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Sebastian Stan - My Love

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Sebastian takes you out for your birthday and it is very romantic.

Not requested but it’s for @writing-soldiers because it’s her birthday. Also tagging @zoesmama2024 @mpwriterus @23aprliee  @bemystucky @beautiful-makeup-mistress and @infinity1321 because they love a Seb/Bucky fic.


Today is your birthday and you were planning on curling up n the couch with your boyfriend Sebastian but little do you know that he has other plans.

Chapter 1

Your eyes fluttered open to the sun spilling through your window, today was your birthday and you wanted nothing more than to spend it with your boyfriend of two years Sebastian Stan. Yes that’s right you had been lucky enough to catch Seb’s eye and now you were dating him and you honestly couldn’t be happier.

You decided that you should make some breakfast but when you tried to get out of bed you were pulled back in by his strong arms wrapping around your waist. Seb let out a sleepy moan “Stay with me” he said with his eyes still closed. You brushed your hands through his messy hair which made him let out a content sigh as he cuddled in closer to you. “Come on Sebby I want some food” you whispered as you continued to run your hands through his hair.

“Okay but you owe me more cuddles later” he mumbled as he slowly opened his eyes and rubbed his hand down his face. “You got it. Now come on let’s go eat. What do you want?” you asked with a smile as you looked into those shiny blue orbs you loved so much. “I’ll cook. It is your birthday after all. Happy birthday, baby” he whispered before leaning in and pressing a soft, passionate kiss to your lips.

He got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen so you followed him and sat on one of the barstools. He still hadn’t realized that you were there so you just sat there admiring a half naked Sebastian as he made breakfast.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that you were staring at him “Enjoying the view doll?” he asked with a chuckle. “Very much” you replied.

Breakfast was delicious, he made your favorite and boy was it good. The two of you were sat on the couch cuddling while you watched your favorite movie, he was rubbing circles on your back and you curled further into him making him chuckle and place a kiss on your forehead. A few hours and a few movies later you were beginning to feel hungry again. You noticed Seb looking at his phone for the tenth time in an hour.

You were beginning to grow suspicious when he left the room when his phone rang. He came back a few minutes later “Come on doll. Let’s get ready” he said with that grin you loved so much. He looked at your confused face and chuckles lightly. “I have a surprise for you. Come on get changed into your best clothes” he said before pulling you up off the couch and placing a kiss on your lips. He left you in the bedroom to get ready for this surprise while he got changed in the guest room. ‘What does he have planned?’ was the only thought running through your mind while you got ready.

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