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Never forget that the Widow, a white woman with a lot of power, knowingly handed over Veil, a black woman who has been held hostage for like a year now, over to a man that wanted to rape her. Fuck the Widow and everything she stands for.

At least the other barons are upfront about their shitty dealings.

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I'm sorry. I'm seeing you reblog Into the Badlands, what is this because it looks like I need it.

It’s an amazing tv show with a diverse cast and awesome fighting scenes.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic future, where guns have been banned and everyone uses swords and blades. The Badlands are a huge territory ruled by seven barons and each of them has a territory, Cogs (servants working as farmers and house servants), and Clippers (a private army of bodyguards and assassins).

The premise is : Sunny (man of chinese descent) is the most skilled Clipper in the Badlands and works for the most powerful Baron. But he is in a secret relationship with a doctor, Veil (black woman), and she’s pregnant so they start thinking about running away together. In the meantime he meets a boy, M.K (half-white, half-south asian) who seems to possess a strange power. And there’s plenty of political machinations and awesome fights, and the characters are very compelling. There’s not many episodes, first season had 6 episodes, the second will have 10 episodes (it’s not done yet), and it has just been renewed for a 3rd season of 16 episodes.

The show is co-produced by Daniel Wu, who plays Sunny. The costumes and fighting techniques are heavily drawn from asian cultures, but since a lot of the characters are of asian descent it doesn’t have the “cultural appropriation with white savior trope” feel.