black volcanic sands

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Sandygast and Palossand’s shiny forms are black because they are based off of Hawaii’s Black volcanic sand beach! The beach is black due to dark volcanic rock being weathered over time. Another option for the shiny could of been •Red •Orange •Green •Purple •White

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Despite the onslaught of artillery and small arms fire from the Japanese positions on the extinct volcano of Mont Suribachi, pictured in the background, the first wave of U.S. Marines land on the black, volcanic sand beaches of Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945. Today marks the 71st anniversary of one of the bloodiest and most famous battles in United States Marine Corps history.

“A U.S. Marine, killed by Japanese sniper fire, still holds his weapon as he lies in the black volcanic sand of Iwo Jima, on February 19, 1945, during the initial invasion on the island. In the background are the battleships of the U.S. fleet that made up the invasion task force.”



The point of you is not Survival, it’s Aliveness.

I am continually amazed by how I build my own castles in the sand just to sit back and watch the waves force each grain back into the ocean.

Is it because I’m too afraid to love my own creations? Is it because I’m afraid of recognizing myself in everything I do?

Why, if all of this truly applies, do I break myself over it then? I feel like I’ve been going around, grabbing onto anything that resonates within me and transforming it into a part of me, just to carve it right out again.

I am learning how to let go, all over again. Ridding myself of anything that does not benefit me, washing it all away. However, this time I will hold on to myself. I will embrace my true essence and look it in the eye, without fear.

I don’t even feel selfish in saying that I wish the whole world would just dissolve, if all the lights would dim down, if all the noise would fade out. I want to savor my aliveness.


Dib fixates so hard on non-cryptid/supernatural/alien things like cool desert plants and weird deepsea fish and bunnies and slime mold models of major transport systems and so on sometimes because he really needs to know that some things which belong to the known side of Earth are worth saving.

He’s sworn to protect Earth as an abstract concept, but if pressed, he wouldn’t really be able to name a whole lot of concrete things that he, personally, feels passionate about protecting. He doesn’t think a great deal of humanity and he sees massive, horrible flaws in the society  he lives in and the things humans have done to the planet. This is the kind of thing that keeps him awake at night. If the Earth isn’t worth saving, why bother fighting for it so hard?

Cool plants are why. Vampire squid are why. The swarming motility of slime mold, baby rabbits in hats, models of the solar system made from yarn, black volcanic sand and gummi worms are why. Goofy electronica and the fact that his roof is the only place in the universe from which the stars look exactly like that are why. Dib needs Earth’s small weird things that he can hold in his hands, things that just are and can’t disappoint. They keep him fighting.