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It has officially been one month since Dralentine’s day! I am super, super excited to reveal to @pottergerms who their secret Dralentine was!! I am so, so, so happy to see that you enjoyed it!! Thank you for all of your kind words and for sharing my work with your lovely followers. Dralentine’s Day was so much fun and I am already looking forward to next year!

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 Harry’s friends are desperate to help find him a date for Valentine’s Day. Considering his growing list of one-night stands, Harry finds himself desperate enough to give almost anyone a shot. When a potential date goes awry, there is only one snake sneaky enough to wrap himself around a love-lost Boy-Who-Lived.

The music was loud.

“Alright there, mate?!”

Sweat dripped down slick skin.

“Do you want another drink?”

There were so many thrumming bodies surging around them it was hard to see where one male ended and another began.

“I said do you want another drink!”

And, much to Harry Potter’s displeasure, his friends had dragged him out with one specific goal in mind.

“What about that guy, Harry?”

To find him a date for Valentine’s Day.

Harry swung his gaze in the direction that Hermione was pointing and felt his mouth twist into a grimace. He shook his head rather adamantly at her, only slightly put-out when she pouted.

“Come on, Harry, you’re not even trying!” Ron said accusingly. “Don’t make me have Charlie drag you over to some random guy—you know I will!”

He groaned. Charlie had acquired a personal interest in making sure Harry was… well looked after… come Valentine’s Day. The bloody tenacious red-head was so damned determined to hook Harry up that he’d willingly left his dragons for an entire week in order to be the ultimate wing-man.

“It’s what you do for an adopted brother,” Charlie had said with a smirk. “You’re the only one left without a partner.”

You’re still single too, you know.”

“Yeah but I’m not looking.” Charlie’s smirk had grown wider. “Perks of being ace, my friend. Besides, you’re getting on in years, you know?”

“I’m only twenty-five!”

And now they were here, two days before the fourteenth of February, in a popular wizarding gay club and rifling through every single male who just happened to be present.

“Is there anyone here that is catching your eye?” Hermione asked, swirling her drink absentmindedly.

“Not really,” Harry replied honestly.

“Well… why don’t you join Charlie on the dance floor?”

Harry gave her a bland look. “Mione, you know I don’t dance.”

“Yeah, but—”

“Two words, Hermione, Yule Ball,” Ron remarked with a cheeky grin. “Harry has no coordination whatsoever—aside from quidditch that is.”

“Exactly,” Harry agreed, nodding. “With little-to-no coordination I’m obviously terrible at sex; it’s probably the reason I keep having so many flings.”

“Probably just a flail of limbs.”

“No rhythm to speak of.”

“Sloppy kisser too, no doubt.”

“Not to mention my atrocious memory when it comes to remembering names.”

“Maybe you should start making them wear nametags?”

“Why not number them while I’m at it.”

Harry and Ron guffawed with laughter much to Hermione’s displeasure.

Honestly, Harry, it’s no wonder you can’t find a date if you’re not even going to be serious about this!”

Smiling patiently, Harry downed a mouthful of his obscenely fruity cocktail Charlie had insisted on getting him. “Mione, we’re in the one place where finding a ‘Mr Right’ is far and few between. Guys come here for anonymous sex and one-night stands. I should know, I’m practically a veteran.”

“You won’t know until you try,” the female replied persistently. “Ooh, looks like Charlie may have found someone.”

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Gift #23, @pottergerms

Ew. Potter germs. Gross. Draco certainly doesn’t think the same thing. This one is for you, @pottergerms!

Our gifter says:

“Happy Dralentine’s day! I hope this fanfiction is everything you hoped for and more. Despite me, as always, leaving things to the last minute and freaking myself out, I actually rather enjoyed writing this one shot. Enjoy, indulge, and let us share the Drarry-love with the world! ~ Your Dralentine.”

A Dragon In Snake Clothing -  Harry’s friends are desperate to help find him a date for Valentine’s Day. Considering his growing list of one-night stands, Harry finds himself desperate enough to give almost anyone a shot. When a potential date goes awry, there is only one snake sneaky enough to wrap himself around a love-lost Boy-Who-Lived. 5k.

Tags:  smut, top!Harry

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Aye Captain

Fandom: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Character: Barbossa
Relationship: Barbossa/reader
Request: “Could you please do a Pirates of the Caribbean Barbossa imagine? I don’t have anything specific in mind, just something cute and fluffy. Thanks! :)”
Walking up to the doors, you tried your best to wiped the wet hair that was sticking to your face away and make yourself a little bit more presentable for the captain.
The storm had been battering both the ship and the crew for a good few days now but you had all powered through, making sure you kept as close to the course as possible.
Knocking gently, you wait until you hear Barbossa calling for you to enter.
“Captain, its [y/n].” You call as you enter his chambers.
The room was warm and rather welcoming. There was a warm fire in the corner and the room was lit up with the colours. You always loved coming in here. It was different from the coldness of the rest of the ship and it was even more welcoming in the current storm.
Barbossa was sitting at his desk with a large map sprawled out in front of him. There was a number of different item out on the table including a compass and parchment and a quill.
You had been by Barbossas side for many many years now. More than you could count. You had helped him escape from a hanging and he had saved you from a boring life. Even though you were the only female on board, you were respected by the others for your skill level in combat and your ability to think on your feet. You quickly raised through the ranks on the skip and now you were Barbossas first mate.
Today, you wore your torn three quarter trousers with a white blouse and black waist coat. You had a long bit of material wrapped around your waist as a skirt which you used to keep your feminine side. Your hair was up in a messy bun which had only got worse as the day progressed. Now, only a small amount of hair was left in the bun and you were dripping.
“The storm seems to been easing up.” You tell him, walking over so you were standing at his desk. Barbossa glanced up at him, looking over your battered state.
“That’ll be a little luck on our side.” He mumbled, placing down the quill he had been holding to lean back in his chair. He nodded to the seat opposite him which you graciously took a seat. It was a small armchair which was comfy and you were small enough you could crawl up in it quite easily. Your feet were throbbing since you had been on them since sunrise and the sun had set about 4 hours ago.
“How long before we make port?” You ask, leaning forward to look at the map. You always loved maps and even though it was a strange fascination, Barbossa indulged you and even aloud you to keep one of the maps which was a double.
“no more than 3 week as long as the damn storm keeps calm.” Barbossa said as he pointed to the spot you assumed to be where you would be making port. It was a small island and you were sure you had been there before. The merchants there was happy enough to deal with pirates since the East India Trading Company had caused them so much grief. You couldn’t help but chuckle to yourself.
“What seems to be funny?” Barbossa leans back, raising an eyebrow at you.
“Its just you know the East India trading company are bad when traders would rather trade with pirates than them.” You giggle, resting your head on you palm and propping yourself up on the desk with your elbow.
Barbossa chuckled at your statement before nodding and standing up. He walked around the table and across to the fire.
“Aye, tis different world from when we first started out.” Barbossa called over his shoulder.
“Yes, it is.” You smiled at his back.
Over the years, you had grown to care very much for the captain. He was strong leader and you were attracted by that. You didn’t notice Barbossa glancing over his shoulder at you, seeing you staring at him.
Even though you were a pirate, you had never lost your caring heart and Barbossa respected that more than he did your skills. You would always sew the clothes of the crew when needed and saw to their wounds, even taking on their jobs so they could rest. When he looked at you, he saw something he’d never thought he would see. He saw someone he truly cared for.
But as the captain, he kept it quiet with a stone face. Just because the view liked you, it wouldn’t stop them turning on him and causing a mutiny. He wondered if you would join in if there was a mutiny or if you would stay by his side as normal.
He hated thinking of this.
Worse still was he saw how some of the crew looked at you. He also noticed how you would always have eyes on you when they made port. He hated the drunken gaze of men who tried to speak to you.
You glanced up and saw he was staring at you over his shoulder which made a blush rise to your cheeks and you pushed yourself up.
“Well, I shall be going to bed now. I’ll see you in the morning.” You begin to walk to the door but Barbossa blocked your path. You frowned slightly, tilting your head to the side at Barbossa.
“Stay, if only for a hour. Allow ye to dry off.” He spoke while he gently took a strand of hair and holding it up as if to prove a point.
You didn’t hate the idea. The place where you slept below deck would be cold and if you were soaking, you would get sick. You wondered why he had suggested you stay. Could it be that he cared for you more than he let on. In truth, he did treat you more favourable than he did the rest of the crew. He would always ask for your presents when eating a meal by himself and he would always get involved if you got into a fight with another crew member.
You gently nodded your head and Barbossa walked around you. As you turned, he pulled the chair you had been sitting on and threw it towards the fire. You took the hint and dragged the chair so it was as close to the fire you could get without being set on fire yourself.
You were staring at the flames, watching them dance when you heard a thud beside you. Looking at your feet, you saw a copy of one of your favourite books. It was Barbossas but you would often steal it to read on cool nights under the sunset.
Picking it up, you looked up and saw Barbossa sitting back as this desk and was concentrating on his map. As you opened the book, you saw a flash of red and felt something hit your lap. Looking down you saw a shiny apple. Glancing at Barbossa again, you saw he was biting into one himself.
So you curled up by the fire and began to read.
As time passed, your eyelids became heavy and it became harder to concentrate on the book. You had finished the apple a while ago and the core now had been thrown into the fire to burn. But it seemed harder to have to get up and go down to where you slept. You could hear the wind howling outside and didn’t fancy getting drenched again. So you rested your head back in the seat.
You must have stayed like this for a while as you were simply listening to the fire crackling and the scribbling of Barbossas quill.
You heard the scrapping of a chair being pushed back and footsteps approaching. You were just too comfortable to move and a small voice told you that if you didn’t, Barbossa might let you sleep here tonight.
That voice became quieter and quieter as the footsteps approaching. But before you could open your eyes, you felt a finger brushing against your cheek. You didn’t open your eyes straight away but allowed the fingers to gently caress your cheek.
“Will ye stay by me side till the end?” Barbossa asked, his voice softer than normal. Your eyes fluttering open, obviously surprising Barbossa but he didn’t move as you raised your hand and touched his. He was crouched in front of you.
“Of course.” You answer, offering him a soft smile along with a quizzical look.
This soft moment with your captain made your heart beat hard in your chest. His eyes bore into yours but then something seemed to snap in him and he stood, pulling his hand away from you to turn and walked over to his desk. He kept his back to you causing you to frown a little.
Getting to your feet, you place the book on the seat and walked over to him and place a hand on his shoulder.
“Have I given you a reason to doubt my loyalty to you, captain?” You ask, a little scared of the response.
“Nah, lass.” Barbossa shook his head so you darted around so you were on the other side of the table. You leaned across the table to Barbossa.
“Then why do you doubt me?” Your voice was stronger than you felt at this point. You knew it was maybe not the best idea you had ever had to challenge the pirate captain but you wanted answers.
“I don’t.” Barbossa snarled at you, making you jump slightly and remember your place.
You took a step back from the table, your head lowered and your eyes on the floor. You played with the side of your skirt, feeling that it was dry.
You walked around the table and passed Barbossa who was staring at you, noticing the sudden change in your body langue.
As you walked, you felt a hand grab your wrist, keeping you from leaving.
“Its not your loyalty I don’t trust. Its theirs.” He growls the last word a though who ever he was speak about was his sworn enemy.
“Whos?” You turn to face Barbossa once again.
“Every man.” Barbossa says, making your eyes widen. Was this great captain jealous?
“How may I prove my own loyalty to you, for it is only mine you need.” You step closer to him, looking into his eyes with a knowing smirk.
“stand by my side.” Barbossa himself smirks back at you, knowing exactly where this was going.
“Aye, Captain.” You smile before leaning up and pressing a soft kiss to the captains lips which were surprisingly softer than you would have thought. Barbossas arms wrapped protectively around your waist, pulling you closer as you wrap your arms around him.
but even a pirate need breath so you both pulled away, your cheeks a bright red colour much to Barbossas amusement.
From that moment on, you were loyal to Barbossa till the end like you said as was he.

Not Your Typical Love Story, But Your Cliché Porno.

Request: Gerard smut where hes a porn star and y/n is doing her first film and hes the co star and they have to do the stereotypical teacher student porno with a shitty plot and just all smutty goodness

AN: This is gonna get weird.

Did you know 66% of men and 41% of women watch porn at least once a month? Don’t believe me? Look it up. Despite porn being shrugged off as sleazy, poor quality, unrealistic sex, the porn industry grosses over 10 to 14 billion dollars annually. The stigma and universal conclusion about porn is quite true however, porn is the definition of unrealistic and is sometimes so cheesy you can’t even get off to it because you’re laughing so hard. The most amusing factor about it is that somewhere in the world, a teenage boy is being brain washed into thinking that he could get a job as a pizza boy and some blonde bimbo will bang him instead of paying. 

Gotta love porn.

Even though I was well aware of the horrendous scenes and stories porn revolves around, I still couldn’t help but groan at the part I landed. Of course, when I finally build up the nerve to audition, this is what I have to work with. The email was simple and straight to the point.

Title: “School Girl Earns Her A.”
Co star: Gerard Way
Summary: Student seduces teacher for a better grade.
Your character: Student
Co Star’s character: Teacher

Not much of a plot, but that was suspected. Porn is 90% improvising and 10% of the director yelling a few key words and positions they want you to include. The rest of the message was all the information about the actual shoot, date, time, address, along with a few routines and crew member names. 

I was thrilled that my interview went well and got picked up by a company fairly quick, but really? Teacher and school girl? I internally cringed at the thought of what I was sure my costume would be as slutty as possible and in a signature school uniform skirt.

And I was exactly right.

The designer, who I remembered from the list was Ashley, held the outfit level to my chest and examined it, furrowing her eye brows as she lined up the top. I heard mutter “too big” to herself and switching it out with a different size, biting the inside of her cheek before giving it an approving nod. “Okay, try this one on hun and we’ll go from there.”

It was relieving to have another girl helping me, a majority of the crew were men and they all couldn’t keep their eyes to themselves whenever I walked past them. I could tell this wasn’t Ashley’s first time working on a movie because she sensed this would be my first one immediately after I walked in. That was also reassuring, she was trying to help put my ease at the same time without making me feel like an amateur. 

“How does it feel?” She inquired when I walked out of the dressing room, admiring the uniform in the mirror. 

“It’s a little snug, but i’m guessing that’s the point eh?” I chuckled, adjusting my boobs again as they were determined to spill out of my shirt.

“You already got the business down kid,” she said in amusement, tweaking a full ruffles on my shirt and straightening the pleated skirt. “Okay, now we just got to touch up you’re make up and then you’re ready to rock girl.”

I’m always extremely impatient when it comes to waiting. Horrible character trait, I know, but it’s simply the worst. Waiting leads to thinking and thinking leads to second thoughts. And the last thing I need is to be having second thoughts about this when i’m in full costume and sitting cross legged on one of the plastic chairs outside the set.

I was nervous, beyond nervous. I brushed off the thought of any downsides to doing this when I first filled out an application, the company paid well and I sure as hell could use the money. But now i’m mentally imagining thirty people crowding behind the camera and watching my every move and running out is starting to sound like a good option. Before I could, the door swung open and Jordan, the director, walked out.

“Alright, we’ll all ready in there,” he said casually, nodding his head towards the set. I nodded, standing up from my chair, making my black heels click against the tile floor. 

Jordan didn’t look like what you usually imagine a porn director to look like. The initial mental image is some creepy, old, bald guy who looked more like a guy you instinctively lock your car door when you spot him coming near you instead of someone you can comfortably have sex in front of. He looked young, had short, spiky hair and complimented the rough look he was working with a few piercing and tattoos. 

“Nervous?” He asked, glancing back to me.

“Very nervous,” I admitted, feeling the jitters come back. “I don’t even know this guy.” The sentence slipped out before I could stop it. It felt like a foolish thing to be hung up on in this business. No one knew each other.

But Jordan waved it off like it was nothing. “Don’t worry, you’ll like Gee. I’ve done a few films with him and well,” he paused to chuckle lightly, shaking his head. “Let’s just say I haven’t had any complaints.”

I laughed lightly along with him, picking at my nails unconsciously as I watched him set up his camera. We small talked here and there as he ordered around the rest of the camera, demanding more lights in certain areas and getting multiple cameras spread out to capture every angle. 

The door creaked open, alerting everyone that someone was here. Jordan’s head perked up and he grinned widely, jumping up with his arms stretched out. “Gerard!”

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a male porn star? A muscular guy with a perfect quiff and a spray tan, right? They all usually look the same or have the same look. 

But not Gerard.

His jet black hair was long and purposely messy, yet combed back to give him a sophisticated look while being dashingly sexy. The daunting black locks made his complection seem even more pale and highlighted his deep hazel eyes. He was wearing a white button up with a black waist coat and striped tie over it, complimenting the look with black slacks and freshly polished dress shoes. He had a coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other, pinching the bud between his index and middle finger. Gerard looked like the substitute teacher you fantasized about having when you were a teenager and my mouth uncontrollably came crashing down before I could stop it. 

Thankfully he didn’t notice, smiling at Jordan and giving him a quick hug before following him to his desk in front of the fake classroom, setting down his coffee and plopping down on his rolling chair. I could feel my cheeks heating up as I made my way over to him, heels clicking obnoxiously with each step I took. He glanced up from drink and eyes me, a coy smile forming on his lips as he swiped his tongue over his bottom lip.

“Hi, i’m Gerard. But you can call me Mr. Way,” he chuckled, adding air quotes to his character name. He had a thick jersey accent and his voice was oddly soothing and melodic . “What’s your name darling?” He asked politely, extending his hand out. His charm was ridiculous and I started to understand why Jordan had little doubt I wouldn’t like Gerard.

“Y/N,” I responded, my voice seductive and hinted with lust. I shook his hand, his large, calloused one engulfing mine. He flashed that smile at me again and set aside his coffee, folding his hands up into a triangle and raising an eyebrow at me.

“That’s a lovely name, i’ll have fun moaning that later,” he winked, his eyes lighting up when I squirmed at the comment and fought to keep my composure. Jordan’s shouts snapped us back to reality and I scurried off to the desk in the front row as Gerard flicked his cigarette and Starbucks cup into the bin next to his desk and organized his papers to seem more realistic. 

“You two ready?” Jordan asked, placing a hand on my desk and looking back and forth between us. I let out a shaky breath, shuffling in my seat and avoiding the hungry gaze of all the crew members. Gerard seemed to notice and frowned.

“Hey Jor, why don’t we clear out the room? Y/Ns obviously nervous and just having you in here we’ll probably keep her from freezing up,” Gerard suggested, shrugging casually while he scribble nonsense onto one of the blank pieces of paper. 

Jordan paused, thinking it over before nodding. “Will that help?” He asked, looking down at me. 

“Yeah, that’s fine,” I squeaked, giving Gerard a grateful glance as Jordan shooed everyone out of the room. Gerard simply winked back before returning to his papers.

Jordan hoists up the camera so it’s level with his eyes and flashes a wicked smile. “You guys ready?”

I nod, adjusting myself one last time as Gerard just responds with a curt, “yep.”

“Alright,” Jordan pauses for a few seconds, allowing us to get into character and loosen up. “Action!”

I looked up at Gerard, who seemed very interested in whatever work he was pretending to do, batting my eyelashes for effect. “Why did you want to see me after class Mr. Way?” I said in a velvet voice. 

Gerard tilted his head up, suddenly very serious and professional. “Come here.”

I stood up and slowly walked to Gerard’s desk, making sure to sway my hips with each step. I leaned forward onto the desk and rest my head on my hands, kicking my left leg back so the hell was nearly touching my ass.

“What’s the problem Mr. Way?”

“You’re falling behind in my class Y/N. You’re not turning in your homework or paying attention during my lectures. You need to focus if you don’t want to repeat this class,” Gerard said in a calm yet serious voice. He had a frown on his face but I could tell how hard he was trying to not smile at how cliché everything felt. 

“I’m sorry Mr. Way,” I pouted, looking up at him through my long eyelashes. “Maybe I could do something for you.” I smirked at Gerard before sauntering around his desk, hovering over him and tracing my index finger down his chest.

“I’m your teacher, i’ll get fired,” he protested, weakly trying to push my hand away. I straddled his waist, running my fingers through his hair.

“Come on Mr. Way, no one has to know,” I purred into his hair, making sure I was loud enough for the cameras to pick up. Gerard pauses for a moment before nodding, glancing up at me with a hungry look in his eye.

“This will just be between you and me, okay sugar?”

I giggled and nodded, grinding my hips down and holding back a moan when I felt him buck up. My arms hooked around his neck, fingers toying with the soft hair at his nape. Jordan moves closer and I hear the small static noise of the camera zooming in. I assumed that was a cue for us to deepen the kiss because Gerard’s tongue forces my mouth open and quickly invades my mouth. 

I moan at the feeling of Gerard’s tongue rubbing against mine, the wet noises our mouths are making is obscene and I whimper when I imagine what we look like. My lungs burned as I pulled away from the kiss, desperate for air. Gerard responded by lifting up my skirt, hands gripping my ass harshly. He digs in with his nails and then smooths a comforting hand over the same spots.

He brings his hand back before bringing it back down and smacking my ass hard. I whine and throw my head back, my grip on his shoulders tightening. “You like that, baby?” Gerard asks, smacking again and smirking at the moan that bubbles out of my throat. “You like when I smack you?” 

“Yes,” I whimper, his large hands roaming up and down my thighs.

“Yes, what?” Gerard says cockily, sucking on his teeth.

“Yes, Sir,” I corrected, the beautiful wide smile returning on his face.

“There you go. Maybe I should grade your final based on how good you can suck me off. How ‘bout you get on your knees and show me what you can do,” Gerard growls,teeth nipping at my neck. That was the last line of the script and now it was time for us to show off our improv.

“Yes, Sir,” I say again in the most lustful voice I can muster, grinding down on his hips before moving off of him and sinking onto the floor. The cold tile felt like ice on y exposed knees and my heels made an echoing click every time I adjusted. I could see Jodan move around from the corner of my eye, kneeling on one knee to get a straight view of me from the side.

I blocked out the camera and focused on Gerard, feeling a chill run up my spine when my eyes locked with his enlarged pupils that absorbed all the light hazel, leaving only a thin border around them. I palmed at the growing bulge, watching Gerard lean his head back into the chair, a small hiss escaping his mouth. I smiled and undid his belt, loosening the leather strap with ease and wiggling the slacks down to his knees along with his briefs.

His erection springs free from the tight restraint and I could feel my mouth watering. His size was beyond impressive and I knew there was no way in hell I could take all of him. It would be a challenge, but who doesn’t love a challenge?

I pumped him slowly, teasingly, and rub my thumb over his slit each time my hand meets his head. Tiny beads of pre-cum leak out of the tip and drip down the sides and I can’t stop myself from leaning down and running my tongue along his protruding vein. I hear his breath hitch and I hold back a chuckle, moving up to his tip and taking it in my mouth. I flatten my tongue and rub the underside of his head, making Gerard clutch at his armrest. 

“Fuck, yeah, just like that baby,” Gerard moans, removing his nails from one of the leather arm rest and running a hand through my hair. I stretch pen my mouth as wide as it will go until my jaw starts aching and sink down, barely taking in half of his length before his tip brushes against my gag reflex. 

Yep, that’s as far as i’m gonna go.

But I knew that’s not what matters, you could give someone an amazing blowjob with barley going an inch past the tip if you knew what you were doing. I hollowed my cheeks and starting bobbing my head, sucking extra hard when I got to the head and sometimes pulling off completely to blow cool air against it, watching Gerard shiver and squirm in his seat.

More shuffling around me and I see Jordan move behind Gerard, hovering the camera above Gerard’s shoulder and gesturing for me to look at him. I look directly into the lens and moan around Gerard, batting my eyes as I felt tears brimming.

“So…fucking good,” Gerard pants, the hand resting on my head tightening as he pulled up, hinting for me to get off. I pull off of him and finally catch my breath, my throat already starting to feel sore. Gerard ran a hand through his sweaty hair before standing up. “Get on the desk now,” he ordered. I sat down on the edge of the desk, looking up at him. “Flat on your back,” he instructed, reading my mind and answering in a raspy voice.

The cool wood felt good on the exposed area on the small of my back. My shirt barely covered me and I still had the top buttons undone to give a sneak peak of my breast. Gerard noticed, his slender fingers trailing up my stomach to the first button. 

“Fuck baby, you have no idea how sexy you look in this uniform,” he grinned, his right popping one of the buttons open while his left hand traveled up my thigh. He took his time, getting joy out of watching me squirm under his hard gaze and trying to arch up into his touch. Jordan snapped his fingers behind me, signally for Gerard to pick up the pace. I was relieved that I would finally get some sort of relief, but the growing intimacy from all the teasing was nice too. But that’s not porn, porn is about putting on a good show for the viewer and not for us to build up chemistry. 

Or as I recall the interviewer saying, “If you want passion, get the fucker’s number after the shoot and do that on your own time.”

The last button flicked open, revealing my lacy bra Ashley picked out for me, Gerard’s eyes growing wider and another smile curling up on his face. He took the fabric in both hands and torn it right down the seam with one swift motion.  He leaned down to my ear, biting my earlobe. “I’m gonna fuck you so good baby,” he grunted, his hands roaming down to my legs and pushing my knees up. “But first, how about I reward you for sucking my cock so good?”

I whimpered and nodded frantically, forgetting all about Jordan and the cameras. He knelt down in front of the desk, hooking his arms around my legs and yanking me towards his face. He pushed my skirt up, taking the hem of my panties between his teeth and slowly pulling them down and letting the fabric fall to the floor. 

He spread my legs and kissed the insides of my thighs. His breathing had sped up, and he was moaning every time his lips made contact with my skin. How could he possibly be enjoying this as much as I was? My heart nearly stopped when I felt Gerard’s warm breath against my sensitive folds, and I held back a squeak as his tongue parted the lips of my labia and grazed my clit. He then held them apart with his thumbs and placed a loving kiss against my sensitive little bud.

“You taste so good baby,” he murmured against me. His tongue swirled around my clit in complicated patterns, and I truly understood for the first time how many girls he must have practiced on to get this good. His tongue lapped at me relentlessly, and my breathing grew labored as I moaned and whimpered his name. The flat of his tongue pressed firmly against my clit and I cried out for more. 

“Sir, please,” I begged, and he brought one of his hands down to slide a finger inside me. With my free hand I clawed at the desk in an attempt to find something to cling to. He crooked his finger inside me, hitting my g-spot and prompting me to cry out for him. Gerard added a second finger and crooked both at the same time. “Mr. Way, f-fuck! Please fuck me,” I whined. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed more. I needed him.

“Since you asked so nicely,” he smirked, rolling his chair back. “Flip over, hands and knees.” I did what he said, trying my best to not acknowledge the camera. I felt his hands grip my waist, positioning me so my heels were barely scraping the ground and ass was perked up, on display. “Imma tie you up now, okay baby?“ He said softly as if he was talking to a child and I nodded, letting him pin both of my hands on my back and tie them together with his striped tie.

I gasped when I felt his head press against my entrance, teasingly running up and down my slit before slamming in. I choked out a moan and felt my legs turn to jelly. One hand stayed firmly on my hip while the other came up to the back of my head, keeping my face firmly pressed against the desk.

That’s a porn position for ya.

Each thrust was hard and deep, the whole desk scooting forward every time he bucked his hips forward. My hands pulled at the restraints and I groaned in frustration, I was aching to touch him. I glanced back and him and almost came at the sight. His button up was soaked with sweat and was clinging to his broad shoulders, eyes rolled back and dark locks falling onto his forehead. 

The room filled with breathy moans and the sound of skin slapping together, the occasional sound of the legs of the desk screeching against the tile floor. I used to think people over reacted in porn, but I was proved wrong. The feeling was indescribable and knowing we were on camera only made it more hot. 

I could tell by his noises he was getting close, moving his hand out of my hair and onto my other hip, forcing them back to meet his thrust in the middle. “I’m close Mr. Way,” I moan, struggling to find my voice as he sped up his thrusts.

“God, you sound so hot. You like my thick cock stretching you out, huh? Feel good, Princess?” He said in a husky voice, pressing down on my clit.

“Mm, yeah, fuck,” I cried out, my eyes screwing shut as I came. I could feel sweat dripping down my neck and the back of my thighs as Gerard continued to pound into me. His thrusts falter and become erratic, his breath coming out in short pants and grunts. 

“Come inside me, Sir,” I moan, my body shuddering at how sensitive I felt.

Gerard throws his head back and groans, his eyebrows furrowing and his mouth opening to form an ‘O’ shape. I clenched around his cock, feeling him shoot inside me, it doesn’t stop for a while and I can’t help but feel a swell of pride I made the sex god cum that hard. He eventually slows down his thrusts until he comes to a complete stop, pulling out slowly. He leans closely to my ear, whispering so the camera won’t pick up what he’s saying.

“Meet me outside my dressing room. I need to see you again.”

I couldn’t get myself to respond before Gerard walked away, pulling his slacks beck up and fixing his zipper. Jordan moved closer, getting one last shot of me slumped over the desk before snapping his fingers as the red blinking light turned off. 


Simply Irresistible

for parissienne

Words: 531

Pairing: BardxReader


Bard stepped into the tailor’s shop with you, leaving winter’s bite behind. He looked around, unsure, as if he were lost.

The last time he had bought a coat was, what, more than a decade ago? Longer? The coat covering him had been his last such purchase. Time, hard work, harsh winters, rancid lake water, dealing with ornery Dwarves, killing a fierce dragon and getting through a war, and the rigors of rebuilding Laketown put many a rip and hole into the coat. It wasn’t even that warm anymore, and putting it through a wash was delicate business.

His children and you insisted he finally use some of the mountain share to get a new coat.

You were by his side, arm-in-arm, as he meandered through the existing selections at the shop in Dale, both of you running your fingers over the furs, leather and suede pieces.

“Thank you for accompanying me, Darling,” your fiance said, squeezing your hand.

“Of course. I have to make sure you actually choose something new, and not return in this old thing,” you teased.

“But it’s so dapper!” he said, making you laugh.

Just then, the tailor approached, measuring tape draped around his neck. He instantly knew why Bard was there.

“I would be happy to make a custom coat for you,” the man offered, sensing that Bard would want something that was more “him.”

“I wouldn’t want to trouble you,” Bard said, his thoughtfulness making you fall more in love with him.

“No trouble at all for the King of Dale,” the tailor said. “If you would just remove your coat, I’ll take a few measurements, and then we can discuss the style.”

Bard nodded, seeming more relaxed and comfortable. You helped him slide off the ratty, threadbare coat and hung it over your arm as the tailor brought Bard to his worktable and asked him to stand still and fully extend his arms.

Bard was as tall and strong and still as a tree. He winked and smiled at you.

Ah, now you were steeped in love.

You lifted his coat to your face and inhaled Essence of Bard. There was a little bit of pine, a hint of smoke from toasty fires in the hearth, just a tiny hint of fish.

You closed your eyes and took it all in as you half-heartedly listened to Bard and the tailor make small talk about men’s fashion styles.

Before you knew what you were doing, you took off your waist-length black wool coat and put his on, surrounding yourself in Bard’s intoxicating scent.

Your mind drifted to thoughts of dining with him, slow-dancing with him, looking into his eyes.

Eyes! You flew yours open, only imagining how silly you must have looked.

Bard was looking at you, his mouth open.

“Darling, you look…” he began.

Yeesh, what was he going to say?

“…absolutely, positively…”

Oh, this was going to be a doozy! You were already so embarrassed.

“…simply irresistible,” Bard breathed.

Your grin lit up the room, and you hugged the coat tighter. After the measurements were recorded and the simple but chic style picked, Bard insisted that you wear his comfortable old coat as you walked into the chilled night air, and he found you more irresistible every time you hugged it.

What could have been

@drifting-sunstone requested a fic about the above image. Hope you enjoy my darling and thank you for being so patient. If anyone wants a fic based on an imagine or image let me know. Crimson kisses <3

AU. Spoilers. WARNING: Its not all rainbows and kittens, blood and death are talked about, please don’t read if these affect you.

“Thomas, Thomas are you in here?”
He loved hearing her voice, the way it sang whenever she called his name. It didn’t matter what hour of the day or night, it always reached his ears and brought a smile. Looking round from his work desk he saw the flash of yellow as she rounded the corner of the elevator as she head for his work shop.
“I’m in here” he called back, standing and unwrapping himself from the large check blanket, lying it over the back of the chair as his wife came into view.
“What is it darling?”

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Pakistani tag

Tagged by: maaaaaaaaaaz demurings rozanardab da-pakistanii myonlytalentisoverthinking and pakichu  baut shukrya iss ghareeb ko tag kerne k liye.

How are you?

Jee Allah ka karam ha

Which part of Pakistan are you from? City and state please.


Do you say Pakistani or Paki?


If you say Pakistani, do you approve of people saying ‘Paki’?

Racial slur ho ya na ho par mujhe samaj nai aati ke Pakistanio ka paki bolne k peeche kya maqsad ha? zuban mei ablay nikal atay Pakistani bolte hoye? ya per letter paisey charge hote hain? masla kya ha pakistani bolne mein? 

Have your traveled with PIA?


Which famous international known Pakistani, makes you proud?

Abdul sattar Eidhi,Abdus salaam,Nusrat fateh ali khan 

Do you support any Pakistani political party?

Vote PTI ko,Khan ha ullu ka patha likin baki iss se bhi 2 hath agay hain.

Name the most Pakistani thing you own.

aik wo chota sa pakistan ka badge ha

First word that comes to mind when you think of Pakistanis.


Tell us a random time you encountered another Pakistani aunty, uncle, relative etc.

AIk dfa mein ice cream le raha tha udar aik uncle kahery teh jin ka mujhe lagta ha k zehni tawazun thora bigra hua tha wo muj se puchte hain k beta apke pas change hoga? meine kah han jee hoga tou wo agay se mujhe kehte hain “phir mujhe bhi aik ice cream le dou?” banda uss se puche k tu tou job ker k paisey kamata ha mein miskeen apni maa se bheek mang k lete hu tumhe mujhe khilani chiaye tu ulta merri jaib pe hath saaf ker raha ha.Likin phir mujhe usey leke deni pari kyun k muj sa “na” nai bola jata kisi ko yeh meri bari tragedy ha

What is the weirdest thing a non-Pakistani has asked you about Pakistan?

Kabhi itni dair k liye pala nai para kisi non pakistani se k wo apni auqaat se bahir nikal k mere se sawal puchna shuru hojaye

Karachi vs Lahore?

lahore lahore hai

Paan vs Hookah?


Rickshaw vs Chingchi Rickshaw?


Shezan vs Rooh afza

Shezan cuz it rhymes with my name 

Pakoras vs Samosas


Bazaars vs Malls?

Bazaaron mei bari mehent kerni parti ha achi cheez dhondne k liye iss liye malls

Summer (Aam life) vs Winter (Chai life)?

Aam,chai tou banda AC mei bhi beth k pe skata ha

What do you have with Chai?

Biscuits sooper ya marie key

Lawn vs Chiffon?

lawn,waisey farq kya hota ha dono mein?

Longest time you have gone through load shedding?

1-2 din

Weirdest thing you’ve read on a car?

 “Mama said no gurlz”

Weirdest thing you’ve seen while traveling or at the Bazaar?

Koi banda toshiba k laptops baich raha tha rairi k uper rakh ke

Have you ever bargained at a shop?

Jee ab itni pakistaniat tou ha mere mein 

Have you bought anything from a street vendor? What?

jo wo baich rahe hote hain

Favorite Urdu word?


Favorite Pakistani catchphrase/saying?

“Haye maa sadqey”

Favorite Pakistani curse word?

Awein koi bacha idar seekh lei ga uss ke gunha bhi mere sar lagey gey

Favorite Pakistani food/dessert?

jee sary hee favourite hain

Favorite Pakistani monument/mosque/location?

jee sary hee favourite hain

Favorite Pakistani historical figure?

Apne boizzz Quaid-e-azam aur Allama iqbal

Favorite Pakistani cricketer?

Wasim akram 

Favorite Pakistani song?

Tum eik gorakh dhanda ho!

Favorite Pakistani quote?

“Koi thori si ethics hoti hain,kuch grace hoti ha,kuch sharam hoti ha,kuch haya hoti ha” khawaja asif 

Favorite Pakistani movie/drama?

Drama: Waris

Favorite Pakistani actress/model?

Iman Ali

Favorite Pakistani actor/model?

Fawad khan 

Favorite Pakistani fashion statement/trend?

Favorite thing about Pakistani weddings?

Mithayi baki sub baut extra ha

Favorite Pakistani conspiracy theory?

2005 mei jub zalzalay arahe teh mujhe kisi ne kaha k amreeka kerwa raha ha meine pucha wo kaisey? tou kehta ha ke pakistan ke jo zameen k neeche nuclear bombs pary hain wo uno ne tabah ker deya hain nasa ki techonolgy se

Pakistani do ______ better.


Truck Art is _____.


Pakistani men look great in _____.

 white shalwar kameez aur black waist coat 

Pakistani women look great in ____.

shalwar kameez mei jo elegance ha wo aur kisi cheez mein nai

Pakistanis should continue ______.

to love their heritage

Pakistanis should stop ______.

nothing! everthing you do is perfect.Islamabad is the 2nd most beautiful captial in the world,pakistani men are the 3rd most good looking,sub fit ha .Allah hu akbar

Pakistanis should start ______.

being human

If you could trade places with another Pakistani, who would it be?

Yeh tag kuch zaruart se zada hee lamba ha

If you could travel anywhere in Pakistan, where would you go?

skardu,fairy meadows

Recent news you received about Pakistan?

Train accident

If you could change one thing in Pakistan, what would it be?

the narrative that “ We’re a resilient nation”  apathetic would be more appropriate

On a scale of 1-10, how Pakistani do you think you are?


Nostalgic Pakistani memory?

street cricket street lights mei sehri tak

What makes you Pakistani?

Jee wo mein paida pakistan mei hua tha tou majboori hee samaj lein

Tagging: asadakahawk asmaniinquilab arz-e-tamanna besabati chupthii distractionneeded falo0oda honey-fire inqilaab khatmal labbaikyahussain mahhnoorr muneebahmad mirch-pakora-zindabad naaze oatfreakingmeal qalbii rishtaywaliaunty raatkiraani smhijab scattredthoughts thotjab uziirx w-js yungchutney zaffywaffy 9940km and sueeatartt

Original Imagine: Imagine going to the mall with Caroline and have her eat you out in a dressing room

Author: ~ C x

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1,658

Content Warning:Oral Sex, Lesbian sex,

Comments: So, lesbian oneshots are my thing and I love writing them and hopefully you guys enjoy reading them? Hopefully so yeah…

“So why  exactly did you bring me along with you? You know I loathe the idea of prom and the stupid tradition of a male and female king and queen and blah blah blah” I start, my eyes brows furrowed and my lip jutting out.

“Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you get to be a grump and miss out on prom. You are coming and I am going to make sure you look amazing and get a hot date.” She smiles at me regally, showing me that she completely deserves that make believe crown.

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More Combined Requests!!

Request: The reader and dean have been friends a long time and they always joke and play around and wrestle. sam, cas, and Gabriel see it’s obvious they like each other and try to set then up. And when they kiss can you make it really sweet and detailed and cute. *awkwardly smiles* thank you so much keep up the great work 👍✌️

Request: helloooo! can you do one where Gabriel thinks the reader and Dean would be cute together even though they deny it so he puts them in a ton of romantic movies and by the end they get together and its all super duper fluffy? <3

Request: Omg im in love with your one shot based on the french mistake! Could you possibly write one based on changing channels? Like gabriel sends the reader & team free will in a bunch of tv shows like soap operas and reality shows or cartoons? Thank you (:

Request: hi! can i get an imagine where the reader is an archangel and she and sam like each other but they’ve never said anything ((think destiel)). so gabriel puts them in a bunch of tv shows and won’t let them out until they confess their feelings. can gabe also be protective like “"if you hurt my sister i’ll kill you”“ thank you so so much!!!

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December 31st, 2014. Black faux-leather pants, black waist coat, and silver tie from H&M, white button up shirt from Target, maroon bootie wedges form Forever 21, Stella Artois from the liquor store down the street.


Being that tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day….I’m doing PotC Throwback Thursday from our piratical days, back in 2006-2009!

I made a new ‘Curse of the Black Pearl’ Will waist coat and we didn’t even end wearing Will and Liz at DCon this year -_-….thinking about doing a mini photoshoot tomorrow to mimic the old promo shots Orlando and Kiera did. On top of the fact, Berg has never gotten good shots of his CotBP Will, and he’s had the damn thing since 2005. For some reason we completely forgot it when we went and too these shots on St. Simons in 2009.

We still want to go to St. Augustine and take pics at some point.