair, then took your hand in his. You tried pulling away, but he held it tightly, and you could see clearly the eyebags that formed under his eyes and amount of weight he loss as you struggled to pull away.

“What are you trying to do right now?” you asked him sternly, keeping a straight face.

He flinched a little, then sighed, and you saw his eyes becoming teary. “I’m really sorry, i only just realised how much you mean to me and i know i shouldn’t have done it but i really do love you and-”

“It’s already over anyways, is there still a point in saying all these?” you cut him off, a look of frustration on your face.

He bit his lips again, “I just really hope you can forgive me and i just… really love you”

You shook your head and scoffed, “If you really did you should have put in more effort, but you didn’t. It’s too late Jaehyun, you need to let everything go”

You grabbed your book and bag, the shot him one last glance, “If i can, then you can too”

But in fact, you couldn’t, and didn’t.

But you had to lie and convince yourself.

Jaehyun sat back in dejection on the back of the seat, his tears rolling down his cheek.

He knew it was going to turn out this way.

He took in a deep breath as his hands rubbed lightly against the screen of his phone, where a picture of the both of you shone brightly.

He misses you.

If only he didn’t do it


Stupid bastard, foolish bastard

I know now that it’s all my fault

Jaehyun had his arms all around you, as he lazily gave you a peck on your forehead. You giggled softly to yourself. His chin was resting on your head, as he used his phone, humming in response to your words.

“How cute would it be if we stay together till we die?” you asked innocently, your fingers in his soft locks, as you admired his beautiful skin and features from below.

He let out a small laugh, his dimple showing evidently. “That would be very cute” he replied with almost no sincerity, but you ignored it anyways, since all you cared about was being with him.

He made you happy.

Never did you think that you’d be together with him, considering the fact that the both of you had total opposite personalities and interests.

One fine day he started hitting you up and talking to you at the library, the place you like to go to.

And all his friends were so supportive of his actions, it seemed to you like his feelings was sincere.

After two long months of getting to know each other even more, you realised you had already fallen for him.

Only he had the power to make you happy.

Small dates at cafes and carnivals led to lazy cuddling and movie marathons at each others’ house.

And it was not until when you realised Jaehyun’s lips was on yours, his hands under your as your legs wrapped around his lean body, that you realised the both of you were madly in love with each other.

At least you thought so.

Until that one day you heard everything, which left you in devastation and pure agony. But you said nothing about it, because you loved him too much.

You were helping him to fold his clothes and laundry at his house, waiting for him to come back from his short meeting with his friends.

At the side of your eye, you caught a glimpse of a family leather black wallet sitting on his bed top, and it occured to you that he had forgotton to bring his wallet- which had almost everything he needed inside.

He didn’t pick up your call.

You remember him telling you the name of the restaurant they were going to meet up at, and knew that it wasn’t far away from his place.

In hopes that he’d smile and and thank you upon seeing how you made your way down to pass him his wallet, you were faced by another sight.

“So… How’s she? Dude i didn’t know you could last more than 3 months, are you starting to have feelings for her?” the brown-haired man asked Jaehyun with a big smile, hitting your boyfriend’s back lightly.

“Honestly not yet? But she’s really nice and sweet though, do you think it’s right to do this?” Jaehyun asked, then shook his head.

Was ‘she’ referring to you? What was happening?

You frowned as you stayed well hidden, as you pressed on to continue listening.

Another man spoke up, patting Jaehyun’s head, “Who was the one who was so hard up on this bet three months ago? Don’t regret your decisions Jae”

“You’re right Johnny”

“Oh, someone even set her as your lockscreen, you sure you don’t have feelings for her?”

You saw Jaehyun blush a little, but kept his cool and scoffed a little, “I have to let her know i love her right?”

You knew that his lockscreen was you.

He had taken it while you were doing your work.

“You look cute”

You wanted to break down so badly.

So all of these had been a lie?

You wanted to confront him, and you had many questions.

But you couldn’t do or say anything.

Something was pulling you back.

You didn’t want to lose him.

So you acted like you didn’t know anything.

You lied to yourself and told yourself he would at least have the slightest feelings for you.

If not, why was he able to give you a big warm hug and a long kiss everyday without fail? Why would give you small little compliments and pecks on the cheeks after, and blush everytime you called him cute?


I’m selfish, I’ve always been

I only think about myself

I think I’m crazy

The person who pushed you away is me

After the 6th month, he became to grew distant.

Skinships became lesser and he spoke to you even lesser now.

It was as though he wasn’t interested at all.

And you knew why.

You engulfed him a big and tight hug in your arms as soon as he stepped into the house, but his arms didn’t wrap around yours like they used to, his head simply just resting on yours.

You tried to ignore the aching pain in your chest, the one you had been feeling for the past two months.

At least seeing him everyday made you happy.

But it killed you internally too.

“How was work?” you asked lovingly, your hands making their way to his. He moved slightly away, and you looked at him as your heart sank.

He replied with almost no emotion, “It was fine”

His eyes were glued to the television screen, and he didn’t look at you even once, as compared to when he would always stare at you with those doe-like eyes, lighting up as you smile.

“Had a bad day? Or..? Can i do anything to make it better-”

“No, thanks”

You couldn’t deal with this anymore.

A rush of anger ran up your body as you threw the pillow on the floor, as you watched Jaehyun stare at you in confusion.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Can you at least show me that you care for me? Jaehyun i’m already suffocating and hurting on my own everyday, can you please make it better for me?”

Jaehyun scoffed, and he gave you the most intense glare he had ever, “What do you mean? Why are you pushing everything to me right now?”

You bit your lower lip as you rolled your eyes, “You know best Jaehyun. Here i am trying my best every single day for you, hoping that you’d share the same feelings i have for you but your actions right now clearly shows it isn’t working.”

“I’m just tired, of course i love you, what do you mean by 'share the same feelings’?”

You scoffed, “The bet. I know everything, stop pretending.”

His eyes widened, “Y-You knew…? How did you-”

“I’m done with this bullshit Jaehyun. I hope you had fun on this bet while i was here suffering alone for 6 months, being fooled by you and your bunch of oh-so-great friends for dating me, thinking that you actually had genuine feelings.”

And with that, you walked out of the house, and never once looked back.

You needed to let go.


If I can see you once more

A last glimpse of you even for a short moment

But Jaehyun only got worst.

The night after he found himself missing your presence, the familiar and comforting hold around his body as you would wrap yourself tightly around his body.

The day after that he found himself staring and looking at all photographs and pictures of the both of you, as he’d smile and laugh, reminiscing all the memories of the both of you. But would start tearing up and crying unknowingly when he realises what he had done.

He found himself texting and calling you constantly, trying his best to apologise and make it up to you.

He realised how happy he was throughout the months he was with you.

And he realised that unknowingly, he had started to have genuine feelings for you.

He loves you.

You found his waiting at your doorstep one day, his arms behind his back, head hanging down as he waited patiently for you.

“Y/N… I-”

But you walked past him and unlocked the door to your house, and without saying anything, you slammed the door in front of him.

You heard his breath fasten a little, and you heard his soft and small little cries, but still tried to say a few words to you,

“I really do love you and i’m sorry, i know it’s hard but please give me a chance?”

Upon these words, you broke down as you fell weakly onto the floor, pulling your legs closer to your body.

You wanted to forgive him, but at the same time, you wanted to forget him.

It was too much for you to handle.

You’re radiating and you go far far away

I try to feel the scattered memories

I miss you every every day

Yes I know I’m late

Come back to me like nothing ever happened

Jaehyun grabbed onto the piece of cloth in front of him and brought it up close to his face, as the comforting and warmth scent of you caused his tears to roll down again.

It was the only piece of you he had left.

“I’ll be leaving for a few years, don’t bother finding me anymore. Please let go”

He clenched his heart tightly as the last few words from you rang through his mind, as he took even bigger breaths as his crying got worst- he was a mess right now.

“Jaehyun.. Please call us when you see this, we’re all worried… and sorry”- taeyong hyung

Jaehyun felt a pain in his chest, as he let out a frustrated yell, then threw punch to the wall beside him.

He hated himself.

Why didn’t he cherish you while he could?

He threw another punch, and soon enough, his knuckles and hands were filled with scratches and cuts, as small bits of blood started to be more visible.

He didn’t care.

The pain in his heart hurt more tham anything else.

He wished everything was back to before.

He wished he hadn’t done anything at all.

He wished he could turn back time and make up to you.

He regretted everything.

And it was already too late to realise that he genuinely loves you,

because you were already gone.

You are such a fool, Jaehyun.

anonymous asked:

hey not sure if you're taking prompts rn, but could we get more of the nb!alex college fic pleasee, it's amazingg

(A follow-up to this fic:

Alex manages to make it to the pizza place without tripping over themself, and Maggie manages to make it to the pizza place without bolting out of fear.

Fear that Alex’s arm is too gentle around her shoulder; that Alex is too careful to keep checking in with Maggie to make sure it’s alright that their arm is there; that Alex looks at her too genuinely, makes her laugh too easily.

Fear that she can get lost in Alex’s eyes, in Alex’s smile, in Alex’s body.

God, Alex’s body.

Fear that she can get lost in Alex, and interweave them into the fiber of her being, and when they leave – and why wouldn’t they leave? they only just met, for crying out loud – Maggie will shatter into irreparable pieces. 

“So you never said,” Alex breaks an easy silence – a silence that scares Maggie with how comfortable it feels – “if you um… if you’ve only dated girls before. I mean, not that I’m – not that – I mean I know you said this can be a date. That this is a date. But I’m not trying to say that means we’re dating, that’ll be up to you, I mean, I only meant – “

“Whoa, hey, hey, Danvers, breathe. You’re okay. It’s okay.” Maggie leans into their body slightly as they walk, as Alex tugs open the door to the pizza place and steps back for Maggie to walk through.

Maggie arches an eyebrow, purses her lips, tilts her head, and bows her head slightly in thanks.

Alex gulps.

“Yeah, only girls. But uh…” Maggie looks over her shoulder and Alex melts at her smile. “I have no problem making an exception for someone as charming as you.”

Alex practically giggles. “Lucy says I have about as much charm as a horse’s ass.”

“Lucy must have terrible taste,” Maggie grins, slipping her hand into her jacket pocket for a thin, black wallet. She orders to cheeseless slices and motions for Alex to get whatever they want.

“No, no, you don’t have to pay – “

“I asked you out, I’ll grab it, no problem. If that’s okay? I figure you can, uh…” Maggie glances at Alex’s lips and blushes, suddenly breathless. “I figure you can get next time.”

Alex nearly chokes on air, and Maggie revels in the strength of their reaction to her flirtation.

“So you’ve got an overly demanding mom. Any siblings?” Maggie asks as she hands over cash to the curious-looking boy at the register.

Alex beams suddenly. “One. A little sister. Kara. She’s everything, she’s my… she’s my everything. She’s a genius at physics, but it’s not her thing, she likes painting better. She’s a senior in high school, she wants to come here in the fall, and she – I’m sorry. Rambling about my little sister, I – “

“No, it’s cute,” Maggie laughs genuinely, lowering her eyes.

Lowering her eyes, because god if she keeps looking at Alex, she’ll kiss them.

She’ll kiss them and she’ll beg them to screw the pizza and take her home and make love to her, because god, it doesn’t matter that they just met, they seem perfect, perfect, perfect, and Maggie hasn’t felt like this since…

“Anyway,” she clears her throat. “I asked. About siblings.” 

Alex blushes at her generosity and thanks the boy at the register – his name tag says Jessy – for passing them their slices and cans of root beer and seltzer.

“What about you?” Alex asks as they maneuver to a plastic table, grabbing napkins and red pepper flakes and oregano along the way. “Siblings?”

The ghost of agony flits across Maggie’s face, but she wipes it away so quickly Alex thinks for a moment they imagined it.

“Nope. No family, really. I mean, they’re alive, just not… it’s whatever. But I’ve got this kid – I mean, not my kid, just, this friend, who’s younger, he’s a sophomore in high school right now – Adrian, his name is – he’s like my little brother. So actually, I take it back. Yeah. One. A brother. Ade. He’s a total nerd, he…” Her eyes flit down to Alex’s flattened chest, up to their undercut. “I think you two would get along.”

Alex chuckles and lets grease slip off the end of her pizza. “What makes you say that?”

Maggie shrugs. “You two might have a lot to talk about, gender-wise. He uh… he transitioned last year.”

Alex sits up a little straighter. “Is that why you know… about binding and stuff?”

Maggie takes a bite of her slice that leaves sauce on the side of her mouth. Alex grins and holds their hand out, hesitating before touching Maggie’s face. Maggie nods, her eyes wide, her chewing paused, and Alex swipes the sauce into Maggie’s lips with baited breath and eyes like they’re intently studying a work of art. Maggie’s tongue flits out of her mouth and their eyes lock. Alex brings their trembling hand back to their side of the table, bringing their finger to their mouth and absently licking it clean of sauce. Maggie’s breath hitches at the motion.

They both gulp, Maggie painfully, because her pizza was mostly unchewed. They both giggle slightly. Maggie clears her throat.

“Thank you. For… thanks. And yeah, partially. Adrian, I mean. And binding. But also, you know.” She shrugs. “I feel like it’s our job to learn about each other. Look out for each other.”

Her pupils dilate at the statement – Alex just met her, sure, but they’ve already said they want to look out for her; Maggie’s still getting her head around why – and Alex misses their mouth with their pizza.

“Nice to have people looking out for you.” 

Maggie shrugs. “I wouldn’t really know.”

“Yeah, you said. What uh… what’s up with that? How could someone not want to look out for you?”

Maggie laughs ruefully. “Easily enough, apparently. But hey, less depressing topic for a hot minute – what classes have you got this term? You said you’re not doing so great – maybe I could uh… help you out with some?”

Alex chuckles. “Not unless you’ve taken biochem and have the patience to deal with my depressed, anxious, perfectionist ass.”

“I have, and I do, actually.”

Their eyes lock, hard, and Maggie suddenly wishes they’d gone back to her dorm room instead of to a pizza place, because Alex’s eyes are suddenly flooded with tears.

“I’m sorry, we just met, I shouldn’t – “

“No, no, no, hey. Maggie. You’re okay, I just… I like this. Spending time with you. Getting to know you.”



“Keep doing it then, Danvers.”

Alex licks their lips and gulps nervously, happily. Hopefully. “If you want me to, I definitely I will.”

The Run & Go

An au where Tyler and Josh are criminals. 


The Day Of

The screams have become background noise.  I can hear them but they’re muffled and far away.  Logically, I know that I should be in pain.  But, instead, I’m staring up at the ceiling and there’s this beautiful, glass chandelier reflecting a thousand different shades of color and honestly, it’s not so bad.  There’s blues and yellows and pinks and greens, and it seems like the more commotion there is erupting in the building, the more the colors sway and jump around.  It makes me think of you, so bright and vibrant and free.  A thousand different shades and layers, each one more beautiful than the last.

I wish that I could breathe better, but the cloth from my mask was covering up my mouth and it made the air seem so hot.  I can see my chest rising and falling from the bottom of my eyes, but it’s not in rhythm, it’s choppy and shallow.  Unnatural.  Desperate.

There’s so many different noises to differentiate from.  There’s the cries for help.  Some people are sobbing.  Some are yelling.  There’s the sirens outside, growing more and more intense as the entire Boston police department shows up.  There’s a crunching sound nearby, someone stepping on shattered glass as they attempt to run.  There’s more gunshots.  More screams.  

Someone almost steps on me in all the commotion, or maybe they did.  It doesn’t matter though, I can’t really feel the rest of my body anyway.

In the heat of it all, someone’s grabbing my arm.  Their silhouette blocks my view from the chandelier and I want to protest, but then Tyler’s features come into focus and I let out a shaky sigh of relief.  

He looks worried, his mouth’s moving, forming words that I can’t understand, but he’s not hurt.  He’s here, alive and well.  Tyler’s got both hands on me, gripping my arms and pressing down on my torso, looking from my chest to my face, back and forth.  I briefly wonder why he keeps doing that.  It’s only when he raises his hands, to cover up his wide, gaping mouth, that I see the glistening, red, liquid all over his skin.  He’s covered in blood.  My blood.  

The sight of it snaps me back into reality, which, in all honesty, isn’t ideal.  That’s when the pain hits.  It’s a searing, ripping sensation in my chest.  There’s pressure and heat and it just _hurts. _I try to call out, but when I open my mouth, there’s this gurgling noise and a bitter, irony taste in my mouth.

“Oh God—“ Tyler gasps as he quickly presses down on my chest once again.  

I sputter, blood spewing in the air with each breathe I take.

Tyler’s telling me to hold on just a little longer, that the van would be here any second.  But it’s hard to listen.  Amidst it all, I suddenly think of the trip to Jamaica that I never got to take.  I think of the white, sandy beach.  The fresh ocean air.  The cool drink in my hand.  I can picture it.  Or at least everything I hoped it would be.  The pain starts to go away.  Tyler blurs out of focus, and the world around me starts to narrow in.  I think of the pizza place on fifth avenue that I never tried, or the Fenway tickets I never bought.  I think of the letter I wish I had written to my mom.  

I think of hundreds of places I never went and thousands things I didn’t do, but the last thing that pops into my head before the whole world goes dark, is you.

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Daddy issues

What happens when you can’t pay for your 5 doughnuts and one hot chocolate order, because you forgot your wallet at home? You find yourself a sugar daddy. Or that’s what happened to a grumpy Min Yoongi.

Chapter one | Chapter two | Chapter three | Chapter four | Chapter five

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Jeon JungKook | ft. Kim NamJoon

Word count: 4977

Warnings: Maybe swearing and future smut

A/N: Another fic that was originally posted on AO3. I plan on finishing it over here because I really love the idea and in all honesty, I think it’s my favorite that I’ve written. Also in here JungKook is older than Yoongi. Hope you’ll enjoy!

“One hot chocolate. Three doughnuts. One chocolate pretzel…hmmm…and…huh…you know, make it 5 chocolate and cherry doughnuts…” Yoongi said to the cashier dressed in a rumpled bright green uniform with a mustard yellow shirt underneath. She had a small name tag attached with a safety pin that said “Mindy”. He felt kind of bad for her, but at the same time he didn’t have much time to meditate over the thought, because guilt was creeping into his mind, thinking about what he just bought.

“Crap! I’ll regret this later…for sure I’ll end up a closet with four doors…shit! I don’t fucking care for now, actually. This is for later!” he said to himself, trying to avoid the unavoidable confrontation with the cold truth. He was binge eating. Again.

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Getting Caught

Here it is. The present. Or well, the past since it was technically four days ago, but still. The present.

Let me start off with this, my mom is not in the country. She is gone until February 14th and I am dreading and also awaiting the day she comes back. I want to see her because I miss her and I love her, but I also know when she comes back she also has to find out the truth. Her daughter tried to steal something in a store she frequents.

Now my mom’s reputation is very important to her. VERY IMPORTANT. More important than to most people, and that is because of her occupation (which I will not disclose). So when she finds out, not only will she be heartbroken and worried about me and my future (which is also very important to her because she works very hard to assure that my future is bright and I have everything I need to make it bright. I know I’m a lucky daughter who does stupid things.), she will also be heartbroken and worried about her reputation.

That being said, my father and I went to a JcPenney to buy my mom jewelry she specified on wanting during a sale that went on while she is gone. (that doesn’t agree with tenses but whatever) While there, we waited for an attendant to help us, I spotted the small Sephora. I pocketed three items totalling 118$.

My dad and I picked out the jewelry, and I, despite being nervous, continued on my way. I felt nervous because there were cameras everywhere. There were not a lot of people, but a relatively good amount. 

I did my research on shoplifting hauls and tips on tumblr. One of the basic things is if you have a gut feeling you’re being watched or something is going wrong, something is going to go wrong. Drop your stuff and go. I had a gut feeling. I was stupid enough to say, oh well, and keep going.

We walked out the store, and I passed the sensors and I felt relief. I didn’t ring. Not three feet into the parking lot a man with greying hair and glasses stopped me, pulled out a black wallet looking thing, out came a gold badge and said “Please come with me”. My heart is beating so fast as I type this.

I couldn’t believe this was real. After countless stories on tumblr, countless hauls, all my friends stuff which is 87% stolen, and I, on my first attempt, get caught. I didn’t believe. I wanted to cry. They took me into a back room and my dad kept asking questions.

Let me tell you this. It was probably the worst experience of my life. Filling out forms with tears coming down my face, my dad so angry, he wouldn’t even sit down, or look at me, and all he wanted to do was hit me in the face. He begged the man to pay for my items, but the man replied it was against company policy.

It was worse than getting my first D on a calc test (the average was a 47 and its a college class in high school so don’t judge). It was worse than finding out my boyfriend cheated on me. It was probably neck and neck with finding out my grandfather died. Actually, my grandfather dying beats that out by a bit. 

I filled out forms, signed a notice saying I know I will get a civil demand for an undisclosed amount, I am not allowed in the mall, and an acknowledgement of what I attempted to steal. I received a court date right then and there. I spent an hour in that small room with my dad who cried for the third time I had ever seen him cry.

It was hell.

Let me tell you. JCP has HD cameras that can zoom in and out. JCP has an attending LP always, sometimes more than one on duty. JCP doesn’t tag somethings like bags, jewelery, and makeup because they will ALWAYS catch you taking it. At least at the one I was at.

If you want me to go into more details, I can. I remember everything they told me, everything I asked my dad through my tears, and everything my dad told me.

It felt like a nightmare. 

We left an hour later and my dad cried and asked me why I did it, especially because he asked before we left if I wanted anything. He was disappointed in me. He felt like I broke his trust. Not only did I try to steal, but I was with him. A man who would give me whatever I wanted, as long as I asked.

We picked up my brother from his internship in college, and he asked what was wrong. I was required to tell him what happened through my tears, and he called me stupid and said why would I shoplift. I told him you answered it, because I’m stupid. My brother asked basic questions like if I was arrested, but didn’t press too hard. My brother hasn’t always been the best brother, but he has always been a good child. I’ve been a pretty good sister, but not the best child. I do dumb things. He knows that, and he is all for punishing me for it. He only wants the best for me though. I love my brother, but he knew I was in deep trouble for my stupidity.

I texted my boyfriend right when I got in the room that I was getting in trouble for shoplifting and did not text him until I got home. When I got home, my dad and I did not talk.

I called my boyfriend on the phone, told him what happened, cried for a while, then went on my laptop and did as much research as I could. I asked questions on forum sites, I called lawyers left and right. I looked at what I could expect.

I am and was a 4.4 GPA student involved with Student Council, NHS, and volleyball. I didn’t have a spot on my student record, and before this, not one single speck on my criminal/arrest/juvenile record. The worst grade I had ever received on my transcript was a B, combined with a Satisfactory citizenship and the grade for that semester was a 3.4 unweighted, with a weighted average of 3.8. Like I said, I was not and am not a bad student. I want to be a doctor and I am taking medical advanced classes for my school’s accelerated program and am interning at a medical center.

Me being a good student doesn’t mean jack shit however. Being a good student doesn’t mean that I didn’t do what I did, nor does it lessen or put the blame off on anyone else. I still made the same stupid and shitty decision.

I got caught. I am not immortal. No one is. I got caught.


I went on a date last night with French at a Michelin starred Japanese restaurant in the East Village. He wanted to meet a little earlier than last time which stressed me out. It was only at 7 but I’ve been working late while I get used to my new job and I obviously had to run home, shower and get ready for my sugar date which takes a lot of prep. I rushed out of work at 530 (I live a 10 minute walk from my work) and started to prepare.

I exfoliated my whole body with a Bliss scrub, shaved everything, washed my hair and then rubbed a body oil all over me followed by a thick lotion. I realized in the midst of getting ready that my nails were chipped even though I just got them done two days ago. They were also bright red which I felt was a little gaudy for a sugar date. I had about 15 minutes left before I needed to leave and had to decide between styling my hair all the way or doing my nails and toes. Recently one of my guy friends told me he judges the amount of care a girl puts into herself based on her nails, so I had to sacrifice my usual rich girl curls.

I wore a sage colored Helmut Lang wrap dress, nude Chanel ankle strap heels, a watch and a black Chanel wallet on a chain. I spritzed myself with La Vie Est Belle and ran out he door. By the time I got down my flight of stairs I considered taking a car, even though it’s just as fast to take the subway. I checked and a car would be $20 and I was already late so I said fuck it and started walking.

The subway was so sweaty and packed in and by the time I arrived, I could feel a little sweat on the back of my neck. Thank god he got stuck in traffic and was a few minutes late so I could cool off and look fresh. He arrived wearing a light gray suit which is totally my weakness. We started with frozen sake since it was so hot out and started catching up on the last week and a half. He asked me how I was liking the city so far and how my job was coming along.

He ordered two omakase’s for us, which is a five course tasting menu at the chef’s discretion which was a delight for me because I love trying new things. He’s extraordinarily intelligent and we have really amazing conversations. However, I do have a tendency to get into more serious topics over the course of a date. I know in general you’re supposed to take politics, religion, race, etc off the table on sugar dates. But I can’t help myself when I have a great sparing partner. We literally talked about alternate universes and energy balances at one point.

So even though the general advice is to remain mysterious, there are SDs out there who value your opinion as well. I had three glasses of Chardonnay with dinner and we finally left for the hotel. He booked a room at the Standard in the East Village and we settled in quickly. I went down on him for a while and again, our sex is nothing special in my opinion. He’s got a huge dick which sucks, but he basically just likes rocking back and forth slowly either missionary or with me on top, so it’s pretty easy.

We finished up and cuddled up for a bit. He eventually said it was time for him to head back home and we got dressed. I really wanted to stay for a bit by myself because we had a corner room with a really pretty view, but I felt it would seem a lot more natural if we both left together. He grabbed me a cab on the way out.

I never made a mention of money during our date. But when I finally took my phone out (I don’t look at my phone on sugar dates) I had a Venmo notification for another $1500. I usually have pretty good intuition and if I can avoid asking for money, I always do. It makes the guys feel a lot better I think. If he didn’t send me something after the date, I may have asked. Or I might have written it off as someone who isn’t that generous.

At any rate, it was clearly a productive evening. HOWEVER I saw the vanilla guy I had sex with (let’s call him D) again the day before my sugar date. He took me to Pier 45 to watch the sunset and then we went to a wine bar and split a bottle of red. Despite being short, he’s hot. He wore Prada loafers, vacations in St Martin and drives a $80k Audi. So he obviously likes the nicer things. We went back to his place in Gramercy after the wine and proceeded to get intimate.

It was just as crazy as the first time. We had sex in his bed, then stepped out on his balcony for some air and had sex there. Then went back in the living room to relax on the couch and fucked there even though he has a roommate.

I have fake grass on my roof, and his knees got torn up from having sex on it the last time. The cut opened up and there was blood like ALL over the bed on really nice white linens. We both kind of laughed at ourselves because we’re a little animalistic in the heat of things.

I made a mention that his dick was nice in my last post. It’s thick and perfectly long and curves slightly up toward him. But after 3 rounds, I was so sore the next day. Then after French, I’m done with penises for a few days 😂

D rented a big house in Montauk for the weekend after July 4th and invited me to come. One of his friends is hosting a party for a famous DJ the night we would leave so he said we should go to that, then drive to Montauk after when traffic isn’t bad. Somehow I got really lucky with my move to the city!

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2 and 6?

2: Show your pencil case and what’s inside.

So, if I’m being totally honest here, 98% of what I do anymore is digital, so these are what I’m using most days. I do however do have a little set I like to use for traditional work when I do it. ^^

From left to right: Copic Black Wallet Set, Armature Nine Figure, stylus case, leather traveler’s journal with a couple different types of paper, and a bunch of Papermate Flair pen because I love to write with them(so smooth)

I did throw a couple extra pens, grey copics, and a mechanical pencil in this guy.

6: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

I tried.

I’m actually pretty proud that you can mostly tell what it is. XD I spent a couple months practicing writing with my left hand, and while it’s still not good by any means but I feel like I cheated a bit.

I made a speedpaint of this painful process if you’re interested. ^^’

Dateless And Single

Author’s note: I going to be spending my valentine’s day at work but I much rather be spending it this way. we all just need a little Jackson in our lives.


Lucky - Jason Marz

First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

Green Eyes -Coldplay

Pairing: Reader x Jackson(GOT7)

Word Count: 1446

Genre: Fluff 

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“Would you two shut up already, you been going at it for three hours.”

“Not until I win!”

“Then you two will be here all night! There is no way you are going to beat her Jackson. I would just give up now.“

“Jinyoung! How could you say that! I can’t give up that easily!”

“It has been three almost four hours. Some of us are getting hungry

“Then go get something to eat without us, I’m not giving up until I win!”

“Hey! I’m actually hungry” I finally pipe in my opinion. “And although I thoroughly like beating your butt over and over again. My stomach is trying to get my attention.”

This whole fiasco started four hours ago when I came over to hang out and eat dinner with the boys. It was valentine’s day today. So instead of spending it alone at my apartment watching chick flicks and drowning my feeling in ice cream and chocolate. Mark had invited me to spend it with him and the boys. We were all dateless and single, so it was a perfect idea to distract us from the loneliness that comes with this holiday.

The second I stepped through the door, though, I was challenged to a match of Super Smash Brothers Brawl by Jackson. Unknown to him, I was well skilled at it from years of playing it with my older brothers. After I destroyed him the first time, he called it beginner’s luck and called for a rematch. I just laughed and agreed to it. For the past three hours, Jackson had called for rematch after rematch. I didn’t mind though because I enjoyed spending time with him and beating his butt every match was a perk. But I knew deep down the true reason was that I have been harboring a huge crush on him since mark first introduced us. Sadly I know it wouldn’t work because of who Jackson was. He had the pick of any girl he wanted, he would never pick me. Mark’s old best friend from childhood.

“Jinyoung can’t you just bring us something back?” Jackson gave the rest of the boys a puppy dog look and a pout.

“If it ok with (Y/N).” Jinyoung gave me a “sorry he acts like a five-year-old sometimes” kind of look. The thought of being alone with Jackson sent butterflies to my stomach and made my cheeks turn red. But it would be okay, right? We were only playing a video game, nothing would happen, right?

“As long as I get fed, I’m fine with it”

“Are you sure?” Mark interjected. He could always read me like an open book. It didn’t help I would tell him everything since we were kids. He had figured out the crush I had on Jackson before I could even tell him.

“Just don’t take too long.” I joked out loud but I gave mark a “don’t you dare say anything or I will kill you” look.

“Alright, just don’t burn the dorm down while we are gone” Jinyoung sighed, oblivious to the stare down mark and I was having. The rest of got7 filed out and the door slammed shut behind Bambam and Yugeom arguing about what food they were going to get. The apartment fell silent and I shift nervously in my seat.

“I got an idea, let’s play Mario Kart instead,” Jackson announced

“I was never good at Mario Kart. So maybe just maybe you might win.” Jackson sent a sarcastic laugh my way as he got up to change the disk. I sighed back into my seat and watch him, noting his toned arm muscles. He so rudely decided to wear a sleeveless shirt tonight. I wonder what it would be like to have those arms are wrapped around my waist. Those arms bringing me into a tight embrace. His arm slung around my shoulders, claiming me as his.

“Are you checking me out?” I awake from my daydream to see Jackson looking at me with a smirk etched on his face.

“Of course not!” I yell out, avoiding his gaze.

“Your cheeks say otherwise.” Damn my girlish tendencies

“Just because girls around the world find you desirable doesn’t mean every girl does.”

“True but I’m pretty sure the girl sitting in front of me finds me desirable.”

“I do not!” the redness in my cheeks turn the shade of a tomato. Jackson has now abandoned the game and started to walk slowly towards me. I sink back into my seat.

“I beg to differ.” Jackson was now in front of me. He snaps both of his on either side of my head. I stare into his eyes, trying to find a hint of a joke. But all I found was focus and could say a bit of lust?

“I think you’re are over your head.” I tried to keep me composer but my mind and insides were panicking.

“You know it wouldn’t be a bad thing. You finding me desirable.” he was inching closer and closer to my face. One wrong move now and we would be kissing. But was that a bad thing?

“Why is that?” Jackson stops himself so close to my face that iI could feel his breath.

“Because maybe I find you quite desirable too.”

“Don’t joke with me, Wang.’ Jackson smirk was the last thing I saw. I flutter my eyes shut when I felt Jackson capture my lips. This kiss was powerful and sent electricity throughout my body. There was passion flowing from Jackson’s lips. It traveled through me and filled me. Claiming me to Jackson and no one else. Just as I start to try to pull Jackson closer, he pulls his lips off mine.

“Do you think I’m joking now?” Jackson stares into my eyes and leaves me breathless. I open my mouth to respond but I was cut off by the front door banging open. Jackson and I look up from our spot on the couch. Jinyoung and Bambam were bickering something about a lost wallet. But Bambam stopped mid-argument when his eyes fell upon us.

“Ewwwww guys we sit and eat on that couch!” Bambam yells over to us. I never seem Jackson move so quickly. He was on the other side of the room in less than a second.

“Bambam, it’s not like that!” Jackson yells back, his face turning as red as my own.

“Yeah sure, we all know you like her.” my head shot up at these words and I look at Bambam with disbelief.

“Hey! I haven’t even told her that yet! Jinyoung help me out!”

“You were going to do that to her without out even telling her you have feelings for her. That just messed up Jackson.” there was a glint of amusement in his eyes. Jackson and Bambam start to bicker back and forth again. I look up at Jinyoung and he gives me a wink

    “Come on Bambam, go get your wallet. The guys are waiting.: Bambam huffed off and returned with a black wallet in his hands. He walks out the still open door and Jinyoung follows.

    “Have fun you two!” Jinyoung waves to us as he shuts the door behind him.

    “I can’t……how could….I would never!” Jackson was walking back and forth, waving his hands around. I start to giggle at how flustered he was.

“Why are you laughing? This is not a laughing matter. They ruined my plan!” I laughed even harder at how serious Jackson looked.

“Jackson, calm down. they were messing with you. There is nothing to worry about.” I waved at him to come sit with me.

“They were?” he ran his fingers through his hair as he sat down.

“They absolutely were.”

“Oh now I just feel stupid but I’m still mad at Bambam.”


“He told you I had feelings for you.”

“That’s ok”

“How is that ok?”

“Because I like you too, dummy.” I laughed out. “But you are going to have to make this up for me.”

“I do? How do I make it up to you then?”

“For a start, you could take me out on a real date.” I leaned up and pulled Jackson don for another kiss. He wraps his strong arms around me and pulled me into his chest.

“I can definitely do that.” he breaks the kiss for a second and stared into my eyes. He then smiles and pulled me back into his lips. This definitely wasn’t how I thought my Valentine’s day would end. But I am so glad I didn’t end up stuck at home watching chicks flicks and eating ice cream.

Author note: The original plan was to upload this on Valentine’s day but I’m too impatient haha. As always I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!! <3  

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Hi there! I hope you're having a nice day. I wanted to ask a question on where you shop if you don't mind? What are some of your favorite stores? ❤❤

Thanks doll! I’m all over the map and have really particular style so I’m picky. I try not to spend crazy amounts on clothes and have a mix of high/low. I really love All Saints for their silk dresses and have about 8-10. Since moving to NYC I’ve been hitting up Beacon’s Closet and found a couple of super sexy Helmut Lang dresses as well as a pair of Chanel heels for like $100.

A lot of my stuff is second hand, I was poor growing up so I rarely got new clothes. I don’t mind now that I’ve gotten older and still practice it. The only things I buy new are niche items I know I’ll love such as a Realisation Par dress or One Teaspoon denim shorts.

I have a lot of basics from Brandy Melville as well as Forever 21. I like light waist coats over a black tank dress and heels for date night because it looks expensive and put together. I wear a lot of Free People dresses I’ve accumulated over time on sale during the day because they’re flowing and flattering.

Occasionally I’ll buy a fun top from Zara to throw into the mix. I only own two pairs of jeans lol. One is a pair of grey All Saints with the knees frayed and the other is a jet black pair from Madewell because they carry extra long sizes and my legs are long. I had a couple pairs of leggings but am not into athleisure really.

I dress pretty simply with a lot of black and pay more attention to how things make my body look than what’s trendy. I wear really simple nude or black heels and occasionally a pair of black leather loafers.

I have a Louis Vuitton Neverfull and a classic black Chanel wallet on a chain. I wear a gold necklace and four rings every day that I’ve gotten at fairs, then a pair of half carat diamond studs, so I don’t buy accessories really.
Day Forty-Two

-A woman brought up two items, one she wanted, one for price-comparison. I am used to this. However, she insisted I give her the lower-priced item for the higher cost. I think I see where she is coming from, but this is not the place for oneupmanship. 

-I will never forget the advice that one elderly woman gave another in regards to buying clearance Halloween items. Whenever I am making a decision, her voice will echo in my head, whispering, “do it, because of YOLO.”

-I was asked to double bag $80 of Halloween decorations in the largest bags we had in stock so that a woman in her sixties would be able to hide them from her husband in the car. For my next heist, I will undoubtedly be in contact with her to plan our seamless getaway.

-A kindly, sweet man in his seventies paid for his purchase with money from a large, studded, jet-black, leather chain wallet. This man keeps Hot Topic afloat.

-A man sat on my register, setting the example for two other men to sit on adjacent registers. The trendsetter remarked, “Why stand like a chump when you can sit?” My response was almost to suggest manners as a reason, but then I realized I would be playing directly into his hands and revealing my true nature as a chump.

-I was informed by a guest that, due to the fact that the counters on the registers were just slightly taller than the carts, I was guaranteed to be a VP someday. He told me that it could be for Nickelodeon, or possibly the Bahamas, but the where does not matter when this man has so much faith in me.

-Making faces at a baby strapped to their mother’s chest resulted in the infant excitedly jumping up and down as much as one can when confined to a living straightjacket. Despite all of the fun that young one was having, the warden was having none of it.

-Entering the store, a man threw his arms out and shouted, “Hello, Target,” and I aspire to take after this man and star in my own movie at every minute.

-I asked a man if he wanted me to bag his bottle of Mountain Dew. He looked at it intensely and told me not to, as he had plans for it. I hope beyond hope that his plans involved drinking it.