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Characters: Andy Biersack/You

Band: Black Veil Brides

telarnidaniela suggested: y/n confides in ashley when a secruity guard from the tour has been making her feel uncomfterble and getting too touchy feely and she doesn’t know what to do and andy finds out

A/N: WOW, this has been sitting in my drafts for a while. I apologize for the lack of imagines recently; I’ve been super busy studying for finals and everything :/ Butttt, school ends this Friday, so after that, I’ll have a lot more time to write for you guys! Thanks for sticking with me :)

Black Veil Brides had been touring for about 3 months now, and you were tagging along with them. You had started to date Andy a little over a year ago, so of course he asked you to come along with him on tour.

After a concert one night, you and the band were just sitting around in the tour bus chatting. Andy had left to go to the bathroom, so you took this opportunity to talk to someone about something that had been bothering you for a while.

“Hey, Ash, can we talk outside for a sec?” you asked, standing up.

“Oh, uh, yeah of course,” he nodded, following you out of the bus. “What’s going on?” he wondered when the door had closed, turning around to face you.

“Um, well, you know Steve, right?” you questioned, wanting to make sure he knew who you were talking about before you complained.

“The security guard? Yeah, I know him. What about him?” he replied.

“He’s just, uh, been making me feel kinda…uncomfortable,” you muttered, looking anywhere but at Ashley. Now that you were saying this out loud, you realized how stupid you must sound.

Ashley didn’t seem to think it sounded stupid, though. He tilted his head and said, “In what way?”

“I dunno, it just seems like he’s been taking every opportunity to touch me…like, yesterday, I was walking backstage before the show to meet up with Andy, and he bumped into me in the hallway and grabbed my ass. Like, actually grabbed it, not just brushed it. And it’s happened more than once,” you explained, sighing heavily. You didn’t want to be making a big deal out of nothing, but you were beginning to grow tired of being harassed.

Ashley frowned. “Really? I wish I knew…do you want me to say something to him?”

“I don’t really see what that will do. He’s not going to listen to you; I’ve already asked him to stop, but he hasn’t,” you groaned, rolling your eyes. “I just want it to stop,” you whispered the last part, pressing your lips together.

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” Ashley assured you, coming over to you and hugging you. .You hugged back, glad for his support. “I’ll tell Andy, and he can-”

“No,” you interrupted, pulling away and looking into Ashley’s eyes. “You can’t tell him. I don’t want him to know.”

“Don’t want who to know what?” you heard a voice say. You jumped in surprise and turned to see Andy standing there, crossing his arms. He looked accusingly at you and Ashley, and you suddenly realized what he thought must be going on.

“Nothing,” Ashley said, shaking his head.

“Really?” Andy asked. “Cuz if you don’t tell me, I’m pretty sure I can connect the dots on my own.”

“Ash, it’s okay. I’ll just tell him,” you sighed, not wanting Andy to think that you were cheating on him.

“Okay, I’ll let you guys talk things out,” Ashley muttered, going back into the bus and leaving you and Andy alone.

“What’s going on, y/n?” Andy wondered, moving closer to you.

You took a deep breath before explaining everything that you had just told Ashley. Throughout your explanation, Andy’s facial expression depicted rage.

“How come you didn’t tell me that you were feeling uncomfortable?” he asked. “I could have done something to prevent you from feeling like that.”

“I didn’t want you to do anything you might regret later,” you explained, shrugging.

“C’mon, y/n. I’m never gonna regret keeping you safe.”

You blushed and nodded, realizing that there was no reason for you to worry in the first place about Andy knowing.

“First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll go up to Steve and ask him to stop. If he doesn’t agree, he’s gone. How does that sound?” Andy offered.

“Great,” you smiled, hugging him. “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” he chuckled, hugging you back and squeezing you lightly.

I didn’t really know how to end this?? I hope this is sufficient…

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wanna one as emos

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jisung: was a prep in highschool but listened to sleeping with sirens once & became woke, wanted an eyebrow piercing but his mom didn’t let him, acts like he hates romance but read twilight once & cried because he wanted a goth bf, has 13 punk posters on his walls & tells them all goodnight

sungwoon: tried to start an emo band back in highschool but flopped, his man crush everyday is pete wentz, dyed half of his hair red and the other half black, wears checkered skinny jeans & chains everyday, thinks that “don’t stay in school” song is deep, went broke bc he smashes every guitar he buys

minhyun: writes emo poetry in cemeteries, smoked a cigarette once & almost died, puts on way too much eyeliner just so he looks worse when he cries, dated one girl on club penguin when he was 14 & she was his only love, he thinks abt her everyday still, doodles on his hands in permanent marker

seongwoo: covers his arms with bracelets, his ass claps to black veil brides, went by some generic emo white name for a good 3 years, got an undercut and emo bangs, headbangs so hard he gives himself migraines, SO defensive over punk once even punched his friend in the face

jaehwan: practices screamo alone in his bedroom, uses makeup 3 shades lighter & clothes a size too small, paints his nails black and takes those cringey upward angle pics with them scraping his face, watches videos on how to do scene hair but fails, still uses xD

daniel: flicks his tongue at ppl, calls himself a witch and has a black cat that follows him everywhere, only wears flowy clothes and talks to plants, gave his middle school crush a dead flower to show his feelings, meditates to imagine dragons, drinks his coffee black like his soul

jihoon: blink-182 are his kings and avril lavigne is his queen, only wears black clothes that match his pink hair, has 4k instagram followers who all call him their emo boy crush. runs a yt channel about how much he hates prepz & just wants to b himself, teases his hair so much it can never b brushed again

woojin: has all of his friends call him sasuke, dyes his hair bright ass colours every other day, secretly owns a fursuit, dressed up like my immortal characters for a week, his tumblr is xgod-of-tearzx, otherkin with the black power ranger, confesses to his crush by saying “rawr means ily in dinosaur :3″

baejin: satanist, wears a black cloak everywhere & even more eyeliner than minhyun, believes in slenderman & prays to him everyday, watches horror movies and calls them boring, ONLY listens to screamo, stares at everyone creepily, probs has a tongue piercing

daehwi: became emo for his gf, when she dumped him he played bring me to life on loop for 3 weeks and cried in the shower, goes to school with dark circles and bed hair, writes poetry about heartbreak and posts it in the school news, only uses the black heart emoji, his ig name is “numb_dae666″

guanlin: prep trying to be emo, straightens his hair everyday and only shops at hot topic, writes fanfic about hayley williams, only likes goth girls, his friend group dumped him because he bumped fireflies once, tried to do screamo but hurt his throat, joined the basketball team as a way to release anger

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