black veil woman

I hate how people take black women who suffer from psychological and emotional abuse as a joke. Not to mention, society doesn’t want to take any accountability for the reason a lot of us suffer from this. People would rather call us “angry” or “bitter” rather than addressing the fact that black women are disrespected and made to feel less than all the time. I feel like we get all the blame for having low self-esteem and low confidence because society doesn’t see us as human beings with emotions and breaking points. They expect us to take abuse and deal with it. I’m tired of this “strong black woman” veil we have to wear to hide our feelings and emotions. We can be strong, but we also have the right to be angry, upset, hurt, to cry and to throw our hands up and quit. It’s not a weakness for us to be humans and feel. Society denies us this right daily. I get angry thinking about how much stress we go through and how even when we do things to uplift each other (I.E. Black Girls Rock, Beyoncé’s #LEMONADE etc.) that gets disrespected and devalued too. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.