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Make Me Bad

DESC: Reader isn’t the kind of girl who goes out to parties and gets wasted, but that all changes when Ethan Dolan shows her how to really live.

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You’d never been so terrified by something that seemed so simple.

“Just a party,” you reminded yourself, extending your fingertips towards the silver door handle.

How had you gotten here in the first place? The answer wasn’t so much how, but who. Ethan Dolan had been your best friend and number one supporter for months, so you couldn’t turn down his request to a party, especially when you just so happened to be head over heels in love with him. You casually forgot to mention to him that you’d never so much as touched alcohol in your life, or gone to a party, either. But it didn’t take a genius to know that you were the classic head smart good girl, so, there was that. You ended up putting much more time into how you looked than you’d set out for, but no matter what you did, you knew that you would stick out like a sore thumb. You’d chosen a midnight blue strapped crop top, a short high waisted black skirt, and some silver heels.You’d let your hair down for once, and spent much more time than you’d like to admit doing your makeup. And now, here you were, and you couldn’t be more scared to pull that handle.

Luckily, you didn’t have to open the door, since somebody else did. A drunk couple toppled out the door in a fit of laughter, red plastic cups in their hands as they threw off their shoes and raced out into the grass. Not waiting another second, you dove through the doorway and into an absolute nightmare. The floor shook under the feet of hundreds of people dancing, so many people that they spilled out into the garden and right to the pool. Strobe lights blinded you instantly, and the music was so loud, it took everything you had not to cover your ears like a dork. You got sucked into the crowd instantly, knocking hips with a guy who reeked of beer.

“Hey pretty lady, wanna dance?” He winked, his hands flying to your hips and pulling you into his chest.

“She’s with me,” a familiar voice said behind you.

The stranger sized up your savior, but quickly gave it up and backed off.

“Hey,” a warm voice said in your ear.

A smile crept up on your lips, and you spun to face Ethan, “Hey.”

He wore a plain white tee, some ripped black skinnies, and navy shoes. As usual, absolutely mesmerizing without even trying. 

Ethan’s smile faltered, his eyes drinking you in for a good few seconds.

“Wow, um,” he started, taken aback, “You look…”

“Like a mess, I know,” you stammered.

“No,” Ethan smiled nervously, “You look amazing.”

You felt your cheeks warm in surprise, “Oh, um, thanks.”

Ethan nodded lightly, the smile you loved lighting up his face.

“Well, let’s get you out of this crowd for a minute,” he said.

“Thank god,” you laughed nervously and gratefully took Ethan’s hand as he pulled you easily through the waves of people.

Ethan walked you out of the loud dance floor, and into the slightly deserted kitchen. Not many people were in there, mostly just people coming in and out to fill their drinks up. He led you to the empty side of the kitchen, and hopped up onto the white marble counter-top, pointing to an empty stool across from him.

“So, how you feeling?” he asked.

“I don’t know, to be honest, this isn’t really my scene.”

Yeah right, you’ve been to parties before,” Ethan chuckled.

You coughed awkwardly and shook your head in embarrassment. 

“What!?” Ethan gasped, “For real!?”

“For real,” you sighed nervously.

“Wow, you haven’t lived yet,” he said.

“Sorry,” you mumbled.

“Don’t be” Ethan smirked suddenly, “Because tonight we’re changing that.”

Your eyes flickered up to his, “Wha-, no, no.”

But Ethan had already hopped off the counter and dashed across the kitchen, coming back seconds later with two beer bottles in hand. He tossed you one, and you caught it without meaning to.

“Drink up,” he smiled, popping open his bottle and taking a gulp.

You held the chilly bottle in your hands, your heart beating fast.

“How about this,” Ethan said suddenly. “For every drink you drink, I’ll have one, that way we’ll be doing this together. And tomorrow, if you wake up regretting tonight, I will never ask you to do this again. You win. But, I promise you, you’ll have fun.”

You blew air out of your mouth, hating yourself for caving so easily. 

“Fine,” you said, to Ethan’s delight. “But remember if this goes wrong, it’s on you.”

You opened your drink, and began downing it quickly. You didn’t particularly like it going down, but you sure enjoyed how it made you feel not too long afterwards.

“How do you feel now?” Ethan asked.

“I feel..bubbly,” you said with a big smile.

“You know what’s even better than that,” Ethan said huskily, “Feeling drunk.”

And before you knew it you were taking vodka shots with your best friend and biggest crush.

“Three, two, one,” Ethan counted down, bringing the shot glass to his lips at the same time as you. You scrunched up your face from the taste, but Ethan didn’t so much, his eyes tracking you the entire time.

“One last one,” you stuttered tipsily, refilling your drink.

You linked your arms into Ethan so that you’d be downing eachother’s drinks, but this time you held onto Ethan’s gaze as the liquid poured down your throats.

“Damn,” you said, placing your glass on the counter and turning to move.

“Where are you going?” Ethan asked.

“I’ll never be drunk enough to want to take the dance floor, but there’s a first time for everything,” you said as you made your way out the kitchen.

It was good Ethan followed you, because your feet wobbled dangerously and you went toppling backwards right into Ethan’s arms.

“I got you,” he laughed out, pushing you back upright.

“Thanks, E,” you smiled and fixed your balance before moving out into the mass of dancing people.

You had no idea what you were supposed to be doing, so you followed everybody else’s lead and shook your head and hips to the beat of the song, and that seemed to do the trick. The same guy from earlier came sliding into view, but you didn’t even try to stop him when he put his hands on your hips and began dancing into you. The pulse of the song beat hard in your chest and you laughed drunkenly and mimicked the stranger. You were actually starting to enjoy yourself when a strong hand grabbed you from behind and spun you right into a hard chest. You blinked through the flashing strobe lights in confusion.

“Come on Ethan, I was having fun,” you winged in complaint.

Ethan looked you over defensively, his jaw clenched.

“Not as much fun as you could be having with me,” he pointed out, running a hand through his dark locks.

“Whatever, dance with me,” you said, swinging yourself back into the song.

You started off jumping into the beat, but changed demeanor when you felt Ethan behind you, placing one large hand on each side of your round hips. You closed your eyes, enveloped by the sound, and pressed your shoulders back into Ethan as you swayed your hips lightly against his body. You rolled your neck into Ethan’s chest, resting your head on him as you let yourself be consumed by the feeling of him grinding into you. Ethan’s chest rose heavily, his cool breath tickling your face, his eyes closed. You blinked up at him, startled when he opened his eyes again, his dark eyes resting hungrily on yours. For a moment everyone vanished, and it was just you and Ethan, and there he was, bending over you, his lips parting-

“Belly shots!” someone yelled from across the room, snapping you out of your daze.

You cleared your throat, shaking your head a little bit with a smile, “Um, let’s go.”

Ethan nodded distantly, detaching himself from you and leading you to the fun.

“Who’s next?” someone called.

“This girl,” Ethan said, pushing you to the front of the small crowd.

A blonde guy raised his eyebrow at you with a smirk, “I’ll take this one.”

“No man, she’s mine,” Ethan growled, stepping forward.

You gulped nervously, nodding shyly at Ethan and pulling yourself up onto the polished tabletop.

You tucked the lime between your lips, the salt spread over the top area of your breasts, and the tequila poured into your exposed bellybutton. Before you could even prepare yourself a little bit, Ethan was hunched over you, his tongue collecting all the salt, his lips attaching gently to your belly, and than to your mouth in seconds. The lights were blocked out by the shadow of Ethan bending over your lips, holding your eye contact for a moment while he sucked the lime from your lips and into his. The sound of triumphant cheers and whoops  filled your ears, as you sat up. You grinned and turned to hop off the table but didn’t get to, for Ethan spat his lime out and grabbed you roughly by your hips and hoisted you into him, your legs wrapping around his waist obediently. And then the roaring of the crowd got a hundred times louder as Ethan attacked your lips mercilessly with his own, and you let him. Your hands went sliding roughly through his hair, your lips responding hungrily to Ethan’s, not even bothering to hide your moans of pleasure when he dipped his tongue into your mouth.

Suddenly, Ethan pulled his head back, his eyes fluttering open.

“(Y/N),” Ethan breathed apologetically.

“I want this,” you assured him, your teeth grazing over your lower lip, “I want you.”

Ethan clenched his jaw in frustration, his eyes closing as he fought to pick out his next words. 

“(Y/N), you better answer with certainty, because if you give me a yes, then I don’t think I’m going to have the willpower to ask you again,” he murmured, his nostrils flaring.

“Ethan,” you said softly, “Open your eyes.”

He did, and they were darker than usual, and filled with nothing but lust.

“Yes,” you said.

And that was all it took.

The crowd of people whistled as Ethan placed you down on the ground and began leading you upstairs.

Ethan closed the bedroom door behind you, locking it shut and whipping around to face you. He pushed you down onto the sheets, climbing over you and removing his top and shoes, you following his lead. He dipped his lips onto your neck, sucking on a patch of your skin and drawing out sounds of pleasure from you. He nibbled and sucked your neck until it was covered in many dark love bites. You went to unclip your bra, but he had it off in seconds with little to no effort. Ethan brought his lips down to your breasts, attaching them around one of your nipples, his tongue flicking against the tip as he sucked on it roughly before moving to the other breast and repeating the action. You struggled not to roll your head back, keeping your eyes on Ethan, who lifted his deep gaze intently to yours while he worked. You breathed out in pleasure, your hands tugging at Ethan’s soft hair as his tongue came sliding down your belly and down to your skirt. He hooked his fingers into the fabric, sliding your skirt off your legs and tossing off his jeans while he was at it. You took him by surprise, grabbing his hips and turning him onto his back as you hoisted yourself onto his legs, his growing bulge centimeters away from where you wanted it. Ethan chuckled in surprise, his arms snaking around your belly as you bent over him, leaving wet kisses all over his rippled bronze chest. A deep rumble came from his throat as he moved his hands to your ass, which he squeezed roughly in his hands while you explored his chest. You looked up at him, your thumbs hooking in his Calvin’s, your heart thumping with adrenaline. Ethan nodded lightly, giving you the ok to remove his boxers. His large member perked right up, ready for you to take in your mouth, so you did. You squeezed as much of him as you could between your lips, your hands gently pumping any of him that didn’t fit. His length hit the back of your throat, but you took it, working your hands faster, a layer of sweat building on your skin. Ethan groaned out in pleasure, the sound being more enough to keep you going. You swirled your tongue around the tip, feeling him twitch in your mouth.

“B-baby, I’m gonna c-” Ethan gasped out.

He released his load in your mouth, and you swallowed without thinking twice. You pulled off, your chest rattling as you gulped in the fresh air. Ethan sat propped up on his elbow’s, his eyes wide in wonder as you lifted your gaze to him.

“Not so innocent after all,” he smirked, an eyebrow raised.

You blushed furiously in embarrassment, Ethan scooting you forward on his belly so he could reach your lips. He used his thumb to collect some left over mess around your lips, his eyes unwavering as he forced his finger into your mouth. You sucked on it lightly, his thumb popping as he removed it. Ethan smiled gently, bending into you for a quick kiss on the lips, his hand resting beneath your chin. He pulled back a moment later, shaking his head in awe.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” you asked, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Because you’re gorgeous,” Ethan mumbled softly, “And because It’s my turn.”

Ethan spun you onto your back, raising his shaft above you and positioning it right near your entrance. You scooted back so that you could get a look at him, your hands resting open on either side of your body. Ethan laced his fingers through yours, holding you to the sheets as he entered you. Your face reflexively scrunched up as Ethan adjusted himself, but soon he was moving in and out of you at an excruciatingly slow pace.

“Ethan,” you begged in frustration, glaring at him.

Ethan’s lips twitched into a smile, and he began working himself faster towards your core.

“More,” you pleaded, digging your nails into Ethan’s hands.

He re-positioned his hands onto your hips, holding you in place as he began slamming his hips into you with no mercy. His hips came knocking roughly into yours, his balls slapping loudly against your skin. You cried out in pleasure, your nails dragging marks all over Ethan’s back. He found your g-spot and slammed roughly into it, his mouth dropping open, and his eyes fluttering closed in concentration. 

“I’m going to-” before you could finish your sentence, Ethan had opened his eyes again to watch you shudder beneath him. And just the sight of his hair plastered to his forehead, his flawless body shaking with each jagged breath, and his dark eyes, was enough to break you.

“Come for me, princess,” Ethan purred.

You reached your high, convulsing beneath Ethan and screaming out his name as your juices poured out over him. Ethan’s thrusts got much sloppier, and he finished soon after, his come filling you right up to the brim. You shook beneath him, moisture clinging to your eyes as he pulled out and cleaned you up with small kitten licks.

Ethan crawled up to your side, giving you a moment to breathe. You rolled onto your side to face him, feeling exhausted. Ethan rolled to his side too, leaning in to plant a soft kiss on your forehead and gently slide his fingers through your tangles.

“Goodnight, beautiful,” he murmured.

But your head buried into his warm chest, you were already out.

- The next morning -

You awoke with a headache, the events of last night coming rushing back to your head at once. You blinked a couple of times and looked up to see Ethan still passed out, he’d fallen asleep with one arm locked tightly around you. 

“Mmph,” you groaned, rubbing your eyes and sliding out of Ethan’s hold.

You sat upright, bringing your knees to your chest and placing your head in them while you struggled with what you were going to tell Ethan.

You knew for a fact that alcohol or no alcohol, you were sure of what you’d wanted last night, but you weren’t sure if you could say the same for him.

“Hey,” Ethan said, pulling himself up onto the pillows.

You lifted your head to look at him.

“How’s my not-so-good-girl,” he teased, ruffling his hair.

You scoffed and shook your head, “I don’t know, to be honest.”

“I could’ve sworn you said that same thing to me last night before getting drunk off your mind,” Ethan chuckled.

“You remember that?” you laughed weakly, picking through your foggy memories.

“Of course,” E said, his smile faltering.

“Look, alcohol doesn’t affect me quite as strongly as it does to you,” he started,”so if last night was a mistake to you-”

“Was it a mistake to you?” you cut him off, a knot of fear growing in your belly.

Ethan frowned at you, “Of course not, (Y/N), you can’t even begin to imagine how long I’ve been waiting for last night to happen,” he said. Then his eyes grew wide and he groaned in frustration, “Last night was a mistake to you, wasn’t it?” he hit his palms against his head.

“No,” you said. “Well of course I didn’t want things to happen quite like that, but well, you know.”

Ethan smiled curiously, “Really?”

“Really,” you smiled nervously.

“So then, you tell me,” Ethan grinned, “we had a promise.”

You raised an eyebrow in question.

“Do you swear off nights like last night and place full blame on me?” he asked.

“Nights like last night,” you repeated.

Ethan nodded, his brown eyes fixated on you.

“I get the feeling that ‘nights’ symbolizes something more than just a fling,” you laughed, “In which case, no, I would very much want to try out ‘nights’ some more.”

Ethan’s face lit up, “See, just like I said. I promised you’d come around.”

You plopped back down into the sheets, rolling back under Ethan’s arm and snuggling into him, “I guess you were right.”

“Acquainted” - Theo Raeken

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Warnings: alcohol, slight mention of smut.

Word Count: 2,300 words.

A/N: This imagine was not requested, but I had quite some fun writing it. I hope y’all enjoy it! Let me know if you want me to write a part 2!

It was a cold Friday night, and you were heading to your best friend Lily’s place to get ready for a random birthday party she had been invited to. You didn’t know whether you were supposed to bring a gift with you or not, but you preferred not to show up empty handed. That’s why you decided to take one of the many unopened bottles of Scottish Whisky your parents kept in the kitchen, well aware that, if they ever found out about it, you’d be grounded for life. Needless to say you were more than willing to risk your guts in order to take advantage of a possible source of social interactions, which you hadn’t experienced for a long time due to the horrible things that were taking place in Beacon Hills.

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Bill x Reader - Neighbours.

Request: Y/N and Bill live in the same building and get to know each other through running in to one another. 

Another request! I’ve decided I want to focus on these for a while, I’m finding them more enjoyable to write and knowing I’m writing something people have specifically asked for feels a bit more productive. I altered this request a little bit but I hope you still like it! 

I’ve had some really good requests tonight and I’m excited to plan those out and begin writing them tomorrow. 

REQUESTS ARE OPEN, please send in whatever you’d like to see from me. 

Note: If you’ve sent one in, I will get to it. I keep your message in my inbox so I don’t forget what you have suggested and when I have posted your request I will reply to your message.

Happy reading! Don’t forget to let me know what you think. 


Yet another Monday morning that had come around far too soon. I prepared myself for work, going through all of the usual motions of having my coffee, doing my hair, putting on my face and then picking an outfit out of the department store I called my closet. I opted for a tight black shirt tucked in to a black high waisted skater skirt and a cape style coat with beautiful gold buttons down the middle. I finished my outfit with my usual gold rings, watch and black heels. After filling my travel mug with yet another coffee or two, I grabbed my bag and I was out the door.

I made it for the elevator just as someone else did, my neighbour Bill. We lived on the same floor and often ran in to each other in the mornings and afternoons. We had never really progressed past a polite hello and how was your day, but those times were nice nevertheless. Bill gave off a very kind vibe, he was light and vibrant. You knew well who he was as far as his career went, but when you looked at him you still just saw Bill, the tall, handsome and friendly guy that lived on your floor, and you believed that Bill had noticed this, realising I wasn’t someone who recognised him for his fame but who he actually was.

“Hey Bill, how are you?” I initiated the conversation, confidence exuding from me as I pulled my phone out and flicked through some emails. I smiled at him as he replied, “I’m good Y/N, how are you babe?” He smiled at me and my heart fluttered at his words, knowing very well they were casual but liking the sound of them anyway. “Good thank you.” I grinned at him, admiring his face and just how breathtakingly handsome he truly was. The elevator arrived on the ground floor and we both jumped out. The building was extremely secure and perfect for people like Bill who required a quiet place to live, free from interruptions and by interruptions I mean fans. “You know Y/N, we always see each other in the hall but we never hang out, we should do that some time.” I nodded happily in agreement, loving the idea of actually sitting down and having a conversation with Bill that extended past our usual greetings on the way to the ground floor in the elevator. “That sounds really good,” Deciding to go a step further with my confidence this morning by suggesting a time to do exactly that, I spoke up once again “Whenever you’re free next, just come around.” “Saturday night?” “Sounds perfect, I’ll see you then.” I waved at him, smiling brightly as I turned and wandered away in the direction of my office building.

Saturday came around sooner than I thought and while I prepared all of the nibbles and drinks I had planned for us for the evening, I found myself growing giddy at the thought of spending time with Bill one on one. I had set plenty of food and drinks out on the table for the both of us and had made sure my apartment looked perfectly tidy. When Bill knocked on my door I just about jumped over the back of the sofa to get to him, opening it and smiling widely at the tall gentleman standing on the other side.

“Please, come in!” I moved to the side so he could step in freely, taking in his casual outfit choice that consisted of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. “Nice to see you again Y/N, what are our plans for this evening?” He asked calmly, looking around and eyeing off the refreshments on the coffee table. “Well, I have a few movies for you to pick from, plenty of food and drinks. I figured we could just hang out and talk”. I had never been one to go out in public and sit in some loud restaurant when I was trying to get to know someone and I certainly wasn’t embarrassed to make it obvious that I much preferred a cosy night in. Bill didn’t seem bothered by this as he smiled in response, making himself comfortable on the sofa, pulling one of my many fluffy blankets over his lap and perusing through all of the movies I had set out. “Sounds perfect!” He tilted his head up at me, watching me wander around the sofa and sit down next to him.

Bill eventually picked a movie and we sat comfortably with each other, watching it intently until it all became too boring and we immersed ourselves in conversation. We told each other about what was going on in our lives at the moment and what we were planning for the future. We spoke of our families, where we both came from and what we liked and didn’t like all the way from food to people. We had a lot in common and I wasn’t sure whether or not I was surprised by this. Bill was exactly as I thought he would be, easy to talk to and comfortable to be around, the perfect kind of person to spend one’s time with.

Over the coming weeks Bill and I found ourselves in each other’s company more often than not, and I for one certainly was not complaining. It had been indescribably enjoyable to be around someone so level headed, at least in comparison to where I was in life and the kind of person I needed around me. He made my head feel clear, he was that kind of person if you know what I mean, someone who made everything else go away, at least for a little while. It wouldn’t be too much to say that I had developed a rather large crush on him either, I mean how could I not. He was kind, beautiful, considerate, attractive, funny.. all of the best things in a person. I was appreciative that I had the opportunity to spend so much time with him and to get to know him on a basis that I knew not many people did. Although now, in consideration of the undeniable attraction I felt towards him, I couldn’t help but grow progressively more nervous at the thought of being around him. I began to find it hard to form sentences, and suddenly my cool demeanour I was able to maintain around him at any other given time has become history.

Bill was sitting at my counter, watching me wander around and gather the ingredients for a cup of English breakfast for me and a coffee for him. I could feel his eyes follow me as I moved quickly around my kitchen, thinking far too hard about remaining calm in front of Bill. It was surreal how quickly this crush had effected me, usually I was completely at ease around him and now I felt like I might throw up. “You’re acting weird..” He mumbled, looking at me with a raised eyebrow. I paused, surprised I failed to remember that Bill knew me well enough by now to notice when something was up and wishing I had tried harder to hide it. “Am I?” I feigned surprise, “I’m not trying to, sorry.” I attempted my best fake smile while I boiled the kettle, praying that this was enough for him to drop it. He stood, walking over to me as I turned to watch him. He took this opportunity to move closer, pinning me between the counter and his torso. “Y/N, tell me what’s going on.” He watched me sternly, intimidating me the best way he knew how in an effort to get me to spill whatever I was keeping from him. “Bill, this is completely embarrassing and I know I’ll regret this when you run for the hills, but I may have developed a tiny crush on you?” The last part came out as more of a question than a statement, my voice going a few octaves higher than usual. He smirked at me and I felt my cheeks flush while I waited nervously for his response. I was preparing my escape plan in my head, moving past his tall figure was the first stage and the second was locking myself in my bedroom for the rest of eternity. He took my face in both of his hands and spoke as calmly as I had ever hard him speak, “Well thank god, I thought I was the only one here with a crush on the other person in the room.” My eyes grew wide and I looked at him like he wasn’t speaking English, unable to fathom Bill liking me in the same way I had grown to like him. I mean I don’t know what I was expecting, he’s the perfect friend, now best friend and I can imagine he would be even better than the perfect boyfriend.

We stood there and took each other in for what felt like forever, before I felt Bill’s lips against my own. It was the softest and most thoughtful kiss I was sure I had ever received, I closed my eyes and savoured the moment, sinking in to his hands on the sides of my face as he traced the my cheekbone ever so softly with the pads of his thumbs. “What do you say to being.. together?” He asked me, avoiding the words boyfriend and girlfriend because we had agreed during one of our many conversations that those phrases made us both cringe. “I’d say that that sounds perfect.” I smiled, my chin against his chest, leaning up to kiss his cheek before attending back to our beverages. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, burying his head in to the crook of my neck where he left playful kisses. This felt perfect, the mere realisation of what this now meant making my heart feel more at home than it ever had with another person. “I think it sounds pretty perfect myself.” He said softly against the shell of my ear, leaving a chaste kiss against my jawline. I knew in that moment that this man was all I needed, considering myself the luckiest woman alive and thanking whichever god was out there that I had found myself living in this building, riding the elevator every single day with someone I would soon come to discover I would spend the rest of my life with.

Tattoo Girl (G.D) Part 1

Summary: Grayson, his twin brother and their 3 best friends work for the police force. They’re working on busting the biggest drug case of the century, ran by the most dangerous gang in America. While busting down doors, and trying to track down the bad guys, Grayson’s attention turns to a mysterious girl with a mysterious tattoo. Who is she? Where is she from, and what’s her story? What happens when you fall in love with one of America’s top 10 wanted criminals?

Warnings: Mentions of drugs, violence, guns, and blood. Cursing. 

A/N: It’s here! The new series is here! I’m really excited about this one! It’s a little different from all the fluffy lovely dovey stuff I write, but I really like it, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Feel free to let me know what you guys think about it! Love you guys <3

( All the characters are in their mid 20s in this series. )

* * Y/N/N : your nick name * *

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Grayson’s POV

My name is Grayson Dolan, and I work for LAPD. I’m a head narcotics cop, and alongside me were my best friends Ethan Dolan, and Nate Garner. Ethan also happens to be my twin brother, and Nate has been our best friend since high school.

Our other best friends Aaron, and Jack works for the police force also. They were double agents, who would soon be ranked with us, once we bust this big drug case.

It was Ethan’s, Nate’s and I’s weekend off, but we were called into LAPD headquarters for a meeting. Chief never holds meetings on a Saturday, so whatever this was about, its clearly important.

I should be listening to the chief, but I was doodling away in my notepad. For the past 2 weeks, every page in my notes is filled with drawings of a compass, with leaves floating around it. It was actually a girl’s tattoo that I was drawing. I have no idea why, but I just couldn’t get it or the girl out of my head.  

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Girls night out


Request : “Okay so hi I read the prompt list and I tried to make it as fun as possible, and i really think 1 and 57 should be fun, also with tom xx thank you!!“ @princesskink

»  “Whatever you’re going to ask, the answer is No!”

»  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

Characters : Tom Holland x reader

Word count : ~1250

A/N : Well, I hope this one isn’t too bad, I find it… Weird ? My first Tom x reader, literally not his cutest moments. Hope you’ll like it anyways fam.

“No, Tom, you can’t come with us. I told you, it’s girls night.”

You were getting prepared in the bathroom for the night, trying to do some fancy bright makeup with diverse vivid colors as pink and orange, adding some glitters here and there, also in your hair cause you thought it looked really cute and original. You loved sparkles, you loved those days you were confident enough to wear so many colours and be noticeable.

Tom didn’t like the idea of you going in the city with girls only, he knew how boys could be and he was scared something would happen to you. When you told him you’d went to a club, he started freaking out, and you argued all days since.

“Stay with me, stay home, let’s Netflix and chill.” You laughed at the idea of Tom trying to convince you to stay with sex. Actually, the offer was tempting, but you were too excited and you promised your friends you’d come. You’ve talked about this for weeks and you all had trouble finding a day everyone was free. “We barely see each others with my schedule, do this for me.” His arms wrapped your hips and you felt a kiss on your neck. “I need you here.”

“Nope” You responded, focused on putting your mascara on. “I won’t come back after 6 am, I promised you that and that’s all I can do for you tonight.” Tom’s hands went up your chest to grab your boobs and you jumped by surprise, causing the mascara brush to be in contact with your skin while you wanted it on your lashes. “Fuck, Tom !” You shouted, sending your elbow back to hit your boyfriend’s chest. He sighed and stepped back until his back stroke a wall. “I don’t have the time to make mistakes, I’m already late ! Stop being selfish, you go out without me, why couldn’t I ?”

“It’s different, Y/N. I’m a man ! I don’t risk my life when I go to the club, unlike you. People could drug you and rape you, I don’t know there are just SO many things that could happen.”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to drug myself like a big girl.” You whispered.

“You what ?!” Tom couldn’t really believe what you just said. Since when were you into drugs ? He disliked the idea, like, really. In his head, drugs were such a bad thing and he didn’t want you to become addict or anything else, drugs could make you do things you’d regret also. He clenched his fists. “Okay that’s it Y/N you’re really not going now !” He grabbed your hips, his nose frowned, and pulled you to the bedroom where he pushed you on the bed.

“What are you doing ?! Tom, seriously, stop. I’m not…” You sighed, Tom pressed your wrists in his fists each side of your head while he was on top of you, your lips almost touching. “It’s just weed, I always take some when I go out okay ? I’m not taking ecstasy or I don’t know what else. We smoked some together once or twice ! I’m not out of mind, I know what I’m doing, fuck I’m 19. Why you acting like this, seriously?”

“I wanted a calm night with just the both of us, and I discover that you prefer going to the club and do drugs. How do you fucking want me to react, Y/N ? And besides, what about all the assholes you’ll meet and who’ll want you ? I don’t want them to think you’re single.”

You suddenly giggled, knowing he was more worried about the strangers than your own behaviour. “But you’re the only one I want.” You kissed him deeply, loving his moments of jealousy. “Okay baby boy, will you calm down and let me now ? I need to finish my makeup you just ruined.”

Tom finally let you after stealing you another kiss, but he was still mad and pouted. You went back to the bathroom to be on fleek, shinning as ever. The next step was to choose your outfits, and you wanted a sexy but not too revealing one. You thought about a leather leggings at first, but you weren’t in the mood to wear a pants. It would be either a dress or a skirt. 20 minutes after your first fitting, you still haven’t found what to wear and Tom was back in the room to watch you, complimenting you on every new outfit but even more when you were in lingerie. You had tried on a pink pencil dress, but no, a stretched black leather, but still no. And so, so, so many other dresses. Tom was even surprised you had so many, but he was the one offering them to you. It’s another 20 minutes later you finally found the perfect outfit for the night. A short high-waist black leather skirt, with a black lace crop top. You were admiring yourself in the mirror, thinking for a rare time you were beautiful with all your glitters on your hair and face and this sexy outifit until a voice got you stop.

“Y/N ?”

You sighed. What did he want this time ? “Whatever you’re going to ask, the answer is No!” You bent down to grab your heels and sat on the bed to put them on. But silence remained and you found this weird, you turned your head towards him just to directly meet his eyes. He seemed embarrassed, as if he didn’t want to bother you again to finish it by arguing.

“Hm.. Is… Is the skirt supposed to be this short ?” You groaned. Was he serious ? You couldn’t do anything tonight without him finding his way to upset you.

The skirt is supposed to be this short. Yes. Now if you would excuse me darling, the girls are waiting for me just so we can show the world our pussy and bang strangers after taking ecstasy. I’ll come back during the night, can’t promise you I’ll be back alone of course, I might want a final round fucking a last stranger in the bed while you’re sleeping.” You said all sarcastically. You were just really mad at him for treating you like a child. Ok, he was your boyfriend, but you were still free, and you could do whatever you wanted to do. You never understood these girls accepting everything their boyfriend would ask them, everyone owed their body. You stood up, took your bag and stepped to the door of the apartment.

“Wait !” Tom ran to you, and pushed you to a wall, blocking you between it and him. “Just promise me you’ll take care of yourself.” You sighed and nodded. He was so annoying with that, even if it was also cute he wanted all good for you. “Promise me you’ll send me texts like… Every hour, I don-”

“I don’t need to promise that babe, I’ll miss you, I’ll send you texts all night long even when you’ll be sleeping.”

He didn’t responded at first, focused on your eyes. “Fuck Y/N, I love you.” You took his head in your hands and pressed your lips against his for a hot deep kiss, his hands coming to your butt to press it. But you had to let his lips go.

“I need to go. I love you Thomas.”

The guy stole you one last kiss before you opened the door and left for your night out.

Private Fun

Reader x Jungkook

Warning: Explicit Language/ Smut

(Picture not mine)

It was a Saturday night I wasn’t up for going out but I was practically being dragged by my best friend Seoyeon. 

 "Yah Seoyeon I don’t want to go to this party meet up thing with your friend I don’t even know him.“ She rolled her eyes as we entered her room. 

 "Come on you never go out I understand you work but come on you need to have some fun you’ve been just living a dull life and that sounds awful you might even meet a guy you like and get a boyfriend.” I sat down on her bed.

 "Don’t even start I’m not up for that boyfriend stuff, plus I’m not even hot or attractive enough!“ Seoyeon walked to her closet and pulled out a red blouse with a black waist skirt and some knee socks and a pair of black shoes. 

 "I was going to make you wear a revealing dress but I know your the shy type and I don’t want you to feel embarrassed or complain so change into this and I’ll do your make up after your done changing." 

Seoyeon threw the clothes at me and after a while I was standing in front of the mirror with nice and light make-up Seoyeon had put on me I looked totally different.

 "I guess this works I mean I still look nice but I don’t think I should go to the party.” She rolled her eyes at me and took my hand and pulled me out of her house and into her car she started to drive and head on to the party.

 As we arrived there we were greeted by a tall handsome looking man.

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anonymous asked:

first time with jungkook? both of you an idol and you're younger than him! fluff smut pls?

First time:

“Baby are you still coming over later?” Jungkook asked you as he leaned his forehead against yours. Both of you were on Music Core tonight and to make things better you were going head to head for best song of the week. You nodded your head smiling brightly at your boyfriend of five months. 

“I wouldn’t miss spending time with my oppa.” You said sweetly pecking his nose. Jungkook felt his heart jump at your confession but since you were younger and shorter then him he had to tease you. 

“I hope you feel that way even when we win.” He said eyes sparkling. 

“Yah! What makes you so sure you can beat us?” You asked him poking his ribs as he giggled backing you up against the wall sure that no one was around. 

“Because we’re Bangtan.” He said cockily before he winked. 

“Whatever. F.S.B are just as good.” You challenged looking him dead in the eyes.

“Ok. Fine. Since you think your so good let’s place a bet.” He said smirking when you paused.

“Fine.” You say sticking your nose in the air. “If I win you have to buy me food for a week and do my dorm chores!” You squealed happy at your answer and Jungkook nodded his head his eyes seeming to hold fire. 

“Ok jagi.. So sweet and innocent.. But as you know I’m a bad boy.. So when we win.. That virginity is mine..” He said grabbing your chin making you look at him. You blushed madly biting down on your bottom lip. You had been running from Jungkook every time he mentioned sex to you. You were scared because it was your first time. And though he only had sex with one other person you were still scared you wouldn’t be good enough. 

“Take it or leave it~” He coed sweetly watching you hoping you would say yes. He got tired of taking care of himself with his hand. He wanted- no he needed you. 

“Fine.” You said feeling brave. You weren’t one to turn down a bet no matter what it was. He smirked widely letting his dimples flash before he leaned down giving you a peck on the lips. 

“Good luck jagi..” He said his voice dropping an octave deeper before he left you standing there turned on and confused. 

You sighed walking back to your dressing room knowing your manager was waiting for you so you could get ready. He approved of the relationship and so did Bts manager so you guys always had time to see each other. But you were going on soon and you couldn’t be late. You got into the room changing clothes before going to perform with your girls. 

You stood on the stage nervous as ever as you guys waited for them to announce the winners. You had on a high waist black mini skirt with a white buttoned down shirt tucked in. You had on black suspenders with white lettering on them and your hair was in a ponytail with a bow at the top. You had on white pumps and you laughed on the inside at first hoping no one would catch on to what your managers did. 

Jungkook had on black denim jeans with a white button down shirt tucked in his pants and he had on black suspenders that had white lettering on it as well. He had on white converse his hair styled back in a wavy style and your heart fluttered at how good he looked. To make things better your friends wanted you to stand on the inside close to him and none of the boys in Bts had objections with him being by you. 

Everyone joked and laughed on stage and your face was red from the constant teasing. You knew people would know by the end of the night you two were a thing. Jungkook winked at you as the man opened the envelope to reveal the winner. 

“And your winner is.. BANGTAN!!” The crowd cheered wildly and so did Bts. You felt your insides churn but you cheered as well not being a poor sport. When their same ‘I need You’ came on you started to sing and play along with Jungkook. He walked around the stage with you back hugging you and you couldn’t help but smile widely at the cameras. It seems he didn’t care if people found out that you were his or not and that made you really happy.

When the show was over you told your manager where you would be going tonight and he raised an eyebrow nodding his head. He gave you a lecture about babies and sex and you whined cutely happy when the eldest of the group dragged you from the protective manager. You strapped in the car with them and you made your way down to the Bts dorms keeping your stage outfit on. 

Your heart beat heavily and hard in your chest and you panted at just thinking about what would come tonight. When you were there your friends wished you good luck and you replied with a shy ‘hwaiting’ and got out of the car. When you knocked on the door Suga opened it smiling widely at you. 

“Hello my little suga plum.” He coed ruffling your hair fucking up your ponytail.

“Oppa!” You whined glaring at him playfully as he hugged you.

“Ok now do I need to make ground rules?” He asked you.

“F-for what?” You asked feeling confused.

“It’ll just be you and Jungkook tonight. We all are going out to celebrate and he still can’t get into a club.” Suga said making half the boys in the house laugh as they came and greeted her. 

“No you don’t and get drunk for me~” Jungkook coed kissing your lips and pulling you into his arms as he watched his hyung leave. He had kept everything on except his socks and shoes as he waited for you and he was so happy that he convinced them to give you guys some hours alone. 

When the boys left Jungkook took your hand taking you into the kitchen. He wanted you to feel as relaxed as possible so he cooked and fed you before he led you to the shared room of him and Jimin. You guys cuddled up on his bed watching a TV show together just laughing and talking. You were rather ready for Jungkook but you waited patiently for him to make his move. 

Soon he was leaning in to kiss you pushing you softly on his back. You made a little moan unsure of how it sounded blushing as he slid himself between your legs. He braced hands on either side of your head and he broke the kiss to look at you. 

“Are you sure? Bet or not it’s your choice..” He said softly with care. He didn’t wanna rush you into anything.

“I’m ready to have you.. In all ways.” You said a light blush dusting your cheeks. 

Jungkook nodded his head leaning down to capture your lips in a kiss much deeper this time. He groaned softly at how thick and soft your lips was pressed against his. He stuck his tongue out to trace your bottom lip slowly asking for permission. When you opened your mouth he slid his tongue in softly flicking it against your pink muscle.

He leaned down taking your suspenders off of your shoulders before he pulled your shirt from your skirt unbuttoning it slowly. He let his tongue dance around yours a bit more as he got your shirt open before he let his tongue graze the roof of your mouth as he set you up taking your shirt completely off. 

He broke the kiss again to let you breathe as he leaned down sucking little hickies into your skin. Tomorrow you both had off so it was no harm in him marking you tonight. He palmed your breast softly through your bra as he searched for your sweet spot smirking against your skin when you let out another unsure moan. 

“Baby I love those noises. It’s only us don’t be shy.” He coaxed as he took your bra off throwing it on the floor on top of your shirt. He laid you back down kissing down the valley of your breast. Soon he was holding them pressed together his tongue circling your areola of both of your breast slowly enjoying your moans.

He took in your left nipple first biting and sucking on the bud marking it as his. He let his thumb glide slowly over the right one as he watched you a tremor of pleasure running down his spine. When he was satisfied with how hard your nipple was he changed sides doing the same to your other breast. He went to kiss down your body his hair nuzzling your stomach tickling you.

He pulled your skirt from your body dropping it to the floor and though you were shy you didn’t cover nothing from him. He smiled sweetly before he grabbed at your panties removing them completely. “Next time expect me to tease you more.. But right now this about you and I’m going to make sure you feel nothing but pleasure.” He said with a wink

He threw your legs over his head grabbing hard at your thighs as he let his tongue trail up and down your folds. He moaned out at how wet you were pushing his muscle against your clit flicking it. You gasped out softly tangling your hands in his hair already shaking from pleasure.

He let his tongue trail slowly down your slit before he was pushing it deep inside of your pussy moaning at how good you tasted sending vibrations up through your body. He gave slow licks at first getting you use to the feeling before he started to thrust his tongue harder and faster inside of your tight pussy. All your juices were dripping down on his chin and he buried his face inside of your pussy trying to make you see stars. But him being Jungkook he couldn’t have you cum without him.

He pulled away from you wiping his chin as he smiled kissing back up your body. “Undress me?” He asked softly and you nodded your head sitting up. 

You pushed his suspenders from his shoulders before you pulled his shirt out of his pants slowly unbuttoning it like he did you. When it was open your mouth got dry at the sight of his faint abs on his stomach and you vowed next time you would lick and suck on them. You pushed his shirt over his shoulders throwing it where your clothes was before you unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. 

Jungkook smiled getting off the bed letting his boxers and pants go down the rest of the way before he was crawling back over you and you laid under him. He grabbed a condom from the night stand ripping it with his teeth and slid it onto his dick moaning slowly at the feeling of it. He positioned himself at your entrance and you spread your legs wide for him to give him access.

He grabbed your hands lacing his fingers with yours placing them beside your head as he slowly pushed into you holding your eye contact. You whined out in slight discomfort the feeling of being stretched so new to you. He was big and damn did it hurt but you would take this pain for him. He inched in slowly and you gritted your teeth holding on tighter to his hands. He finally buried himself all the way into you and waited for you to feel comfortable.

Jungkook was trying his hardest to not just pound into you because of how tight and good you felt. He felt tremor after tremor of pleasure rake down his spine and he panted out to keep himself from hurting you. When you rolled your hips back against his that was all it took for him to start moving.

He pulled out and started to thrust into you slowly moaning as he watched your face. Your eyes looking weakly at him and parted lips spilling moans for him. He loved seeing your face twist in pleasure because of him it feed his own pleasure. 

He started to pick up pace a bit as you placed the heels of your feet on his ass cheeks your legs around his waist. The bed slowly hit against the wall as he fucked you and he made sure to whisper and tell you how good you were doing and how good you felt to him. He gave you deep slow kisses as he ground and rocked his hips deep into you making sure you knew that he wasn’t fucking you he was making love to you. 

Soon he was searching for your spot. Slamming his hips hard and deep into you angling his thrust different. When you cried out for him to go faster he knew he found it form the change of pitch your moans had. 

You were in cloud nine under Jungkook after a while you couldn’t even moan to him to do anything because your words came out jumbled together mixed with his name. You started to drool a bit from your mouth hanging open and you couldn’t even help it as your eyes rolled back. You saw white and you felt a coil in your stomach. 

“J-J.. C-close..” You mumbled out shutting your eyes and he smirked continuing to thrust hard against that pleasured spot making the headboard slam into the wall. It took a few more thrusts of his dick and you were tightening your walls cumming for him. 

“JUNGKOOK!” You cried out in a surprised voice your eyes watering from how fucking good it felt. Jungkook knew when you tightened up around him. That he would be coming consider he was close with you. He threw his head back his face twisting up in pleasure eyebrows knitted together and mouth open as he spilled inside of the condom. 

He rode out both of your orgasms beads of sweat falling from both your bodies. Too soon for your liking he was pulling out of you throwing the condom and packet into the trashcan in the bathroom. He came back with a towel cleaning you up before he placed you under the covers on top of him.. He went to tell you he loved you as he rubbed his hands up and down your back but when he looked down you were fast asleep.

“Goodnight jagi.” He coed sweetly pressing a kiss on your forehead before he fell asleep as well.