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Well, since we have a few hours, thought I’d do a compilation of the banner for RWBY I’ve done.

So here are all the RWBY banners I’ve made. As someone asked in the individual post, please feel free to use them as phone backgrounds or computer backgrounds, which ever you wish.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy Volume 4.

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I was just wondering. What is your opinion on both Heimdall and Valkyrie being black in the MCU considering that they actually come from Norse mythology?

I don’t see a problem with it. Whose to say that people in Norse mythology weren’t PoC as we understand it today? 

I know Norse gods are painted and showed as white but so is Jesus and we all know given where he was born he wouldn’t be white so like current depictions of the gods don’t really mean anything to me.

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Things that must have happened at the dance in Vol.2

Because once you remember that all the student teams introduced in Vol.3 were there at the time it gets interesting.

  • The dance wasn’t actually at night; the combined shade that Scarlet David and Emerald Sustrai were throwing at Sun’s dancing was just blotting out the sun (I refuse to accept that Merc & Em didn’t integrate themselves into the Haven students).
  • Neon Katt wore heelies.
  • The Team JNPR dance number somehow turned into a competitive dance off between Jaune and Nora.
  • Penny was introduced to the concept of “The Bass Face”.
  • Mercury spiked the punch (His explanation to Cinder was “Drunk people talk, you want intel this’ll get it” honestly it was for shits and giggles)
  • Jaune drank an amount of said Punch that would have made Qrow Branwen blush (Seriously the kid can forge Beacon transcripts, you think he’s never snuck into a club before?)
  • Penny drank even more of said spiked punch and became the star of Atlas overnight.
  • Arslan became team Mum for pretty much all of the teams.
  • Yang and Arslan chilling for most of the night.
  • Flynt Coal arriving fashionably late and making an entrance that was 112% Extra
  • Ciel Soliel decided that she was “Off the clock” and decided to have fun.
  • She was found making out with Reese Chloris in a corner.
  • May Zedong nervously asking her crush to dance.
  • Neo getting I.D’d at the door (Says on the guestlist that there’s only one fifteen year old attending and she’s accounted for).
  • Someone making the mistake of sending pictures of the party to Team CFVY who were still on thier mission and Coco breaking her scroll and letting lose a fifteen minute long stream of curses
I find it weird

That I’m currently waiting for
Thor & Mulan
Son Wukong & Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Joan of Arc & Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White & Little Red Riding Hood
To start dating/ become canon
(Not to mention we already saw Achilles & Joan of Arc kiss then watch Achilles die)

RWBY is weird man. I’m tellin ya


RWBY x PASWG Part II! Made in a rush but I liked how these turned out ( ◎▽◎)

Salem kidnapping Jaune
  • Salem: now we can bring the sliver eyes to us
  • Jaune laughing hard: for a villian you tell great jokes
  • Cinder: what do you mean
  • Jaune still laughing: you really think that they are going to come all this way for me?even if you asked for a double burger with cheese that deal was not going anywhere.
  • Watts: what about the rich girl
  • Jaune stops laughing: what about her
  • Emerald: won't she pay to at least not have us take the sliver eyes girl
  • Jaune laughing hard: she wouldn't sign a five dollar token to get me back wait a least a month before you demand anything 4 months if they notice
  • Cinder: i am at least going to try to get something
  • Jaune: we can play poker while wait
  • Salem: ...about time someone brings fun to these meetings
  • Meanwhile:
  • Cinder: ok so for your comic relief friend we demand 10 double burgers with cheese and 10 large cokes
  • Mercury: and some millshakes
  • Cinder: dont ruin this and milkshakes
  • Ruby: we will send it as we get him back
  • Cinder: maybe want to get him some help
  • Nora: we will think about it "hangs up phone"
  • Ren: his plan worked he needed the fresh air and new faces
  • Meanwhile:
  • Neo: eat the ice cream boy
  • Jaune: fine just drop me off here
  • Cinder eating: you need to get some help with self esteem issues you seem like a good person and fun to be around
  • Salem: you even helped get me summer figure back
  • Jaune: ok i got to go keep to exercises and eating habits
  • Jaune: those crazy guys well time to go back to being the comic relief friend
  • Ruby: JAUNE your back it was so depressing without you
  • Team rwby and jnpr: welcome back
  • Jaune crying: that's why i am here
  • RWBY vol 1: Cute and great characters, cute and funny moments, great fighing, a little but of drama here and there but in the end everyone is happy and safe.
  • RWBY vol 2: Still the cute and great characters we know, even more funny moments, more great fighting, a little bit more drama, but everything is fine in the end.
To Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Pyrrha, Nora, and Coco. For my first question, and the only one I'll ask before going away for a while, is Velvet as shy in bed as she is outside? (Asked by taza1998)
  • Ruby, shrugs: I wouldn't know? Maybe?
  • Weiss: Hmm, she does seem like the person? Who knows?
  • Blake, rubbing the back of her head and musters up a pitiful laugh: Haha I know right guys who would even know that?!
  • Pyrrha, chuckles: Velvet's a lovely person, I'm sure whoever knows the answer to that is a very lucky person.
  • Nora, giggling evily to herself: What if she's....a dom!?!
  • Yang, spitting out her drink and bursts into laughter: OH MAN IMAGINE THAT!!!!
  • Coco, with just a sly smile, sipping her coffee slowly: Mhm...I could /only/ imagine.
  • Velvet, sitting there with her mouth open in frozen shock, her face blood red, hardly able to get words out of her embarrassment: Ah....ahhhh....