black vinyl love

You told me you were good at running away
Domestic life, it never suited you like a suitcase
You left with just the clothes on your back
You took the rest when you took the map

sirius bought remus’ first record player for him because it was painful to see how sad his boyfriend looked whenever lily mentioned her huge vinyl collection at home.

sirius made sure to get the nicest turntable he could afford, from the muggle shop in london. it was a dark brown, a nod to remus’ love of chocolate and autumn coloured sweaters, and the intricate engravings on the corner were something he knew remus would love.

one bowie, two aerosmith and a led zeppelin LP from his own collection found their way under sirius’ elbow the next time he saw remus and when the boy saw it was for him he cried; and half squealed when shown the player.

it meant more to remus than he could ever say and it made sirius happier than he could express. sirius loved remus more than anything when seeing so happy and remus showed that he felt the same while dancing in sirius’ arms in the dorm room that night, all thoughts of moonlight drowned out by the sound of vinyl and the sight of his love in front of him.